New Spirit Jerseys for Stitch, Lotso, & ‘The Lion King’ Now On Sale at Disneyland Resort

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Does anyone really wear something other than Spirit Jerseys when they go to Disneyland? Well now you have even more choices to express yourself and your favorite Disney characters when you head down to the parks thanks to three new Spirit Jerseys we found around the Disneyland Resort this week!

Lotso Spirit Jersey Hoodie – $84.99

Lotso Huggin Bear Spirit Jersey Hoodie Disneyland1
Lotso Huggin Bear Spirit Jersey Hoodie Disneyland2

This all-pink Spirit Jersey features an embroidered Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear, the antagonist of “Toy Story 3,” on the left-hand breast. Drawstrings extend from the collar to tighten the hood. Lotso is depicted with his mallet cane and a jovial expression.

Lotso Huggin Bear Spirit Jersey Hoodie Disneyland3

The bottom half of the jersey is pink with printed strawberry designs all-around.

Lotso Huggin Bear Spirit Jersey Hoodie Disneyland5
Lotso Huggin Bear Spirit Jersey Hoodie Disneyland4

The back side has “Lotso” written across the upper side with fuzzy lettering. The first “o” is replaced with another embroidered Lotso depiction, this time with raised pink fur like the other letters.

Stitch Tie-Dye Disneyland Resort Spirit Jersey – $79.99

Stitch New Spirit Jersey Disneyland Resort Tie Dye1

This blue tie-dye Spirit Jersey features dark and light blues alongside streaks of white.

Stitch New Spirit Jersey Disneyland Resort Tie Dye2

Stitch is printed on a raised pattern wearing a lei and playing the ukelele. Next to him is the traditional Disneyland D with “Est. 1955” below as all Disneyland Resort Spirit Jerseys are.

Stitch New Spirit Jersey Disneyland Resort Tie Dye3

The back features the same tie dye print.

Stitch New Spirit Jersey Disneyland Resort Tie Dye4

On the bottom half, we see Stitch relaxing in a beach chair underneath some palm trees. He’s got sunglasses, a lei, and a delicious bowl of shave ice, ready to chill out in the Hawaiian sun.

Stitch New Spirit Jersey Disneyland Resort Tie Dye5

Atop are the Disneyland Resort letters, printed in puffy dark blue lettering with white shadows underneath to give the letters some extra depth.

“The Lion King” Disneyland Resort Spirit Jersey – $79.99

The Lion King Disneyland Spirit Jersey1

It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all to this new Spirit Jersey! For the beloved 1994 classic “The Lion King,” guests can pick up this red Spirit Jersey featuring a silhouette of Simba roaring from Pride Rock.

The Lion King Disneyland Spirit Jersey2

Simba is surrounded by a shining sun broken by clouds as well as the film’s logo below.

The Lion King Disneyland Spirit Jersey4

On the back side we see a larger sun rising as it does during the film’s iconic opening sequence. We see a lone tree along with silhouettes of Mufasa, Rafiki, young Simba, Timon, Zazu, and Pumbaa strolling proudly across the savanna.

The Lion King Disneyland Spirit Jersey3

On the back are black puff letters with the Disneyland Resort logo. This jersey is somewhat unique in that it only shows the resort name on the back and has a unique design on the front side, highly unusual for a Spirit Jersey.

All three of these new Spirit Jerseys are now available at the World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort. But you’d better be quick! Every time we see them, they’re going in a flash. Will you add any of these three new Spirit Jerseys to your Disneyland wardrobe? Let us know in the comments section below!

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