PHOTOS, VIDEO: Full Cast Returns to ‘Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage’ Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While “Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage” returned to Disney’s Hollywood Studios last summer following a yearlong absence related to the pandemic, it returned with most (but not all) of its cast, missing a number of smaller supporting dancers and singers. But today, the show quietly returned with its full pre-pandemic cast, ready to share the tale as old as time once more.

You can watch a full video above or keep on scrolling for photos and more details.

BeautyandtheBeastLiveonStageFullCastReturns 12 scaled
BeautyandtheBeastLiveonStageFullCastReturns 1 scaled

With thism the show has officially returned to its pre-pandemic state. Distancing was largely removed back in April, although some blocking still remained set apart. Characters such as the third blonde are also part of the show once more.

BeautyandtheBeastLiveonStageFullCastReturns 2 scaled

For example, Gaston finally hangs on to Belle again.

BeautyandtheBeastLiveonStageFullCastReturns 3 scaled
BeautyandtheBeastLiveonStageFullCastReturns 4 scaled
BeautyandtheBeastLiveonStageFullCastReturns 5 scaled

Other characters like the ice cream girl are also back and part of the show again.

BeautyandtheBeastLiveonStageFullCastReturns 8 scaled
BeautyandtheBeastLiveonStageFullCastReturns 9 scaled
BeautyandtheBeastLiveonStageFullCastReturns 6 scaled

The fight between Gaston and the Beast is back.

BeautyandtheBeastLiveonStageFullCastReturns 7 scaled

Belle still only hugs the Beast rather than kissing him at his death,

BeautyandtheBeastLiveonStageFullCastReturns 10 scaled
BeautyandtheBeastLiveonStageFullCastReturns 11 scaled

And all dancer couples now hug and embrace as part of their choreography.

We’re glad to see the return of the full pre-pandemic show at “Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage”, which you can watch daily at the Theater of the Stars on Sunset Boulevard at 11:00am, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00pm. Are you excited to see the show fully back to normal? Let us know in the comments below!

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