Disneyland Paris Turns Off Gas Lamps in Main Street Arcades as War-Related European Energy Crisis Intensifies

As Europe’s energy crisis drags on, Disneyland Paris has taken measures to conserve power, including shutting off the gas lamps in the Liberty and Discovery Arcades, according to DLP Report.

gas lamps turned off disneyland paris
Source: @DLPReport on Twitter

Additionally, unnecessary energy use is being reduced, with pyrotechnic effects being turned off in the daytime, and limiting how much buildings are lit up at night. Doors in some locations will be kept closed, and HVAC systems will be adjusted to help curb how much energy is needed.

gas lamps turned off disneyland paris 1
Source: @DLPReport on Twitter

The crisis is linked to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. As other European nations have issued economic sanctions to Russia as a condemnation of its actions, Russia, a significant exporter of oil and natural gas to the continent, has reportedly retaliated by restricting the export of its supplies through its state-owned distributor, Gazprom. According to CNBC, Russia has denied these allegations, and Gazprom cited “maintenance issues” as the reason for the reduction as their contribution to the European natural gas market dropped from 40% to 20%. With no end to the crisis in sight, efforts are being made to lower energy demands, which includes the ones being taken by Disneyland Paris.

Just last week, the ongoing economic situation in Europe forced rail service Eurostar to indefinitely suspend their direct service to the resort from London St. Pancras International beginning in June 2023.

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