REVIEW: Banana Foster Crème Brûlée Sphere Celebrates Mardi Gras 2023 at Universal Studios Florida

Shannen Michaelsen

We picked up another new Mardi Gras treat during our most recent trip to Universal Studios Florida. The Banana Foster Crème Brûlée Sphere is available at the San Francisco Pastry Company.

Banana Foster Creme Brûlée Sphere – $5.99

Banana foster creme brulee sphere mardi gras 2023 3742

The latest Mardi Gras treat to hit Universal Studios features a sparkly purple mirror gel glaze that holds the dome shape for a banana custard filling inside. The soft gel-like coating is somewhat of a signature with Universal’s dome desserts, but we were hoping for a crunch akin to that of creme brûlée that the strange gel-coating didn’t deliver.

Banana foster creme brulee sphere mardi gras 2023 3714

The sphere rests on a cookie for support and a bit of added cinnamon sugar flavor. The sphere is decorated with Mardi Gras sprinkles of green, yellow, gold, and purple.

Banana foster creme brulee sphere mardi gras 2023 3733

While it is certainly eye-catching and very well-themed to Mardi Gras, the purple gel coating and the dessert’s mousse-like filling may make for an unpleasant texture for some guests who are expecting something a little more solid.

Banana foster creme brulee sphere mardi gras 2023 3748

Busting into the sphere releases a powerful banana aroma and the first glance at its bright-yellow banana custard. The custard was an artificial banana flavor and was very sweet. While the sweetness from the artificial banana certainly stands out, we were hard-pressed to find any of the cinnamon or brown sugar flavors typically found with a bananas foster dessert.

Banana foster creme brulee sphere mardi gras 2023 3750

All in all, the dessert was impressive to look at but lacked any real comparison to bananas foster or creme brûlée. It’s both shareable and Instagram-worthy, but we wouldn’t recommend it to guests who are looking for something more complex than the banana custard it offers.

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