REVIEW: Updated No Chance in Hell PB&J and More From Fried Food Booth at Halloween Horror Nights 31

Gramercy Park is home to many food and beverage booths for Halloween Horror Nights 31, including one featuring three returning fried favorites.

Menu for Fried Food Booth at Halloween Horror Nights 31

UOR HHN 31 Booth menu 4


  • 🆕 No “Chance” in Hell PB&J Reduced from the $14.99 pictured
  • Fried Twinkies – $5.99
  • Fried Oreos – $6.99


  • Voodoo Brewing Co. Lacto-Cooler – $12.25
  • Modelo Especial – $10.50
  • White Claw – $10.50
  • Bud Light – $9.50

Photos of Menu Items at Fried Food Booth at Halloween Horror Nights 31

*UPDATED* No “Chance” in Hell PB&J – $6.99

fried PB&J, hot maple syrup, chili flakes

hhn 31 pbj 7720

The No “Chance” in Hell PB&J debuted last year but has been changed for this year’s event. Rather than having a honey drizzle, the sandwich is now drizzled with hot maple syrup.

You could probably deep fry a shoe and get rave reviews at most theme parks, but the flavors inside this were on point. It’s the perfect walking snack for your scream team.

Fried Twinkies – $5.99

confetti battered and fried Twinkies dusted with powdered sugar


The Fried Twinkie is the same as last year.


You get one Twinkie, and it’s pretty basic, just fried and dusted with sugar. We love fried Twinkies, but this didn’t impress us as much as the PB&J and Oreos.

Fried Oreos – $6.99

confetti battered and fried OREO cookies dusted with powdered sugar


We tried the fried Oreos last year and thought that while they weren’t the best we’ve had, they were still excellent.


The confetti batter was a nice touch, though, and you can see the colorful confetti pieces around the Oreo. They come dusted with powder sugar and are soft and delicious.


Location of the Fried Food Booth at Halloween Horror Nights 31

The Fried Food Booth is located in Gramercy Park.

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4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Updated No Chance in Hell PB&J and More From Fried Food Booth at Halloween Horror Nights 31”

  1. Wish the prices were really that low. Just paid $1000 for tickets and express for ONE night for my family of 5. Will easily drop another grand on all the extra stuff. $15 pb&j is crazy even for a theme park.

  2. Any reason why the prices on the menu board are WAY off from what you paid?

    No “Chance” in Hell PB&J – $6.99 but menu price is at $14.99
    Fried Twinkies – $5.99 but menu price is at $8.99
    Fried Oreos – $6.99 but menu price is at $9.99

    • Correct. They originally posted the higher price and either it was a typo, or they received enough backlash to change the price. At any rate, the lower price is now correct.

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