Josh D’Amaro Says Rising Prices & Discontinuation of Services at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort is ”An Inevitable Result of Progress”

As prices continue to soar at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, Josh D’Amaro describes it as “the inevitable result of progress” according to a new article from the Wall Street Journal.

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Over the past two years, many changes have been made that impact the typical guest experience at Walt Disney World. The most notable change being the launch of Genie+, the app-based feature that costs $15 per person per day ($20 at Disneyland Resort) to skip the standby lines on most attractions. Other changes include charging fees or totally eliminating services that used to be free to guests: like Disney’s Magical Express bus transportation to and from Orlando International Airport, MagicBands, and parking.

According to the article, “Disney’s theme-park pricing is determined by ‘pure supply and demand,’ said a company spokeswoman. ‘No different than airplanes, hotels or cruise ships.’ In the quarter that ended Jan. 1, Disney’s domestic parks set records in both quarterly revenue and operating income, then broke both of them six months later. For the quarter that ended July 2, the business unit that includes the theme parks also posted record revenue of $5.42 billion and record operating income of $1.65 billion. Josh D’Amaro, the chairman of Disney’s parks, experiences and products division, said that the changes have given visitors more choice about how to spend their time and money at the parks, while at the same time making the parks ‘extremely commercially successful.'”

The article goes on to follow guests like Sara Suvada, a Starbucks shift supervisor from Auburn Hills, Michigan, who spent “around $5,000” recently to visit Walt Disney World. For Sara, “the memories are worth more than gold,” she said. “Even if I did suffer from overdraft fees once I got home, when the reality set in.”

The memories are worth more than gold. Even if I did suffer from overdraft fees once I got home, when the reality set in.

Walt Disney World guest, Sara Suvada

Meanwhile other guests like Renea Warren believe that “because of the astronomical expenses, I definitely think the magic is being taken away.”  Although Warren owns a timeshare about 20 minutes away from Walt Disney World, her family has started considering visiting rival Orlando-based attractions like Universal Studios Florida and SeaWorld since “returning to Disney every year is no longer an option.”

Disneyland annual pass holders like David Arone, a 50-year old gym teacher and volleyball coach from Redondo Beach, California, aren’t as ready to keep spending. “I just really resent the nickel-and-diming,” said Arone. Arone is pass holder who visits “more than 100 times per year”, mostly because of the fond memories the park induces for him personally. But on a recent trip, Arone wore a homemade t-shirt with the phrase “Chapek Killed the Magic” on it — referring of course to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, who Arone blames the rising prices and other changes on.

Although Disney reported record profits earlier this month, they also reported that prices increases were offset by an “unfavorable attendance mix”, which many fans interpreted as a reference to annual pass holders. According to the article, some annual pass holders have begun visiting the parks wearing shirts that read “Unfavorable” in protest. Meanwhile Disney says that “unfavorable mix” is financial parlance meant for investors, and “not a consumer term.”

While the good will that many fans have for Disney Parks seems to be on life support, profits continue to soar. As long as guests are willing to come home from vacation and suffer from over-draft fees, it’s hard to see things changing anytime soon.

What do you think about the new, more expensive version of visiting Disney Parks? Will you stop visiting due to price? Let us know in the comments.

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96 thoughts on “Josh D’Amaro Says Rising Prices & Discontinuation of Services at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort is ”An Inevitable Result of Progress””

  1. I think the price increases are all part of business. Everything in the country is going up and Disney is no different main objective is to make money because if they don’t there won’t be a Disney. I won’t stop going because it is my favorite place to visit and when I’m there I am happy and make many many memories with my family. The magic is all what you make it, not what Disney makes it. Disney provides the opportunities for you to make the magic. And they do a great job of that.

    • I don’t begrudge Disney their profits,after all,it is a business. What I find fault with is, with all the profits, they can’t seem to keep the rides in good condition! Four rides in one day breaking down is not my idea of fun! When people are spending that much money, they should have a pleasant experience!

      • I will not be going to any Disney park. I understand prices are increasing but Disney is being greedy. Genie+ is a ripoff. $20 per person per day so you can actually ride more than 1 ride in a day.

