PHOTOS: Journey of Water and CommuniCore Hall Construction Progresses at EPCOT

Shannen Michaelsen

At the center of EPCOT, CommuniCore Hall and Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana” are on their way to a late 2023 opening.

epcot construction feb 2023 3730

World Celebration will also have new gardens and Dreamer’s Point, featuring a new statue of Walt Disney, directly behind Spaceship Earth.

epcot construction feb 2023 3727

A small structure is coming together near CommuniCore Hall but seems to be separate from it.

CommuniCore Hall & Plaza

epcot construction feb 2023 3728

The name CommuniCore is a reference to two pavilions that were part of EPCOT on opening day. They were later reimagined into Innoventions before eventually being demolished. The new CommuniCore Hall and Plaza will serve as a multi-functional space that will be used during the park’s various festivals. The hall will be home to a Mickey & Friends meet and greet, a demo kitchen, a mixology bar, a gallery space, and more.

epcot construction feb 2023 3731

A long awning now sticks out of the CommuniCore building, towards the small structure and over a circle of concrete constructed earlier this month. The awning may eventually become a full wing of the building.

epcot construction feb 2023 3732

The main part of the building has yet to be enclosed, but we can see the shape thanks to steel supports and concrete elevator shafts.

epcot construction feb 2023 3733
epcot construction feb 2023 3734

Grids of steel provide the base for future wall paneling.

epcot construction feb 2023 3735

CommuniCore Hall and Plaza are on the west side of World Celebration, bordering World Nature.


In the concept art above, CommuniCore is the dark building on the left. Creations Shop and Connections are both within the building on the right.

Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana”

epcot construction feb 2023 3737

Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana” will be next to CommuniCore Hall but is part of World Nature.

epcot construction feb 2023 3738

Themed lanterns were hung from some of the curved lampposts a few weeks ago, but some of the posts remain wrapped in plastic.

epcot construction feb 2023 3739

Brown sidewalks are being paved and lined with short logs or rocks. This will be a walkthrough attraction, leading guests past water features and a Te Fiti statue. The rocky structure in the photo above is at the entrance to the attraction.


The concept art shows how water will cascade over this rockwork.

epcot construction feb 2023 3740

Another paved sidewalk goes past the attraction towards Dreamer’s Point. This sidewalk has been lined with trees, partially blocking a concrete wall from view.

epcot construction feb 2023 3741

More plants and theming will presumably be added to block the rest of the wall.

epcot construction feb 2023 3742

Across the sidewalk from Journey of Water is a service station for the water system.

epcot construction feb 2023 3743

A fence has been constructed around the service station. Another paved sidewalk is past the service station, directly behind Spaceship Earth.

Concept art for Journey of Water Inspired by Moana walkthrough attraction in EPCOT

The above concept art shows Journey of Water at the center and CommuniCore Hall to the right.

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