Walt Disney World Announces Official End Date for 50th Anniversary “The World’s Most Magical Celebration”

Walt Disney World turned 50 on October 1, 2021, and kicked off 18 months of The World’s Most Magical Celebration. Now, an official end date has been announced.

The Walt Disney World 50th anniversary celebrations will end on March 31, 2023. Previously, Disney had only formally stated “March 2023” and it was assumed based on past events that March 31 was the exact date. The assumption has proven correct.

Details as to exactly what will be discontinued have not been released, but it’s likely that any of the special 50th entertainment, costumes, food and beverage offerings, and decorations will end.

Stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, check out our full guide to the 50th anniversary celebrations.

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9 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Announces Official End Date for 50th Anniversary “The World’s Most Magical Celebration””

  1. i wonder if in similarity to Dream Along With Mickey, Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire will have Mickey and his pals wearing special versions of their normal outfits

  2. It could end tomorrow and no one would notice. They have been removing signage, all month. Disney did the bare minimum to celebrate anyway.

  3. Someone should tell folks at dhs and dak whom removed lots of 50th stuff… dak i undstand next yr will be a big # for em but dhs? The good news is many folks whom thought they miss 50 could now go! Besides could you imagine that 3rd shift nightmare 50th down, halloween & christmas need to be swapped out in less than a wk etc. I dont think they get paid enough.

  4. I have been 2 times during this celebration and I noticed nothing other than little gold 50 on everything and an increase in price I am assuming because it had a gold 50 on it. So I can’t see what will change accept the merchandise will no longer have a little gold 50 on it.

  5. I’ve been to WDW several times, including for the 10/1 anniversary. You’d only know there was an anniversary because of the merch, that’s it. Chapek doesn’t care about the experience, the magic, the legacy – only the money. They can end the anniv celebration now, and no one would notice probably.

  6. I wonder if they will keep Splash Mountain open through the 50th or will it close for the remodel?

  7. I hope they keep the castle the light pink color for a while, I really like it!!! I’m sure they’ll take off all the “ribbons” and obviously the big 50, but I hope they don’t start painting it back to white immediately after the end of the anniversary.

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