VIDEO: Family Makes Elevated Shoes to Sneak Child Onto Disney Rides Against Safety Policies

Shannen Michaelsen

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The latest viral TikTok showing “guests behaving badly” is by The Kelly Fam, who showed off the elevated shoes they made for their young son to sneak him onto Disney rides.

Dad Ty calls his son “our thrill-seeking boy who can’t get enough of Disney theme park rides.” He goes on to say “the only problem” is that the child is not tall enough for the big rides, showing a clip of two of their kids next to the height requirement sign at Soarin’.

“But we didn’t want that to stop him from feeling the rush,” Ty goes on, “so we took matters into our own hands and crafted a shoe that just might do the trick. With the help of towering heels, extra flip-flop bottoms, and some Gorilla glue, we’ve possibly discovered the ultimate theme park hack.” The video shows clips of the parents putting these shoes together and their child wearing one at the end.

Tomorrowland Speedway height requirement sign

Trying to sneak a child onto a ride they are technically too short for is highly dangerous. Height requirements are in place because some riders are too short to fit well in a ride seat and could fall out. Making shoes taller just to get a child on a ride is putting them at extreme risk. It’s better to wait until they grow up and let them enjoy the ride without injury.

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