    • First of all, the Disney “Magic” is so diminished. Many of us will accept and understand price increases. But you cannot both increase prices AND TAKE AWAY BENEFITS. In some cases that doubles the increased prices. As far asthe increased revenue is concerned, folks were in a lock down situation and needed get out and about again. Along with that us Disney fans wanted to make the pilgimage to WDW to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of WDW. Many have chosen a split vacation between WDW and Universal that are pure Disney fans. After seeing what Universal has to offer and the new park they are building I think Disney and their knucklehead board who are reaping big rewards now will be seeing some sad numbers in the future. Usually the last day at WDW we are sad, this was not the case this time. From a decades long Disney family.

    • I don’t worry about Disney and their profits , what I don’t like is they seem to
      Have spent so much at other overseas parks to the detriment of the original parks in maintenance and new attractions and customers

    • I took my 2 grandchildren once in 2004 for weekend. Now they are in college, so they can decide what they spend their money on. In 2004 we had a fun weekend. Did take a weekend trip to Kennedy Space center in 2019, that was a great fun weekend too

    • The “MAGIC OF DISNEY” died when Roy Disney died. Walt and Roy had visions of making families come together at this once magical place but corporate greed took over and killed their dreams. This corporate idea of treating annual passholders and local visitors as freeloaders is a bunch of crap. My family has had annual passes for te last 38 years and yess we do spend ALOT OF MONEY at these parks, restaraunts and resorts. We live in southwest florida and would stay on property atleast 8 to 10 times a year for a minimum amount of 3 to 5 nights a trip.So if this guy is adding up the dollars that locals spend than he needs to do more for us than people that ma go to Disney maybe once every other year or maybe once in ten years. Its logic of not appreciating us makes no sence. Since there is nothing special at these parks anymore if feels like we are just throwing our money out of the window to corporate greed most likey we will enjoy our vacations elsewhere where businesses appreciate us.This new way of thinking at “WALT” Disney World is unbelievable. You people need to wake up.

    • The prices are outrageous, is ridiculous , I used bring all my kids to the park but when I checked the prices again I was completely stunned.
      Disney in Orlando are getting ridiculous pricing and I rather to spend the money in Europe instead.

      • Me too! You could go to Europe for what you spend at Disney. Go to Tivoli Gardens where Walt got his inspiration for Disneyland. Way more magic there and we’ll behaved people.

    • We are vacation club members for 16 years we do not like the direction Disney has taken . They are nickel and diming is all . It’s becoming unaffordable food,magical express, admission, the worst is the New Genie charge a Disney obviously is not listening to anyone because their attendance still seems like it’s up.

  2. This new CEO should be fired. Walt & Roy Disney would be applaud with all these changes. The magic that Disney World had had been chipped away little by little due to this man ideas and politics. Disney is all about family and kindness. A place where family could come and forget about about the real world. Instead he is creating the total opposite.
    It isn’t the happiest place on Earth. Unbelievable!

    • It surely isn’t the happiest place on Earth. You are so right. And it’s more expensive to go to EPCOT than to real Europe.
      The Disney of Roy and Walt will never be seen again, and that’s so very sad. Disney is a huge money pit —and for the steep prices they charge everything should be in immaculate condition and working order. Sad it’s not the case. I’ll never go back.

    • Due to Disney increasing ticket prices, increase in food prices, increase in parking prices, etc…I can no longer afford to take my family to Disneyland. I won’t suffer overdraft fees, that’s just stupid.

  3. I was there right before the lockdown, and recently took my youngest to Florida at the end of may. A lot of the amenities that were enjoyable and made going to Disney World have been taken away. The park experience was good, but felt monetized at every turn. It feels that the Disney experience is shifting towards only the affluent instead of blue collar. I don’t think Walt would agree with the current president and his vision to leave out the families and continued supporters who made the company what it is today.

    • Well…he’s definitely NOT the person to replace the pathetic Bob Chapek. Raising prices is one thing…seriously cutting back on all guest services at the same time is entirely different.

  4. While I can understand about increasing quality of the visitor experience for a higher price I felt the reality was the opposite effect. While we paid double on our hotel room I walked away with half of the services. Same with the parks and I don’t mind paying extra if I get something in return. One of the rides broke down which meant we missed World of Color and a bad dinner but not even a basic refund was offered for a hour wait. I never hear Disney backing up their results with facts and surveys. I am scared they keep up this practice they will lose folks. When a trip to Hawaii is cheaper you do have to question the value.

