FIRST LOOK: MagicBand+ Features, Customization Options, and More Soft Launch in App at Walt Disney World

We know you’ve been waiting patiently for more information on MagicBand+ before its debut on July 27. And this morning, we noticed that the My Disney Experience app allows us to add our MagicBand+ to the roster of paired MagicBands, and unlocks some of its features.

We were prompted to pair our MagicBand+ to our phone via Bluetooth.

magicband 2

Luckily, the app presented us with a how-to guide. This wasn’t available in the app before, so we never knew how to pair.

magicband 3

The steps to pair our MagicBand+ via bluetooth were as follows:

  1. Find the button on the back of your band.
  2. Hold down for 3 seconds and release.
  3. The band will vibrate and pulse blue.
magicband 4
magicband 1

To fully enjoy our MagicBand+, we were asked to ensure the band was fully updated.

magicband 6 1

With pairing complete, we were greeted with a selection of new features. But first, we needed to update.

magicband 7

We are now able to access a new menu where we can see how much battery life our MagicBand+ has, if it is correctly paired, pick a light up theme, and a settings option.

magicband 5

Choosing a light up theme will affect what color your MagicBand+ will glow!

In Park Experiences MDX MagicBand

In order to access the interactive in-park experiences, a setting needs to be enabled. This “Connected Park Experiences” switch was turned off for initially, so sliding the switch under the settings menu will activate the interactive features of the new band. This is also where a user can increase the sensitivity of the motion tracker within the band.

From an icon on the home screen of the app, we were prompted to visit the “Your MagicBands and More” page to “Discover More with MagicBand+.” This opens up info on some of the new experiences coming with MagicBand+ like the Fab 50 statue interactive capabilities and Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters.


Clicking on the Batuu Bounty Hunters option gives us more information about the upcoming game.

Image from iOS 1

More information is given and the “Play now!” link is there, but the game will not go live until July 27 when the bands officially debut.

Shop MagicBand MDX

In addition to the extra feature information, there is a link to browse the available MagicBand+ styles. They are not available yet, but it brings us to the page where they will be after launch.

MB Linking in MDX 3

Under the new linking page, there is an option for linking the MagicBand+. This is also where you link the other types of MagicBand, other admission cards and change your pin.

MB Linking in MDX 4

Admission media can be scanned with the camera or MagicBands can be tapped to the phone to pair to your account.

MB Linking in MDX 2 scaled

Additional reservations can be linked by typing the confirmation number where the camera can’t scan. This is a one-stop menu for linking all reservations and media in one menu.

MagicBand+ is set to officially launch at Walt Disney World on July 27. Check back with WDW News Today for rollout coverage as they’re released.

Watch our video about how to set up your MagicBand+ below.

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  1. Can you only link one magic band+ to each device? I think my seven year old would love this so I won’t buy myself one if I can only pair one to my phone.

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