More Steel Added to Tomorrowland Light & Power Co., Concrete Fully Encases Walt Disney World Railroad Wall Next to TRON Lightcycle Run

In Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. is now closed for refurbishment to accommodate changes for the upcoming TRON Lightcycle / Run roller coaster. The coaster and a Walt Disney World Railroad tunnel also remain under construction.

light and power construction 6

Crews have added a steel framework to this corner of the gift shop.

light and power construction 1

Sheathing now covers most of the framework, which includes an extension to the building’s small awning.

light and power construction 0

Crews are using the water-resistant GlasRoc sheathing.

light and power construction 4

Some pipes are visible through the exposed steel.

light and power construction 14

This morning, crews were working on the corner closest to the shop’s entrance.

light and power construction 10

The awning has been extended here as well. Crews have removed some of the building’s paneling for work.

light and power construction 7

One crew member was in a scissor lift, while another was on the extended awning.

light and power construction 8

Blue tarps cover most of the awning on the side of the building. There is black sheathing taped to this corner of the awning.

light and power construction 11

Construction walls block access to the walkway next to Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.

light and power construction 15

Eventually, this will act as a gift shop for both Space Mountain and TRON Lightcycle / Run.

light and power construction 16
tron construction 21 scaled

We also checked in on the coaster itself during a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.

tron construction 18 scaled

The foundation of a new walkway connecting Tomorrowland and Storybook Circus has been extended. It now cuts off just past a concrete wall. In the background, a crew member was working within a circle of concrete around the coaster’s canopy supports.

tron construction 28 scaled

We saw another crew member reaching into one of the large concrete planters.

tron construction 24 scaled

There’s a planter between the Storybook Circus walkway and the elevated walkway leading to the coaster entrance.

tron construction 31 scaled

In addition to, well, plants, the planter may hold signage pointing to Storybook Circus and Fantasyland.

tron construction 26 scaled

The planter at the front of the TRON Lightcycle / Run walkway will have a sign for the attraction. These two planters and the elevated walkway are surrounded by temporary wood fencing. Crews also have yet to complete paving at the end of the elevated walkway. In the photo above, it’s clear that a square of walkway on the right is slightly lower than the rest of the sidewalk.

tron construction 27 scaled

A cherry picker vehicle is parked next to the PeopleMover track. We saw a concrete pump a week ago, but it is gone now.

tron construction 40 scaled

Walls extend between the elevated walkway and the PeopleMover track.

tron construction 36 scaled

Some of the walls are partially encased in concrete, but there is still a lot of exposed wood and steel.

tron construction 35 scaled

Crew members were working with panels of wood on workbenches this morning.

tron construction 34 scaled

The PeopleMover drives past these access stairs, which lead down between two walls.

tron construction 37 scaled

One wall is right next to the elevated walkway. This will presumably separate guests from backstage areas.

tron construction 47 scaled

Another wall, now fully encased in concrete, separates that backstage area from the Walt Disney World Railroad tunnel. Tracks will eventually lead out of the tunnel, past the wall.

railroad tunnel construction 46

Track rails have already been installed inside the tunnel.

railroad tunnel construction 48

Small lights line the walls of the tunnel. We could at least one crew member working inside today.

tron construction 38 scaled

The arched framework supports lining the pathway leading to the TRON Lightcycle / Run entrance now have translucent pieces covering them.

tron construction 39 scaled

The coaster will launch from below the elevated walkway.

tron construction 45 scaled

Some green sheathing is still exposed on the show building.

tron construction 19 scaled

Brown tarps hang from the supports directly in front of the entrance.

tron construction 20 scaled

The themed elements above the entrance now look more like metal.

tron lockers construction 4

From Storybook Circus, we can check out the lockers building attached to the elevated walkway.

tron lockers construction 1

Paneling now covers the entrance overhang and archway.

tron lockers construction 3
tron lockers construction 6

This is where Walt Disney World Railroad trains will enter the tunnel.

TRON Lightcycle Run concept art

The concept art above shows us approximately what TRON Lightcycle / Run, the Walt Disney World Railroad tunnel, and the surrounding walkways will look like when completed.

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