  5. Part of the magic of staying at a Disney resort were the perks – like free resort and park parking. What makes it special to stay at a Disney resort now? What are you providing that makes staying at a Disney resort so special?

    • It isn’t supply and demand it’s “We still have people will to pay it. Alot of people.” You have people flocking from other states, other countries dropping big bucks to go on a Disney vacation. You spend your money as you like but to go in the red for Disney World? That’s not for me. Taking my family to a park for the day tickets, general genie pass so we can actually do what we want, parking the van plus food and souviniers would be almost a grand. For a day. Hotels aren’t worth it and how are the employees treated these days with all that money rolling in? It’s just not for me.

  6. Having just left the park & resort today, and a previous annual pass holder, I firmly believe that Disney has learned that they can greatly increase pricing and decrease customer service and people will still come and pay. Sadly I can’t see this going away.

    • Agreed. I was just there as well. There were thousands of smiling faces walking around, all taking these increases in cost and decreases in services in stride. It will continue in this vein for as long as the people keep coming.

      • I wast at Hollywood Studios today for a few hours, there wasn’t so much smiling as people continually asking each other when their next appointment was.

  7. I’m not going to stop visiting. I love Disney too much but I will not be an annual pass holder and I will slow down my visits. I will also cut back on my spending at the parks. It’s expensive enough for myself being a South Floridian who is able to drive there, I can’t imagine what it costs for all those families that have to fly there.

    • I totally get it. I also did not renew our family’s three top tier APs to WDW. While our reasons were mostly about the park pass reservation system, I have a feeling that ironically TWDC may get more of our money as a less frequent visitor to WDW, having to get that food or merchandise when I am there since we are no longer a frequent visitor.

      Disney wins again.

  8. The loss of previously included items (Ex: Magic Bands, Magical Express) and price increases (hotel and tickets) is bothersome. It truly impacts the total cost of a Walt Disney World vacation.

    PS. I’ll be there in a couple of weeks. Alcoholics are gonna drink…

    • They are ruining Walt’s dream. They are pricing low income families right out of their parks. They are over crowded they are not keeping the rides well kept. I have been going since the day they opened and it was magical up until a few years ago. No magic left and I’m sad to say it will be a very long time before I give them my hard earned money.

  9. Josh price increases if they are moderate are OK but if they are way out of hand it will is hurting Disney and you do not care like Chapek plus the Woke Agenda is also doing damage. If Walt was still here or could talk to all of you through someone else he would fire the lot of you & get rid Woke! You are changing things to where long time Walt Disney “THE MAN” are fed up. Many of the long time Castmembers are fed up also and are taking early retirement or just leaving because of the damage you are doing and you are losing all that experience in large batches to where the new hires do not have folks to help them learn the system. SO WISE UP & TURN DISNEY AROUND !!!!

  10. The Supply and Demand thing actually is true since prices are indeed rising for other things as well so he may have a point with that one as it’s not entirely under Disney’s control.

    • My flight and hotel prices elsewhere have not skyrocketed as much as Disney World ticket and hotel prices, nor have movie tickets or sporting event tickets in the two most recent years.

      • My grandparents took all us grandkids when we were younger. If was fun but still really expensive. With the prices of just tickets I will never be able to take my grand kids. They won’t be able to ever experience the fun I did. Which makes me very sad.

        • I see alot of crying, why waste your money going to the parks when can you invest in the company and make money.

      • Yep, it’s only certain huge corporations that make billions in profit that continue using inflation and supply chain increases as excuses to increase their profits. The company I work for is part of the “supply chain” for the big 3 and we can’t increase our prices or we’ll loose customers, the president of our company has said that.

  11. I’m not a fan of corporate Disney these days. When I went for the first time three years ago I didn’t know about how well the corporation was doing and didn’t really care. I went for a little magic and escape the real world for a short time. I have driven from Texas to Disney World several times now and I’m having more trouble wanting to go to Disney than the drive to Orlando. I was even a passholder for the first two years. My first AP was $900 for the Platinum pass, then the next year it was around $1,200 Over that time services were cut back or eliminated entirely with little to no explanation why. I never heard so openly how Disney did in profits until the past two years. They celebrate it and use it as justification to raise prices to beat the last quarter. Now I hear about this. Openly brag about how well they’re doing while cutting things back or not bringing services back at all. If I know anything at all I do know that the Magical Express was not a free service as the price was baked into room rates and you got a “free” ride out of it. The Muppets disappeared and there’s no sign of the street performers at Hollywood Studios. I was starting to warm up to the idea of going back Labor Day 2023, but after reading this article, I’m just turned off the idea of going. I’m sorry Disney. The magic was traded in for generic theme park experience at the highest rates they can get away with. I can’t do this anymore.

