REVIEW: Roast Beast Sandwich Topped with a Tiny Meatloaf Sandwich Returns for Grinchmas 2022 at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

It wouldn’t be the Who-lidays without a traditional Roast Beast dinner, right? The Whos are running about Seuss Landing, preparing for their favorite time of the year, which means lots of decorations and holiday treats! Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-Pendous is once again serving up a long-time Who feast with this delicious Roast Beast.

UOR IOA Holidays 2022 Circus McGurkus Roast Beast menu 1

Roast Beast – $16.99, or $18.79 with French Fries & Caesar side salad

French onion soup dipped roast beef, meatloaf, secret sauce, cheddar cheese sauce, mini meatloaf sandwich, and pretzel bun


This magnificent sandwich combines French onion soup dipped roast beef, meatloaf, secret sauce, and cheddar cheese sauce on a pretzel bun. Then it’s topped with a mini meatloaf sandwich.


The pretzel bun was incredibly soft, fresh, and fluffy. Roast beef is piled high on top of a thin slice of meatloaf. You can taste the French onion flavor in the roast beef, and the meatloaf was delicious. The secret sauce and cheddar cheese sauce combination reminded us a bit of dining on a Krusty Burger in Springfield.


This juicy sandwich only gets better! On top of this epic dish is a mini meatloaf sandwich. We wish it wasn’t mini, because it was amazing. The bread had a slight garlic butter taste to it, and the tiny meatloaf sandwich just melts in your mouth.


The Whos will agree that Roast Beast is a must! Between Grinch Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches and Roast Beast, there’s a lot to enjoy in Seuss Landing.

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