Hello Kitty Shop Getting New Flooring Ahead of Rumored Retheme at Universal Studios Florida

The Hello Kitty Store has closed temporarily while undergoing re-flooring. We recently reported that eventually the store will be rethemed.

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Red curtains hang at the entrance to the shop. We would assume they are placing a plain, generic flooring because they are phasing Hello Kitty out, with plans to close the Hello Kitty Shop permanently in the future.

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Above, you can see the old, themed flooring. It was covered with bows.

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All of the props and merchandise have been moved into the Silver Screen side of the store. This is another indication that the shop is not yet closing for good.

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The exterior facade is still intact, including the Hello Kitty props in the window displays.

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Through the window, we can still see the top of the rainbow arch.

You can watch a full tour of the Hello Kitty Shop from summer 2020 below.

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