REVIEW: Dead Coconut Club at Universal CityWalk Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights 31

For Halloween Horror Nights 31, the Red Coconut Club at CityWalk has undergone a terrifying transformation into the Dead Coconut Club featuring the Universal Monsters.


DeadCoconutClubExterior 1
DeadCoconutClubExterior 2

Guests entering are greeted by a faux Frankenstein’s Monster. The story is you’re visiting a club to hear the Bride perform.

DeadCoconutClubExterior 3


DeadCoconutClubInterior 4 scaled
DeadCoconutClubInterior 3 scaled
DeadCoconutClubInterior 2 scaled
DeadCoconutClubInterior 5 scaled

The whole place has a very ’60s sci-fi aesthetic to it.

DeadCoconutClubInterior 6 scaled
DeadCoconutClubInterior 7 scaled
DeadCoconutClubInterior 8 scaled

Projections on the ceilings help add to the ambience.

DeadCoconutClubInterior 10 scaled
DeadCoconutClubInterior 9 1 scaled

Menu for the Dead Coconut Club at Halloween Horror Nights 31

DeadCoconutClubMenu 1 scaled
DeadCoconutClubMenu 2 scaled

Even the menu is incredibly well-themed.

DeadCoconutClubMenu 3 scaled
DeadCoconutClubMenu 4 scaled
DeadCoconutClubMenu 5


  • 🆕 The Bleeding Eye – $14.50
  • 🆕 The Haunted Isle – $14.50
  • 🆕 The Java Island Beast – $14.50
  • 🆕 Un-Tipsy Tiki – $7.50

Adding in a souvenir tiki mug brings it up to $17.50, with refills available at the standard drink price.

Photos of Menu Items at the Dead Coconut Club at Halloween Horror Nights 31

*NEW* The Bleeding Eye – $14.50

A diabolical violet mélange of El Jimador Blanco Tequila, Crème de Cassis, agave, lime juice and ginger beer. Served with a lychee-blueberry edible eyeball

DeadCOconutClub BleedingEye1
DeadCOconutClub BleedingEye2

We weren’t particularly impressed by this one. It’s incredibly, ridiculously sweet, which also enhanced by the ginger beer. It’s the only tequila drink, a rarity for tiki drinks.

DeadCOconutClub BleedingEye3

The edible eyeball was a nice touch, but this wasn’t our favorite.

*NEW* The Haunted Isle – $14.50

A tempestuous tropical tipple combining Pusser’s Navy and Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Rums with tropical juices, allspice bitters and mysterious Falernum

DeadCOconutClub JavaMonster1 scaled

This drink wasn’t particularly amazing either. While the presentation is nice for sure, the outspoken rum taste drowns out all of the fruit flavors. On top of that, the mint does nothing for the drink, and it isn’t even fresh.

DeadCOconutClub JavaMonster2 scaled

We’d give this a pass as well.

*NEW* The Java Island Beast – $14.50

A dark and mysterious blend of Pusser’s Navy and Cruzan Dark rums with Kahlua, tropical juices and allspice bitters

DeadCOconutClub HauntedISle2

While this may not be as much of a taste assault, the allspice bitters help disguise the strong rum flavor here a bit better.

DeadCOconutClub HauntedISle3
DeadCOconutClub HauntedISle1

Still, we were unimpressed.

*NEW* Un-Tipsy Tiki – $7.50

A refreshing tropical spritz combining tropical juices, tonic water and rich Orgeat

DeadCOconutClub UntipsyTiki1

Amazingly, this was our favorite. It’s a tart beverage, tasting like pineapple juice, cream of coconut and seltzer.

DeadCOconutClub UntipsyTiki2

We found this to be extremely refreshing, and it’s a very pineapple-forward drink. This is our recommended choice when you visit.

Location of the Dead Coconut Club at Halloween Horror Nights 31

The Dead Coconut Club is located on the second story of Universal CityWalk Orlando.

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