Skyline Takes Shape at ‘Zootopia’ Expansion in Shanghai Disneyland

While we’re not sure when we’ll get to “Try Everything” in the upcoming “Zootopia”-themed land at Shanghai Disneyland, we have seen another momentous occasion marked as parts of the Zootopia skyline takes shape at the site!

SHDL ZootopiaSkyline 1

In these photos tweeted by former Imagineer Morgan Lee Richardson from the Shanghai Disney Resort release, we see the tops of buildings being added to steel tower structures with Enchanted Storybook Castle away in the distance.

SHDL ZootopiaSkyline 2

TRON Lightcycle Power Run can also bee seen beyond the Zootopia land that is currently under construction.

SHDL ZootopiaSkyline 3

In addition to the towers being added as a whole by crane, other buildings can be seen being built surrounded in scaffolding.

SHDL ZootopiaSkyline 4

Former Imagineer Morgan Lee Richardson shared his thoughts on the buildings, from an inside perspective as one of the Imagineers on the team.

This comes as the most recent milestone in the construction progress after the beginning of greenscaping and a sneak peek at one of the animatronics last month.

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  1. Why does Shanghai get all of the great rides and lands? Does anyone even go to that park? Last I read, not a lot of people are showing up.

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