PHOTOS, VIDEO: MagicBand+ Syncs Up Near-Perfectly with Beacons of Magic at EPCOT

As the day winds down at EPCOT and you’ve found every Fab 50 statue with your trusty MagicBand+, you might get ready to watch the Beacons of Magic at EPCOT. In case you didn’t hear, the Spaceship Earth-centric show syncs up to your wrist and lights up in the same patterns as the show! Naturally we tested it out this evening and found it works flawlessly!

SpaceshipEarthBeaconsofMagicBandPlus 1 scaled

As a part of the update that came out yesterday for the MagicBand+, the band now reacts to firework shows by glowing and changing color, in theory much like the Made with Magic and Glow with the Show technology of years ago.

SpaceshipEarthBeaconsofMagicBandPlus 2 scaled

We took our bands out to EPCOT to try with the first Beacon of Magic show, which debuted last September.

SpaceshipEarthBeaconsofMagicBandPlus 3 scaled
SpaceshipEarthBeaconsofMagicBandPlus 4 scaled
SpaceshipEarthBeaconsofMagicBandPlus 6 scaled

Unlike issues we faced with “Disney Enchantment” last night, the band syncs up near-perfectly with the Beacon of Magic show, matching the colors just in time, at worst with a half second delay. We have a full video as well of the band syncing up to the show, which you can watch below.

Are you excited to see the Beacons of Magic shows with your new MagicBand+? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Do the magic band plus only work at Epcot or does it work at other parks too and where do we order them from so that we can get them before we go to the park

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