REVIEW: New and Old Twisted Taters at Halloween Horror Nights 31 in Universal Studios Florida

Aside from the scares, there are a few staples of Halloween Horror Nights. Fried PP&J, pizza fries, and of course, twisted taters. This year Halloween Horror Nights 31 returns with the classic twisted tater, along with two variations we’re dying to try.

GramercyParkKidZone HHNFacade 2022

Menu for Twisted Taters at Halloween Horror Nights 31

GramercyParkKidZone HHNMenu 2022


  • Twisted Tater – $8.99
  • 🆕Fiery Twisted Tater with Queso – $9.99
  • 🆕Twisted Tater Blood N’ Guts – $14.99


  • Voodoo Brewing Co. Lacto Cooler – $12.25
  • Modelo Especial – $10.50
  • White Claw – $10.50
  • Bud Light – $9.50

Photos of Menu Items from Twisted Taters at Halloween Horror Nights 31

hhn 31 twisted taters

Twisted Tater – $8.99

Fried spiralized ribbon potato thinly sliced and skewered

image 1
Photo from 2021

You can’t go wrong with the classic. It’s more seasoning than salt, and this time it was soft (but not undercooked). However, the crispiness of your Tater may vary. Flavor-wise, we preferred this to the ghost pepper option.

*NEW* Fiery Twisted Tater with Queso – $9.99

Fried spiralized ribbon potato with white cheese sauce, sprinkled with Flaming Hot Cheetos and ghost pepper seasoning.

hhn 31 twisted taters 7705
hhn 31 twisted taters 7703

They must have already put this fire out because there was nothing hot or spicy about it. The queso was good and there was some spice from the crushed Cheetos, but for having ghost pepper seasoning, there was zero heat to it.

*NEW* Twisted Tater Blood N’ Guts – $14.99

Fried spiralized ribbon potato thinly sliced and smother with chili and roasted red pepper queso

hhn 31 twisted taters 5958

This is hearty and filling but messy and difficult to eat. Be prepared to stop to eat this one and grab napkins.

hhn 31 twisted taters 5957

Both taters were perfectly crispy, a nice change after the soggy soft ones we encountered last year.

Location of the Twisted Taters at Halloween Horror Nights 31

There are two Twisted Taters booths: one located in KidZone and one in Gramercy Park. This is a classic treat for Halloween Horror Nights and we highly recommend stopping by to try at least one of these delicious skewers of potatoes at least once.

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