Possibly Drunk Man Punches Girlfriend in the Chest, Then Knocks Infant Out of Stroller to the Floor at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A man fought his girlfriend and grabbed a stroller, knocking their infant daughter to the ground at Hollywood Studios last month, authorities said.

Fortunately, the baby, who was evaluated by Reedy Creek first responders, was not injured by the fall, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s arrest report.

Matthew Johnston

The child’s father, Matthew Johnston, 40, of Port St. Lucie, was arrested for domestic violence after he was accused of punching his girlfriend, and he was taken to jail, Orange Circuit Court documents showed. The state attorney’s office later decided not to prosecute him, according to a July 25 court filing. 

“From the investigation which has been made, it is the opinion of the writer that this case is not suitable for prosecution,” the filing said. The Florida Department of Children and Families was notified about the July 5 arrest.

The girlfriend didn’t want to press charges and said she didn’t remember Johnston striking her but multiple people witnessed the fight including two strangers, her family and a Disney security guard, according to the arrest report.

Two bystanders told law enforcement Johnston appeared to be drunk and was arguing with his girlfriend over who was going to take the baby.

“They both witnessed Matthew punch (his girlfriend) in the chest with a closed fist and then attempt to push her away from the stroller so he could take the baby. They then observed Matthew aggressively grab the stroller from (his girlfriend) and saw (the baby) fall from the stroller,” the arrest report stated.

A Disney security officer also said he saw the “grabbing of the stroller and said he observed a struggle with the car seat and the infant falling to the ground,” the arrest report said.

That day, Johnston was also at the parks with his girlfriend’s father and her brother who told authorities the baby’s fall had been an accident and wasn’t intentional.

Matthew drank a lot and then got angry when his girlfriend told him to settle down, the girlfriend’s brother said. Johnson started shouting and another unnamed person told him to watch his mouth which sparked an argument with Johnston.

The rest of the family decided it was time to leave the park as the situation got tense. Johnston reacted by “ripping the car seat from the stroller, causing (the baby) to fall from the car seat,” the brother said in the report. The brother said he saw Johnston shove his sister.

Johnston was allowed to go to the bathroom and then was taken to Orange County Jail.

Johnston and his girlfriend, who have been together for three years, did not have a prior history of reported domestic violence disputes.

His attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

16 thoughts on “Possibly Drunk Man Punches Girlfriend in the Chest, Then Knocks Infant Out of Stroller to the Floor at Disney’s Hollywood Studios”

  1. My friend was one of 2 security guards on scene he said it was brutal and that though their isnt any true abuse their has to be unspoken abuse that is being covered up with way everyone was acting. He being a father whom lost his daughter was thrown by their reaction like a baby landing hard on the ground like it did didnt bother em and called it an accident he and other witnesses were horrified and the witness in ? Whom tried to stop everything truly wanted to help the baby but they wouldnt let him it was overheard by gf she said it happens alot! What the baby getting hurt? My friend was floored and so were other guests the baby as it was still a baby could have died and could still be hurt later on. This johnston in question is an ex employee at dhs as well and he use to come to wrk drunk too. Its a real shame.

    • Let’s keep on serving alcohol in these parks to these losers as long as we’re(Disney) making money I don’t see anything wrong on our part……parks and Disney have turned for the worst….our last 3 trips that are yearly Disney trips instead have been to Universal and cruising…..done donating/ e robbed by Disney

    • Your comment is unclear. If the incident was brutal, charges should be filed. Your comment and the article indicated that multiple witnesses exist to the brutal incident. The prosecutor should be bring charges. If the story and your comment are true, the father should have a conviction with at least probation and therapy for anger and alcohol abuse. Take his firearms away also. The father seems like a dangerous individual with his child. Alcohol is no excuse.

  2. What is going on with the patrons of Disney lately? I am legitimately concerned. Since 2019 I have been following and reading WDWNT daily. It has only been in the last 7 months that these violent and aggressive behaviors are occurring more and more frequently. I genuinely do not comprehend it. Further, it’s not like it’s always due to alcohol because I would say most instances are happening at Magic Kingdom or Disneyland Fantasyland area or the tram, all of which do not have alcohol to purchase from stands like the other parks. It’s disheartening to read about.

    • Why hasn’t this drunk idiot been banned from Disney for life? Being drunk is no excuse for what he did. Fortunately the baby is alright.

  3. Walt was afraid of having alcohol in Disneyland back in the 50’s & said no alcohol in my Park! He was right with all the fights some of them involving alcohol. Now you have this and he was drunk and he caused the baby to get hurt. Bring back Walt’s instructions now!

    • I agree. Alcohol has changed the atmosphere at the parks. By the end of the evening, people are hot, tired, irritated and drunk. That makes for a very volatile situation. And all this gets played out in front of young kids.
      That baby needed protection, not adults in denial. What will happen to that child the next time?

    • and yet he okayed the monorail lounge which did serve alcohol. drink does not excuse this animals behaviour. towards his own child no less. he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, not just brushed aside until one of them wind up dead.

      • For your info Walt died in 1966 the Magic Kingdom was not finished until 1971 so Walt could not have approved alcohol there!

  4. Walt was right about not selling Alcohol in the parks.
    Bobby C. loves the profit margin when selling Alcohol in the parks.

  5. While being drunk is the problem its the irony that incidences happen at all other parks and not epcot aka park with most alcohol being sold. I am glad the child is safe besides as others have said patrons have gotten more violent the kids are sadly getting the brunt due to dumb adults lately. This poor baby didnt ask to get hurt nor did the 6 yr old at mk ask for a fight. Its scary! I think alot of the orginial rules we all abided by even cms were honored more not even going back to walt just going back even a few yrs ago when wdw seemed to have control. At least they are all being arrested and banded vs hhn nights were there arrest but could come back into the parks the next day and hurt someone. Sadly that happen to my friend whom was a scareactor had drunk tossed out found her next day and proceed to go after her and stalk her.

  6. The girlfriend’s father and brother were there and didn’t stop this bully? If it was my daughter or my sister every time, for the rest of his life, that Johnston looked in the mirror he would remember the mistake that he made that day.

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