Merchandise Roundup 08/04/2022: Winnie the Pooh Jewelry Box, Youth Minnie Apparel, Halloween Tote Bag, Tommy Bahama Dress and Shirt, and More

Welcome to the merchandise roundup for August 4, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. This week we visited Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and EPCOT; let’s look at our discoveries.

Winnie the Pooh Pandora Jewelry Box

winnie the pooh pandora jewelry box 7

We discovered this new deal to get a honey pot-inspired jewelry box with the purchase of five new Winnie the Pooh charms.

winnie the pooh pandora jewelry box 0

Here are the charms and their prices:

  • Best friends Pooh & Piglet charm – $75
  • Piglet charm – $75
  • Tigger charm – $65
  • Eeyore charm – $65
  • Winnie the Pooh charm – $90
  • $370 for the set

The entire set is available for $370.

winnie the pooh pandora jewelry box 4

The boxes have yellow tops with rid sides. Honey appears to spill out of the top down the sides.

winnie the pooh pandora jewelry box 6

A zipper keeps the box closed. There is an elastic pouch within the lid and a foam piece for the charms to sit in. The jewelry box can also hold a bracelet.

winnie the pooh pandora jewelry box 3

Here is a closer look at the charms.

winnie the pooh pandora jewelry box 5

The box has a limited edition size of 1,000, but the charms are open edition.

winnie the pooh pandora jewelry box 9

Here is what they all look like on a bracelet together.

Marvel New Era Ball Cap – $34.99

new era marvel cap 1

This pink Marvel ball cap is by New Era.

new era marvel cap 3

The Marvel logo is in thick embroidered letters on the front.

new era marvel cap 4
new era marvel cap 2

The cap is subtly patterned with various superhero symbols.

new era marvel cap 6

The back has an adjustable strap.

new era marvel cap 7
new era marvel cap
new era marvel cap 8
new era marvel cap 5

This was in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Youth Minnie Sweatpants – $29.99

youth minnie apparel 1

These youth sweatpants are light pink with white polka-dots.

youth minnie apparel 0

There are also images of Minnie’s face in red.

youth minnie apparel 3

The pants have pockets.

youth minnie apparel 2

This and the rest of the Minnie apparel below was in the Emporium.

Youth Minnie Sweatshirt – $34.99

youth minnie apparel 4

A matching sweatshirt is sold separately.

youth minnie apparel 5

It features the same polka-dot and Minnie pattern.

youth minnie apparel 6
youth minnie apparel 7

Youth Minnie Hoodie – $39.99

youth minnie apparel 8

This hoodie is light pink with no polka-dots. Minnie is pictured on the center blowing bubbles.

youth minnie apparel 9

The polka-dots on her dress and bow are sparkly. It reads “dreaming in dots.”

youth minnie apparel 10

Youth Minnie Crop Top – $24.99

youth minnie apparel 11

This white crop top reads “Sweet like Minnie.” Minnie herself replaces the first “i” in her name.

youth minnie apparel 12
youth minnie apparel 13

Youth Minnie Shirt – $29.99

youth minnie apparel 14

This light pink tee features Minnie making a heart with her hands.

youth minnie apparel 15

Her autograph, complete with hearts dotting the “i”s is along the top.

youth minnie apparel 16

Her back is on the back of the tee, like you’re looking at the other side of the front design.

Cooling Pet Bandana – $12.99

merch roundup 04.03.22 0

This bandana is made of a textured material that, when wet, is supposed to help cool down your pet.

merch roundup 04.03.22 1

It reads “Chill out” and features Mickey eating an ice cream bar.

merch roundup 04.03.22 4
merch roundup 04.03.22 2

It attaches with a velcro strap.

merch roundup 04.03.22 3

Jasmine Tumbler – $24.99

merch roundup 04.03.22 18

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Aladdin” with this new tumbler featuring Princess Jasmine.

merch roundup 04.03.22 11

On one side, Jasmine stands against the silhouette of the Agrabah palace and a night sky.

merch roundup 04.03.22 15

The sky has golden stars.

merch roundup 04.03.22 16

The other side features a close-up of Jasmine.

merch roundup 04.03.22 17
merch roundup 04.03.22 13

It has a black lid and straw.

merch roundup 04.03.22 14

This was in the Emporium.

Marie Keychain – $14.99

merch roundup 04.03.22 19

This keychain features a large charm of Marie from “The Aristocats.”

merch roundup 04.03.22 20

There are also smaller music note and Eiffel Tower charms. Another music note hangs from Marie’s paw. This and the keychain below were in the Emporium.

