Watching ‘Harmonious’ with MagicBand+ Works Fine, But Is It Worth Missing the Show?

One of the features most advertised about MagicBand+ is watching the Walt Disney World nighttime spectaculars with synchronized lighting on your wrist. We’ve already tried it with “Disney Enchantment” at the Magic Kingdom and the Beacon of Magic over at Spaceship Earth, so naturally the next stop was “Harmonious” at EPCOT!

HarmoniousMagicBandPlus 1 scaled
HarmoniousMagicBandPlus 2 scaled

While we can report that unlike “Disney Enchantment”, the lighting on MagicBand+ takes place throughout most of the entire show.

HarmoniousMagicBandPlus 3 scaled
HarmoniousMagicBandPlus 4 scaled

The band syncs to the music and lighting on the barges rather than the fireworks themselves. Some of the notable patterns include a cherry blossom during the “Mulan” section, with red on the outsides and a white Mickey icon at the center, along with some rainbows during “Coco”.

HarmoniousMagicBandPlus 5 scaled
HarmoniousMagicBandPlus 6 scaled

There were occasions where one band in our party would light up when others wouldn’t, but for the most part it stayed lit for most of the show.

While this is a much more “finished” product than the experience we had with “Disney Enchantment” last night (which is also a statement that could be made about “Harmonious” versus “Disney Enchantment” as a whole), it still feels rather pointless — why watch your wrist when the fireworks and projections are right in front of you? We missed a good chunk of the show just staring at our wrists, and it seems like there’s no actual purpose here for this other than as a marketing point.

Watch our experience with the MagicBand+ during “Harmonious” below.

What do you think of watching nighttime spectaculars with MagicBand+? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Watching ‘Harmonious’ with MagicBand+ Works Fine, But Is It Worth Missing the Show?”

  1. stupid money grab to up sales of Magic bands. Seriously a light up large band on your wrist you can mindlessly watch or the show. small kids might enjoy. I wouldnt wear one for free.

  2. I can imagine this feature being a fun way to get a crowd of guests to be some part of the show themselves, raising their wrist bands in the air to become colorful points of light. Instead of static color glow bands and lighter flames of a disco or rock concert fan, these colors change in time with the music. Glow cart accessories can do the same and pick up on the same signals! …but honestly I skip both the Magic band and the shows. They just have no magic power to me these days. As a sing-along sure, and as a crowd pleaser for some audiences, but these shows aren’t for me. They reference Disney stories too much and don’t feel like the standalone shows of Wishes and Reflections that can carry their own story (and make me cry a little even, while these new shows are just a party track medley of hits). So I’ll be in line for a last ride of the night while avoiding these shows until they improve again.

  3. Rivers of light had a similar item that actually did more than blink lights it actually was synced enough it knew which animals were in parade and on screen and lit it up, it synced with the right colors to the show, and at the end the whole thing lit up like crazy like it was fire lotus. It was like part of the show but something blinking on your wrist thats going to get old fast besides disney and tech (unless its used by wdi for shows & rides) do not mix everyone knows how well their sites wrk hence why your site rocks! But why i do not see this band wrking as above comment said and many others have before its something tourists will get like the night things or even collecting magic bands or pin trading use to be. Its not going to wrk for APs or folks whom are there all the time. Esp bc i over heard you barely use it for one thing its done but how do you enter parks now w a dead band? Your going to carry a charger? Most folks barely go in with just them they want to enjoy there day. Why virtual queues are dying quick and hopefully the app that doesnt wrk with it.

  4. the point is chapek wants your head in a phone or magic band so you do not notice how much of the magic he has taken away. classic diversion technic of hey look over here and not what is in front of you.

  5. It is a shiny new toy. I loved it. Rained last night and the fireworks were cancelled. I did capture all of the statues though. Cool hering them talk, bark,or,play music. I was happy

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