PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT & Disney’s Hollywood Studios 7/27/2022 (MagicBand+ Launches, New Toy Story Land Apparel, MagicBand+ Syncs with Beacons of Magic, & More)

Good Morning, World Travelers. Today is the highly anticipated launch of MagicBand+. We’re rope dropping EPCOT to shop the selection, and then try it out. Let’s get going!

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Pin Traders is the only location at EPCOT that you can buy a MagicBand+, currently. Of course, we were one of the first guests in the door. We already found most designs over at Magic Kingdom, but here we discovered a Disney snacks and Mickey Mouse design.

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Two more solid color designs, teal and lilac, are available in EPCOT.

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MagicBand+ have two new price points. Sage is $34.99 and the price for all solid color bands. Slate is $44.99 and the price for all MagicBand+ with designs.

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Since we were one of the first guests in, we didn’t have to wait in a line. When we came out of Pin Traders, we saw this long line to get into the store. Cast members told us it was about an hour wait.

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Time to snap a pretty photo, link, charge, update, and then go try out our new toy.

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We thought more people would be aggressively waving at the Fab 50 Statues and playing the Fab 50 Quest, but only a few were.

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While some guests were having a hard time connecting and pairing bluetooth to their MagicBand+, we fell on the lucky side and did not have any problems.

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A quick stop at The Odyssey for A/C and a snack. It was a pleasant surprise when we “pushed” open the trash can and it talked back to us. We’re ecstatic that the beloved, talking trash can is back!

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We took a trip to Xandar, and after getting off our MagicBand+ began to vibrate and light up. Only problem, we don’t know why. Maybe something coming in the future or our ride photos syncing to our account?

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A new Disney Pride mug, a Chip n’ Dale mini water bottle, and new gummies can be found at Creations Shop.

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Bonjour! You can still shop Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary sPARKling collection at Les Halles in the France Pavilion.

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It’s time for the summer thunderstorms. Let’s park hop to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and do a little shopping while we wait out the rain.

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Toy Story Land has a new gift shop and now, some new apparel. We found two new adult shirts, and a youth sweatshirt, t-shirts, and a tank top.

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The 15th Anniversary Vault Collection merchandise is starting to roll into the shops around Walt Disney World Resort. We found this crop top at Celebrity 5 & 10.

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It’s time for The Hollywood Tower Hotel to light up as a Beacon of Magic, and our new MagicBand+ should light with it.

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It did! Our band flickered with The Hollywood Tower Hotel in colors of pink, purple, and yellow.

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MagicBand+ also syncs to “Harmonious.” You can watch the full show here. Yes, we did hold our arms up for over 20 minutes.

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We hope you enjoyed following along on our journey. See ya real soon!

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