REVIEW: Holiday Cookie Stroll Returns for the 2022 EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays

The 2022 EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays is here, and that also means the return of the Holiday Cookie Stroll!

2022 EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays FotH Festival Passport 7

Guests who purchase any of the cookies listed below can receive a stamp in their Festival Passport. Once you’ve purchased any five of the cookies, head to Holiday Sweets & Treats to obtain a completer cookie!

Alfajores: Vanilla Shortbread Cookie with Dulce de Leche and Coconut (Nochebuena Cocina)

alfajores 1

These are shortbread cookies with vanilla flavoring, with dulce de leche spread sandwiched in between, and coconut flakes around the outside rim. It’s dry and sandy. You’ll definitely need a drink with it. The shortbread flavoring overpowers the whole cookie. Despite all the flakes, we tasted no coconut flavoring. Ultimately, this was bland, and we didn’t like it.

SNICKERS®-Doodle Cookie made with SNICKERS® Bar pieces (Yukon Holiday Kitchen)


A classic snickerdoodle cookie topped with rich chocolate and Snickers bar pieces, this is sure to please. We wish the topping covered the entire cookie as those are the best bites, but it’s still an enjoyable treat nonetheless. The cookie itself was soft and crumbly, seemingly quite fresh.

Black and White Cookie (L’Chaim! Holiday Kitchen)

lchaim epcothoilday 8225

This is a traditional black and white cookie. The cookie itself tastes like a shortbread and gingerbread cookie mixed together. The white chocolate side is super sweet. It’s dense and falls apart really easily. Overall, it’s a modest improvement on the cookies served here in the past.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie (American Holiday Table)


This chocolate crinkle cookie is great. It’s a chocolate cookie that is very well made. It’s soft and doughy, with a crunch on the edges, and covered in confectioners sugar. It is soft in the center, and the Dove chocolate adds just enough richness. The powdered sugar gets everywhere, but it’s worth it. We suggest not passing on it, especially for the price.

Linzer Cookie (Bavaria Holiday Kitchen)

bavaia festival of the holidays 8

The Linzer cookie is very soft and very sweet! The jam inside is a bit tart, but it works well to offset the sugary top. The powdered sugar on the top does make it a little bit messy, so maybe grabbing a fork and a knife might be the best (and cleanest) way to go about enjoying this treat.

Gingerbread Cookie (Holiday Hearth Desserts)


The Gingerbread Cookie was slightly dry and tasted like he was left out. The gingerbread taste is there, but we just wish it would’ve been fresher. His little icing face and buttons are hard and crunchy. Not a bad gingerbread cookie, but try to get one from a fresh batch.

Jingle Sugar Cookie made with M&M’S Chocolate Candies (Sunshine Seasons)

jingle sugar cookie 2 1

The cookie is rather large and very crumbly, but it’s not a soft cookie at all. It tastes exactly like a Chips Ahoy classic cookie in terms of the pastry base. It’s sweet, and there are a ton of large M&M’s. We would suggest splitting this cookie or taking it home because there is so much to get through. We feel like it needs milk to moisten it a little bit. The aesthetic of the cookie, however, is cute. We really liked the fact that there is a ton of color and that the larger-than-life M&M’s match the large cookie. It’s basic, but not a horrible item to have in order to complete the cookie stroll.

Holiday Sugar Cookie (Connections Café)

Holiday Sugar Cookie outside Connections Cafe

It’s your basic sugar cookie. It’s fun and soft. You get vanilla with a hint of cinnamon, and the sprinkles add a good crunch. (Though, to be honest, we hoped that at this price point, they would’ve used Mickey sprinkles instead of the plain red circles.) We’d compare it to a soft chocolate chip cookie minus the chips. It’s fine, but there are other options more worthy of your money.

Holiday Cookie Stroll Completer Cookie (Holiday Sweets & Treats)

Holiday Cookie Stroll completer cookie

When you complete the holiday cookie stroll, you receive a complimentary prize. The prize is a sugar cookie with an edible printed decoration designed to make it look like an ornament. This year’s festival logo can be found in the middle. It’s cute, but the taste is awful. It seems that the base is supposed to be a sugar cookie, although it tasted incredibly bland. Almost like cardboard, with an equally dry finish. The icing is not very sweet, but it is stale.

2022 completer cookie stroll foth w gotghs ad

It is the worst cookie of all of those we tasted. The positive thing here, however, is you do get a Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special pin alongside the completer cookie. If you don’t want the pin, though, the holiday cookie stroll is not worth it this year.

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Will you partake in this year’s holiday cookie stroll? Let us know in the comments!

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