New Sith Wayfinder Available at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for May the 4th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Shannen Michaelsen

New Sith Wayfinder Available at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge for May the 4th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A new Sith Wayfinder is available from Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, one of many new pieces of merchandise for May the 4th.

Sith Wayfinder – $49.99

sith wayfinder 1178

The wayfinder comes in a brown box branded with the Sith Eternal logo on the lid.

sith wayfinder 1179
sith wayfinder 1180
sith wayfinder 1182

The wayfinder is a handheld pyramid with star charts on the sides.

sith wayfinder 1184

Unfortunately, the display wayfinder was not charged and could not be demonstrated. But with a crystal from Dok-Ondar’s, it lights up and either Darth Vader’s or Darth Sidious’ voice will play (depending on the crystal).

sith wayfinder 1186

In “Star Wars,” wayfinders are ancient pieces of technology imbued with the Force and used by both the Jedi and the Sith to navigate space. Kylo Ren discovered Darth Vader’s wayfinder on Mustafar. It led him, and later Rey, to Exegol, where Darth Sidious was hiding with the Sith Eternal cult. Rey also found Sidious’ own wayfinder in the ruins of the Death Star, but it was destroyed by Kylo Ren. Both wayfinders appeared in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”

sith wayfinder 1189

The wayfinder’s power switch and crystal compartment are on the bottom.

A new Cal Kestis lightsaber hilt was also released at Dok-Ondar’s today, and a light-up acid spitter orb sipper is available at Ronto Roasters and Docking Bay 7.

May the 4th

May 4 is considered Star Wars Day because “May the 4th” sounds like “May the Force (be with you).” It’s celebrated annually by “Star Wars” fans and now Disney and Lucasfilm. At Disney Parks, a collection of May the 4th merchandise is released each year.

This year’s May the 4th collection was already released on shopDisney, although more items will be available at the parks. A new Dok-Ondar action figure will be available on shopDisney, too.

New Legacy Lightsaber hilts will arrive at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge throughout the month of May.

Check out the full list of May the 4th food and beverage offerings at Walt Disney World Resort.

Carrie Fisher will receive a posthumous star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame on Star Wars Day this year.

“Star Wars: Visions” volume 2 and “Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures” will premiere on Disney+ on May the 4th.

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