The Canopy of TRON Lightcycle Run is Already Getting Staining & The Ride Isn’t Even Open Yet

The TRON Lightcycle Run saga continues into its 5th year with still no opening date for the Magic Kingdom attraction announced as of yet, but a new problem has arisen. The large canopy over the outdoor portion of the ride, one of the few completed elements of the attraction, is already showing signs of weathering.

Image courtesy @bioreconstruct on twitter

Thanks to the incomparable bioreconstruct on twitter, we can see stains starting to run down the canopy from the metal support pieces between the carious “bubbles”.

TronCanopyStains2 1
Image courtesy @bioreconstruct on twitter

It’s unclear if this issue has been accounted for and can be easily cleaned, but the canopy has not been up for long and is already looking a little bit aged.

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7 thoughts on “The Canopy of TRON Lightcycle Run is Already Getting Staining & The Ride Isn’t Even Open Yet”

  1. But fear not, the WDW Railroad trains are in perfect condition. Not much can happen when they are safely hidden away for 5 years! Really people…really?

  2. As the owner of a house with white siding, this is par for the course. Interesting, but not a big deal. From a distance and with the bright Florida sun, prob still looks great.

  3. Guarantee that it is something that can be cleaned off fairly easily, but that the original ride in the park with better funding has a cleanup budget to keep it from ever looking like that. I imagine the US parks will be more likely to play a “how much can we get away with” game.

  4. During the time that Disney has been building Tron, Universal has built Hagrid’s, the Velocacoaster, and started Epic Universe.

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