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Isn’t TRON Lightcycle / Run basically open at this point?

We’re back with more news and discussing the latest happenings in Disney Parks. Also, thanks for joining us live at our new time, 9 p.m. ET!

It’s been a busy week in Disney Parks news. Last Sunday, Toontown officially reopened in California after a year-long reimagining. We have thoughts on the food, the merch, and the changes to this iconic land. Also, we will take a look at the updates to the Indiana Jones reopening with new magic!

Back at Walt Disney World, Tron has soft-opened to guests and the new Energy Bytes snack stand is also open for business! Reservations are open for creating your own TRON Identity Program Personalized Action Figures and the virtual queue and Lightning Lanes are up and running!

Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Andy has officially started welcoming guests to Woody’s Round-Up BBQ, and at EPCOT, more announcements and updates on several projects including Moana, Communicore Hall, and a look at the Mary Poppins project that was put on hold give us a lot to discuss.

Finally, as the News Tonight team argues down the top 64 Single BEST Food Items at Walt Disney World, we give a much more concise recap of last week’s results and a look ahead at what should win!

So much to cover, and we’ll pack it all into 90 minutes. You won’t want to miss this special episode of ParksCenter!

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