  12. We took our kids there from age 7 to 20, originally had a Disney Club Card that gave us room discounts. They killed that program and ever since have made it difficult for the middle class to visit the parks. The last few times we visited were only to enjoy the resorts because we couldn’t afford to do the parks but still loved the atmosphere. Now that isn’t even enough- I feel we have visited Disney for the last time!

  13. I think Disney adults are going to be the only ones that are able to afford the parks in the future. I have the funds for 2 of us to go and not have to worry too much about budget but if I had kids I would definitely have to budget and skip out on somenthings. The magical express was one of the best perks because it eliminated the worry of getting to and from the airport. I love going but this year will probably be the last for a few years. I hope attendance slows enough for them to rethink alot of the things they’re changing but I doubt it.

  14. Honestly I got licensed to be a travel agent just so I could use the discounts and make extra money to afford to keep coming to Disney. We are coming down at the start of 2023 but after that I’m not sure when it will be practical for us to come again.

    • We went to WDW last November and made wonderful memories with the children and grandchildren. With that said, the app was ridiculous and not worth the huge price. We stayed at a budget all star resort that had no microwave in the room (I actual checked one with our Southwest luggage and it saved is approximately $500 in food cost over the week – for 6 people).

      We will not go back for many years because of the steep pricing.

      It’s a shame that people who don’t earn a great deal of money can no longer allow their children to experience the magic. For that, shame on you, Disney.

  15. We just got back two weeks ago from a 5 day stay at DLR and DCA. The magic has definitely been taken away, the cast members were not as friendly as normal, and wow did we over spend. Going to Universal next year.

    • Honestly, it is very disappointing and sad. I do feel like it is to the point where they are taking advantage of people. Disney will always hold a special place in my heart. I am a BIG fan of all things Disney, but we can no longer afford the type of vacation we enjoy at the parks.I keep hoping that things will change and they will come to their senses, but it does seem like all they care about now is money.😩

  16. Disney’s definition of progress: Paying more but getting less.
    AKA Gaslighting.
    Truly sad that the magic is now gone.
    Disney will now only cater to the super rich.
    Screw everyone else.

  17. Yes and walt said what he did was progress too and be rolling over in his grave. But as appose to the other parks that scam you and dont warn you about until your at a register thats not 5-10% increase or some other place parking is no longer free park unless you pay the ulitmate pass vs wdw its all aps. More people are going to wdw bc the other parks arent worth the nickel and dime while wdw is expensive there is nothing suprising. Though something could be said about all them to look at us at hershey while we arent full time we have not increased prices in yrs. Our halloween event is only an extra $20! And yet we are doing fine just like other part time parks including busch gardens in va whom do much better than seaworld and tampa. So it makes you ? It all honestly.

    • I agree mark and all you whom do not agree w this and think its wdw fault has lost right mind feel free to not visit more time for the rest of us! Sorry excuse for true fans whom will be w wdw no matter what go enjoy being gaslight and scamed by the true scammers wdw like mark here brilliantly stated have always been up front the other parks suck at that! Wdw never tried to not be up front! Someone else above mentioned rising costs everywhere else and its true!!! If you do not believe it just go to a grocery store!!! Milk and eggs are almost $8 are the cows and chickens on strike??? No its just stuff its going up! Though mark has a pt walt would not be happy but we have to be kidding ourselves it we except tickets to still be nothing like they were back in the day then none of us would get into the parks!!

  18. It’s likely that my wife and I will never book another Disney theme park trip again.

    Aside from the rising costs is this sad sense that the Disney Magic is diminishing over time.

    Glad for the good times and memories, but we’ll keep seeking our fun at Busch Gardens, etc.

  19. Genie+ is $20 a person (as of a week ago at Disneyland Resort). Having a partner with a boot on, worth it for 1 day pass folks.

