PHOTOS: New Disney Vacation Club Saratoga Springs Resort Merchandise

We’re off to the races. An all-new Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa merchandise line arrived at The Artist’s Palette. This new line specifically highlights that Disney’s Saratoga Springs is a Disney Vacation Club resort.

Saratoga Springs Ball Cap – $29.99

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The hat is light grey with blue writing. A palm tree and sailboat are printed in white behind the usual Disney’s Saratoga Springs logo, featuring a jockey riding a horse above the resort’s name.

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The left side of the hat has the Disney Vacation Club logo.

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The back, once again, has “Disney Vacation Club” written in teal.

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“A Disney Vacation Club Resort” is repeated across the interior of the hat.

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The underside of the brim is teal.

Saratoga Springs Pocket Tee – $29.99

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This heather red shirt has “Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa A Disney Vacation Club Resort” printed in white on the pocket.

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The Mickey-shaped globe Disney Vacation Club logo is above the lettering, and on a white tag at the hem of the shirt.

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“A Disney Vacation Club Resort” is repeated in white against a teal stripe inside the neck.

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The full Saratoga Springs logo with the horse and jockey is on the back, set against a tan-colored lighthouse and white sun. Above the logo, it says, “Feeling Good.” “Established in 2004” is at the bottom.

Saratoga Springs Pink Tee – $29.99

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This pink scoop neck shirt has the Saratoga Springs logo in white on the front.

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A subtle pink palm tree and hot air balloon are printed behind the logo.

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The Disney Vacation Club logo and name of the resort are on the left sleeve.

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There’s also a Disney Vacation Club tag on the hem.

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The back is blank.

Saratoga Springs Pullover Hoodie – $44.99

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This light blue pullover has a white drawstring and a large pocket.

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The Disney Vacation Club logo is on the left breast.

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The Saratoga Springs Resort logo is on the back, set against a palm tree, sailboat, clouds, and a hot air balloon — combining most of the backgrounds from the other apparel.

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The print is in white and shades of blue.

Saratoga Springs Sweatpants – $54.99

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The sweatpants are heather gray, with the Saratoga Springs logo in dark teal on the left hip.

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A Disney Vacation Club tag is on the left pocket.

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“A Disney Vacation Club Resort” is in white against teal stripes down the sides of the leg.

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Check out the Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa gingerbread house ornament.

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