Donald and Daisy Meet-and-Greets Return to DinoLand U.S.A. for Donald’s Dino-Bash at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Donald and Daisy meet-and-greets have returned to DinoLand U.S.A. for Donald’s Dino-Bash! in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This bash is Donald’s way of celebrating being a bird descended from dinosaurs, but the meet-and-greets have been suspended since 2020, when they closed due to COVID-19.

Donald Meet-and-Greet

Donald poses in front of a green backdrop reading “Donald’s Dino-Bash!”

donald dinoland 8254

He’s in a colorful dinosaur-inspired outfit including a scaley jacket and red feathered explorer’s hat.

donald duck dinoland
donald dinoland 8251

He was busting out all his best poses for guests.

Donald Meet-and-Greet

He wears a purple sash showing the evolution of dinosaurs into birds.

Donald Duck close-up

We asked him for a close-up and he delivered.

Donald Meet-and-Greet
donald dinoland 8267
donald dinoland 8268
daisy dinoland 8304

Meanwhile, Daisy is meeting guests in front of a dinosaur figure almost as stylish as her.

Daisy meet-and-greet

She has a scale-inspired shirt, a blue and pink jacket, and large feathery sunglasses.

daisy dinoland 8296

She was happy to show off her whole outfit.

daisy dinoland 8299
daisy dinoland 8300
daisy duck dinoland
daisy and donald in dinoland

Though Donald and Daisy meet separately, we saw them sharing a moment on their way to their meet-and-greets.

Chip n’ Dale will also be greeting guests at Donald’s Dino-Bash! Donald’s uncle Scrooge McDuck and friend Launchpad McQuack are now appearing on an “Adventure Flotilla.”

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  1. Hopefully Goofy join them. Maybe they can place him at his second spot at Triceratops Spin…. yes he has a spot there. Hopefully they’ll find out something for Scrooge and Launchpad soon.

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