Walt Disney World Bus Involved in Car Accident

A Walt Disney World bus was involved in an accident with a smaller car last night while traveling southbound on Seven Seas Drive.

August 2022 Disney bus crash 2

The incident occurred before 10:30 p.m., when a WDWNT reporter happened to be passing through the area. They did not witness the incident occur, but it appeared that the bus had smashed into a car. Emergency services were on the scene.

August 2022 Disney bus crash 2 1

The bus’ windshield was shattered on the ground. At this time, there have been no public reports of injuries resulting from the accident.

5 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Bus Involved in Car Accident”

  1. Having been a professional driver for over 50 years, this kind of thing usually happens when someone in a car doesn’t want the bus to get in front of them, so they step on it and try to speed through first.

  2. Some of those bus drivers drive like everyone else in fl like its the indy 500. But unlike highway driving theres not only speed limits in wdw but buses arent supose to exceed a certaim mph or the driving could get fired. Esp at night though and sadly with a full standing room only bus theres been some trips in my past where the driver didnt care and was like just wanting to get home… no one likes wrking past late hrs i get ya i use to be a cm too but that doesnt mean you put everyone life in ?? Zone.

  3. You stole the photo. No one on your team witnessed this. Get some integrity. Just say someone sent it in. If your reporters saw it you would have reported last night. Clickbait corless doesn’t wait for confirmation

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