  20. In making this comment, I realize I’m in a very fortunate position. For me,cost is not an issue; however, I have options how and where I spend my money.I have expectations of service and experience excellence. I’ll be making my first post-pandemic trip in September. Reserving my thoughts and opinions until then,but Josh’s comments are of concern. Declines in service are not inevitable. They are a choice.

  21. Just came from visiting EPCOT and did not see a Single Shirt that said EPCOT or even depicted EPCOT Icons. Everything was 50th and Food/Wine. Parking lot wasn’t even half full.

  22. We have a trip coming up 9/8-9/16. After 13 years of a mother daughter week and now mother daughter son in law, this is our final trip until things change. I cannot justify continuing to perpetuate the issues happening because of this greedy company that has completely lost sight of the whole picture. I understand rising costs. What I do not understand is being forced to set an alarm to be up at 6:50 am every morning of my vacation to do battle for a hope of riding a few extra rides. We are late night people, not morning people. Setting alarms to grab dining reservations 60 days out, park hopper only after 2 pm, booking transportation to/from resort, no more magical suitcase service that gave a very seamless experience at the airport. It is all a battle, it is exhausting. If you don’t know all of the new rules, good luck having a positive experience. We are done and ready to send a message. I’d love to cancel this trip but a promise is a promise.

    • Jill, the things you are complaining about are the very things that keep disney accessible for people who aren’t rich. They could just sell restaurant and magical extras tickets to the highest bidder, 2 or 3 years in advance, and then you would have 0 chance of ever eating in one of the castles or experiencing a signature attraction. Believe me, I tried to buy out the entire Cinderella’s castle a year in advanced for my daughter’s birthday, and they wouldn’t let me. I was furious that I had to wait and try my luck just like an ordinary peasant, even though we were paying exorbitant prices to stay at a deluxe hotel. Disney has not forogotten about regular families, but with the amount of people from around the world trying to get to disney, you wont be able to go with the same frequency as your upper middle class family enjoyed a generation ago, especially when, lets face it, you aren’t doing as well as your parents. And that’s not Disney’s fault, you should blame your capitalistic society with little focus on education, that has allowed other economies to out perform the U.S. to the point that now they can afford Disney more than you can. And that’s the God’s honest truth.

  23. Let’s face it, Disney under Chapek is not in the business of magic. It is in business to impress Wall Street and make profits. When Disney would market they are different they were. Now they are just all the other for profit companies that don’t give a Dumbo about being different or creating originality and impressive experiences. Most of this inflation talk is truly companies excuse to charge more while making huge profits.
    The upcoming D23 there is lots of talk about great Disney Parks news. But I am very much expecting underwhelming projects that will be off the shelf. Are people really going to pay a $150 gate admission to look at waterfalls in EPCOT or ride a tea cup type attraction at Disneyland Paris? Disney no longer thinks long term, thus no no holds bared attractions like a Pirates. No, it is about profit today, who cares about legacy or bring people in tomorrow.

    • Well…he’s definitely NOT the person to replace the pathetic Bob Chapek. Raising prices is one thing…seriously cutting back on all guest services at the same time is entirely different.

  24. Honestly, it is very disappointing and sad. I do feel like it is to the point where they are taking advantage of people. Disney will always hold a special place in my heart. I am a BIG fan of all things Disney, but we can no longer afford the type of vacation we enjoy at the parks.I keep hoping that things will change and they will come to their senses, but it does seem like all they care about now is money.😩

  25. I have a trip planned for November 1st and another for January, then maybe take a break till next fall (hate Florida in the summer)
    I am not rich, just have my priorities for quality entertainment and I budget 2 trips a year for me and my kids and I always stay on property.
    Hope Disney becomes “more Woke” (and all you maga types and other idiots stay away).

