REVIEW: Unearth the New Dino Dig Ice Cream Sandwich at Dino-Bite Snacks in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Shannen Michaelsen

Though not announced as part of the Earth Day 2023 offerings, a new Dino Dig Ice Cream Sandwich is now available at Dino-Bite Snacks.

dino bite snacks

The new Earth Day treats also celebrate the 25th anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which opened on Earth Day 1998.

dino dig ice cream sandwich 0482

Just down the way from The Boneyard, we find this ice cream sandwich inspired by the beloved play area which opened with Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 1998.

Dino Dig Ice Cream Sandwich – $7.29

Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two house-made sugar cookies with chocolate sprinkles, cookie crumbs, sugar bones, and a white chocolate dinosaur

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Like paleontology, this cookie is messy! Cookie enthusiasts should bring the right tools for this snack because eating it with your hands is a recipe for disaster.

dino dig ice cream sandwich 0489

The delicious, soft sugar cookies with chocolate cookie crumbs are protecting vanilla ice cream that actually managed to maintain some degree of firmness in this heat.

dino dig ice cream sandwich 0491

However, if you were to eat this in the same way you would eat a sandwich, it would instantly squirt out of the sides, ruining your dig site.

dino dig ice cream sandwich 0494

And who says ice cream doesn’t have any bones? They don’t have much flavor, but we appreciate their visual contribution to this themed treat.

dino dig ice cream sandwich 0496

The white chocolate dinosaur is a great touch, but it’s not going to thrill your taste buds either. The rest of it, though? We don’t have any bones to pick, it’s delicious!

dino dig ice cream sandwich 0497

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What seasonal treats are you looking forward to trying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.

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