Walt Disney World Removing Last of COVID-19 Warning Signage

As Walt Disney World continues to try to move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, warning signs about the disease are being removed around resort property.

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The signs notified guests that by entering a public space, they ran the risk of contracting COVID, and that they assumed all risks involved. But as testing requirements are coming to a close, face coverings are optional, and physical distancing is no longer being enforced, much of the resort’s operations are close to how they were prior to the shutdown in March 2020.

As of the writing of this article, COVID warnings are still featured on the Walt Disney World website, albeit in a more simplified form compared to how it was previously.

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6 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Removing Last of COVID-19 Warning Signage”

    • Even though restrictions were relaxed, it’s still a thing. Monkeypox is not as fatal as COVID and does not spread easily and the most common infected people are males intimate with males.

  1. It is about time. In fact, it’s well past time. I know some people are still concerned about Covid and I respect their right to take whatever precautions they like. But, like it or not, most of the country — and the world — has moved on and has decided that this is just another disease that will be circulating and that we have to live with. As such, it makes total sense for Disney to finally do away with the last vestiges of Covid protocols at the parks. I wonder when the message at the top of the Web site will be removed.

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