  26. “the inevitable result of progress”. This is not progress, it’s pure greed unless your definition of progress is GREED! Please do not insult the public by wording it anything else but greed. I understand the concept that prices go up but there is a difference between increasing prices and raising prices till you cannot bleed any more from the consumer. They should pay attention to all those that said they incur overdraft fees just to go. This is not what Walt Disney envisioned. That in itself says the state of finances for the ordinary person, but their inaction to remedy this is the equivalent to saying “too bad for you, all too good for us”. My wife and I have been to Disney World 25+ years. Recently the “World” has changed for the worst. My wife has dietary restrictions, and in the past counter service has been able to reasonably accommodate her. But no more. Many of the choices of alternatives are no longer offered no doubt because of costs. Fast Pass was great. But now you have to pay for what was once free. What’s next…a quarter to use the water fountain. 50 cents if you want to fill a water bottle? Another problem is all of the ongoing construction in all of the theme parks in recent years. Major work, major disruption, same high park fees for less experience. They have been working on Moana journey of water now for many years and it still appears to be far from complete. How many years did it take to build Magic Kingdom? Oh that’s right 18 months! Thats a whole Kingdom not just an area the size of a baseball field (roughly). Seriously new management must be doing something seriously wrong. I guess they call it progress. That has been the trend these last few years. I forgot, it’s called progress. Management is so caught up with the bottom line they dont speak the same artist language that Disney was built on. Business doesn’t understand art and i guess they never will, even if Dusney is built on art. I guess this is called progress. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a terrific place, but with the new super wealthy clientele I’m not so sure if it will continue to be a terrific place.

  27. Over my lifetime I have been to WDW six times, and Disneyland once.

    I will never again set foot in any Disney park as long as Bob Paycheck remains employed by Disney in any capacity.

    And the more I hear and read about the hassles of planning a Disney vacation, the more likely it is that my next trip – with or without Chapek at the helm – will take place NEVER.

    Honestly, I think the main reason I even follow Disney news now is to chuckle at the sheeple who are still willing to put up with what sounds like nothing more than an outrageously overpriced opportunity to voluntarily undergo tremendously high levels of totally avoidable stress. The trip reports I hear do not at all sound like anything remotely qualifying as “vacations” as far as I am concerned.

  28. Well to Josh if paying more and getting less is you idea of progress then you can keep it. I was raised you get what you pay for and the amount of money people spend on Disney only to have them continuously raising prices and shrinking amenities

  29. Disney will never go back to what is was 10-20 or even 50 years ago it’s now a marketing company and Walt is out! They have been trying to minimise the use of his image the new ship has no Walt and the 50th didn’t mention him until last week when feedback showed guests wanted a bit of nostalgia. Over the coming years he will be phased out other than as a statue in the parks same with Mickey and anything from the Walt era as rights expire.

    I used to love Disney parks, ships, and entertainment but it’s changed for a different generation and I am on my in .y 40’s but can’t find much I like anymore. They have moved on and it’s time old school fans did as mentioning what a man dead a long time would have wanted is of no interest to a mega corporation who are only interested in lower quality and increasing prices for shareholder value.

  30. I could be considered one of the “rich” that many of you mention. While I can afford to pay the prices, the draconian changes to services has really resulted in the death of Disney “magic.” The exact reason were all such fans of the Disney Parks. I went to world and land this year and was truly bummed with the experience. Park reservations killed the spontaneity. The Genie+ systems removed the option of “skipping the line” multiple times for the same ride. Something I did frequently with the old fast pass. Requiring mobile ordering. I could go on but fans probably understand.

    So while I can afford to pay the prices, much of the magic is now gone. I’m bummed but glad I was able to enjoy Disney for 40+ years when the magic was delightful

  31. I went before lockdown had a great time and I’m gonna go July 23 but probably for the last time. For me Disney have got to greedy but it won’t be the last visit to Florida I can’t wait for universals new parks so I’ll be goin there in future along with sea world and all the rest of what Florida has to offer

  32. I promised the family I would make it to the 50th and went this pass March. Spent a fortune. The day we all left I told them this is the last time I will be going. I just can’t afford it being retired. The magic is gone.

  33. Sadly the magic has left disney. Too crowded, too over priced, too few hours to ride rides. Sadly now going to other parks around california as they are investing in their parks. Nothing is free for long bye disney. Sad

  34. Seeing lots of people who feel like me. It has just become too expensive with less magic. I’m going to universal next year. I don’t know if I will ever go back to Disney. Honestly, Universal is doing much better at creating magical moments these days.

  35. Yes Disney has the right to make a profit, but they seem to have forgotten three points key to the success of any leisure offering: Guest service, guest satisfaction and perceived value for money.

    The legendary quality that was once associated with everything Disney did is no longer there, maintenance is lacking, cast training and engagement is lacking, new attractions lack imagination and the guest experience is being damaged by long lines and payment based enhancements for those who can afford the upgrade. Consequently the magical atmosphere, welcome and feeling of being a part of something very special has gone, to be replaced by another theme park where everything has its price. Time will tell if this policy is sustainable.

  36. Overdraft fees when she got home? Don’t put yourself in debt to go. We save for about a year, or a year and a half, then go when we have the funds.

  37. We are from Montréal Canada. I remember the joy and happines that wdw gave us. Free ride from or too airport,fast pass. The total pricing expérience for a week of expérience for two person including air fair Was arrond 4000. Dollars. We had great mémories. And alwais wanted toi comme back for our 45 wedding Day. Seing everything that His going on,im not sur of returning . IT is a awful thrut.

  38. I have already stopped going to Disney in favor of Universal and Sea World.

    The price increases
    and crowds have taken enjoyment out of visiting. Have not renewed my annual pass.

  39. I believe that many people need to get their privileges into perspective. I see a lot of complaining that people can no longer afford to go to Disney every year or every month or every weekend, and it makes me roll my eyes. When I was growing up Disney was a fantasy and my family only went once in my entire childhood, and it was very special that I got to go at all.

    Last year my family experienced some luck and out of the ordinary financial success, and I decided to spend some of it on annual passes so that my family could enjoy Disney while my kids are still children. It’s a unique treat that has kept the entire year full of magic and I wouldn’t sell these memories for all the money in the world. Yes it’s been expensive and has stretched me to my financial limits, but this is not a lifestyle, it’s a treat that we will always remember, so it’s absolutely worth it.

    • Walt Disney very specifically stated he wanted it to be affordable for everyone. Why do I have to hold up the philosophy of a company that taught me this about their brand? Why can’t they withhold the standards they told their guests that they had?

      • Tell them Tom, some understand what is happening some do not. The ones that understand are pure Walt Disney “THE Person” fans and the ones how do not are there just for the rides and the alcohol which Walt was very much against! The ones like me and millions of others will win out & I hope the Disney leadership will see the major error that they have made. If they do not they need replacing from top to bottom and people who replace them would have had Walt’s OK.

  40. Annual pass expired in 2020 and haven’t looked back. Used to go very often, but it’s too much effort now. At least was going to go to the food and wine festival, but even that is so much less of an experience. For starters, it runs half the year now so not such a limited event. The prices have nearly doubled while portions have been cut in half. The whole experience and place is such a turn off now. I used to go there to escape the world, now it’s 100% buried in the phone the entire day which is far from escaping if you can’t put the phone down to actually enjoy anything.

  41. We enjoyed our last stay at the resort hotel and parks. But now that the services/experiences have changed, we aren’t willing to add those disappointments to our memories. We will be staying and enjoying Universal Studios instead or skip Flordia entirely for a enjoyable vacation where our visit will be a better memory to have.

  42. We activated an AP in March 2022 we had bought right before the pandemic. Went ahead with our family trip with the intention of going again for food and wine with just my wife and I.
    After the misery that March trip was (painful crowds, SUCH high price hikes, having to micro manage every aspect of our trip ), we seriously don’t want to give them another penny, but also feel we need to at least go one more time to “make the AP”. It’s a weird place to be when we used to chomp at the bit to go as often as we could. And now we’re going “cause we feel we have to”… At least it will just be the two of us so easier to manage, but we won’t be renewing.
    I’m not saying we.wont go again, we did still have fun. But with everything going on, i don’t k ow when the next time will be.

  43. If Disney raised prices based on the cost of inflation, it would be more understandable. But they don’t. Having profits in the billions while eliminating services and perks is unconsciable. Constant price increases with broken down rides shows their disdain for their customers.time to spend my hard earned money elsewhere where I will feel more appreciated and welcomed.

  44. Progress? D’Amaro is cut from the same cloth as Chapek. Their twisted idea of “progress” is charging fees or eliminating things that used to be FREE to guests. What kind of long term customer satisfaction and loyalty is gained from that approach??? Certainly not progress.

    However, there is one thing I agree with him on… these recent changes have given visitors more choice about how to spend their time and money. And the choice I have made is to STOP giving Disney anymore of my money. Once our November trip is done (re-booked from the 2020 closure) I am stepping away from this dumpster fire until Disney makes some positive changes that actually benefits their guests.

  45. The “magic” left Disneyland a long time ago. And it’s not simply due to the rising costs. There are far more incidents of visitors behaving badly towards other visitors and cast members. At the pace at which the executives continue to raise prices across the board, it’s only a matter of time before attendance will begin to drop significantly, and I personally do not have a problem with that. Corporate greed is the by-word of Disneyland.

  46. This will be my last trip here. I’m tired of the nickel and dining for everything. I understand prices are going up for everything but keep up with customer service. Can’t even get towels in the hotel. Have to call and wait for them after a long day in the park.

  47. This is the kind of thing that infuriates me. Record profits for the Company and less and less for the guest. Walt would be rolling in his grave if he was witness to the way this company is now run. The percentage of the population that will be able to afford the place is smaller and smaller, but maybe that is what they want. What happened to the family friendly business model, make some money but don’t make me feel like I am being taking advantage of at every turn. We are coming down on October with my grand kids. We gave some consideration to booking the “Not So Scary” extra hours event, but it was over 800 dollars for all of us to go. 800 dollars–What the HELL!

    I am sorry to say this might be the only time my grand kids will get to come and you know what that is—A real Shame!

  48. Disney has lost it’s original vision. Having lived near Disneyland for all of my life, I have fond memories of the park. Unfortunately I have no desire to ever go back. It’s just a cash grab without the service and quality that Disney used to be known for. Rides would never be down for very long (unless it was the poorly designed Rocket Rods). I’ve not been since they added Star Wars or Super Heros because in my mind it takes away from the charm that used to be Disneyland.

  49. There’s raising the costs due to increases in quality of product and there’s raising the cost solely to increase shareholders profit.

    Disney has been doing the wrong cost raising measure for quite a while now. They’re being blatant about it. It’s unsustainable, but in the meantime it’s making a lot of already dirty rich people even more dirty rich.

  50. I wonder if the boom they are experiencing is because some people saved money during the pandemic or generally just missed going away so much they’re willing to take the hit on one expensive holiday? It’ll be interesting to see if they’re able to maintain it or if attendance will start to drop and we’ll see things like dining plans come back.

  51. Interesting conversation. My first time at Disneyland (Anaheim) was in 1990, followed by a couple visits in the late 90s, several in the mid-2000s, and two more in 2019. Across all these experiences there was a palpable sense of wonder–that unique feeling of something really magical. Nearly all cast members seemed genuinely happy and caring–fully engaged in their work and loving it. Disneyland’s ‘soul’ appeared to be founded on the little things–attention to the smallest details and the steady drizzle of pleasant, unexpected surprises. The Parade of Dreams (2005-2008?) seemed to capture it all–had become an anthem. Still watch portions of it on YouTube.

    A four day trip was set to begin in early April of 2020, but was sadly lost due to Covid. Retuned to Disneyland twice in later 2021 and found a curious vacuum–many things looked the same, yet that personnel connection seemed spotty. Spent four days at Disneyland a few months ago and the feeling persisted. The institution’s soul was struggling, was different. I agree with most of the observations shared above. Before Covid, it seemed effortless to become fully immersed in the park. Now, it feels somewhat like walking uphill through an unending thicket of thorns on a blistering hot day–all while paying more and getting a bit less, especially the intangibles. I could go on and on, but I’ll pause for now.

  52. I can afford Disney but I’m cutting them off. I’m insulted by the recent statements from Christine McCarthy and Josh D’Amaro.

  53. I visited in 2021 with 2 grandkids. I understand you have to pay to play. After spending almost 500 to walk in the door for the 3 of us. You have to pay to park at the park which is crap!!! Parking should be free!! I get the food prices, souvenirs, I can even accept the ridiculous prices to get in the door, but the parking!! I told my grandkids this was a one and done and not to forget anything because we wouldn’t be coming back!! Maybe it’s time for Disney to put the family budget back in the vacations.

  54. We have been at a Disney Resort all week on our honeymoon. It’s been a good stay but not a great one. Parks were fun and we did most of what we wanted. It was not overly crowded. But personally for the price we paid more perks should have been included like magic bands, free parking, and microwaves in room. Next visit we will definitely stay off property.

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