Winnie the Pooh Keychain – $14.99

merch roundup 04.03.22 21

This keychain features Pooh bear, with a “hunny” pot hanging from his hand.

merch roundup 04.03.22 22

The small charms are of a bee and Piglet.

Mickey Tumbler – $24.99

mickey tumbler 3

This tumbler is white, with subtle shiny Mickey heads.

mickey tumbler
mickey tumbler 2

The lid is clear plastic. This was also in the Emporium.

Purchase-with-Purchase Halloween Tote Bag – $24.99

halloween tote

If you plan on spending $40 in the Emporium, you can also purchase this Halloween tote bag.

halloween tote 1

One side is purple, reading “Happy Halloween” above a Mickey pumpkin, ghosts, and skulls.

halloween tote 2

It zips open and has a black interior.

halloween tote 3

The other side is also solid black.

Villains Phone Case – $34.99

villains phone case

This phone case has a 3-D effect. The background is purple.

villains phone case 1

The faces of the villains overlap in green and black.

villains phone case 2

The villains featured are Dr. Facilier, Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Hades, and Ursula.

villains phone case 3

This was in Big Top Souvenirs at Magic Kingdom.

50th Anniversary Tee – $39.99

merch roundup 08.04.22 0

This light pink shirt is covered in darker pink dots, stars, and Mickey heads.

merch roundup 08.04.22 1

This was in Bonjour Village Gifts.

merch roundup 08.04.22 4
merch roundup 08.04.22 3

The golden Cinderella Castle 50th anniversary logo is on the left breast.

merch roundup 08.04.22 2

Enchanted Rose Ornament – $26.99

merch roundup 08.04.22 13

This new ornament comes on a red ribbon.

merch roundup 08.04.22 5

It has the Enchanted Rose inside a cloche, sitting atop a table. The rose lights up.

merch roundup 08.04.22 7

The base features two golden figures holding up the tabletop.

merch roundup 08.04.22 10
merch roundup 08.04.22 6

This was in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe.

merch roundup 08.04.22 14

Other Enchanted Rose ornaments without the full base are still available.

“Beauty and the Beast” Grand Floridian Ornament – $29.99

merch roundup 08.04.22 15

This ornament has Belle and the Beast dancing under a cloche.

merch roundup 08.04.22 18

The Grand Floridian resort logo is etched on the outside of the cloche. The golden base reads, “Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.”

merch roundup 08.04.22 20

The rest of the base has a black, white, and green design.

merch roundup 08.04.22 16
merch roundup 08.04.22 21

It plays the “Beauty and the Beast” song. We found it in Curioser Clothiers at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

Mickey Tommy Bahama Dress – $150

tommy bahama mickey apparel 7

Also at Curioser Clothiers was this new Tommy Bahama dress and shirt.

tommy bahama mickey apparel 2

Both feature the same dark blue fabric with a white pattern.

tommy bahama mickey apparel 1

The dress has an elastic, off-the-shoulder neckline with a ruffle.

tommy bahama mickey apparel 3

The pattern features Mickey dressed for the beach in swim trunks and flip-flops.

tommy bahama mickey apparel 6

There are also images of tropical flowers and palm leaves.

tommy bahama mickey apparel 5

Mickey Tommy Bahama Shirt – $140

tommy bahama mickey apparel 12

The shirt buttons up with black buttons.

tommy bahama mickey apparel 9
tommy bahama mickey apparel 11 1
tommy bahama mickey apparel 13

Park Hopping Ball Cap – $29.99

merch roundup 04.03.22 6

Get your steps in and head on over to Bayview Gifts in Disney’s Contemporary Resort to find this hat.

merch roundup 04.03.22 7

It has embroidered images of each of the Walt Disney World theme park icons.

merch roundup 04.03.22 8

It reads, “Park Hopping is my cardio.”

merch roundup 04.03.22 9

The front panel is black and the rest is dark blue.

merch roundup 04.03.22 10

The underside of the brim is black.

Disney nuiMOs Halloween Spirit Jersey – $21.99

nuimos halloween jersey

Also at Bayview Gifts was this Disney nuiMOs Halloween Spirit Jersey.

nuimos halloween jersey 1

It’s black with “Disney” in orange lettering along the back.

nuimos halloween jersey 2

Ghosts wearing Mickey ear hats and the Disney “D” are on the front.

“The Mandalorian” Reversible Picnic Tote Blanket – $49.99

merch roundup 08.03.22 10

This tote bag can be unfolded to instead be used as a picnic blanket.

merch roundup 08.03.22 2

Grogu and the Mandalorian are on a small pocket with the words, “Choose your path” and “Star Wars.”

merch roundup 08.03.22 1

This small pocket zips open.

merch roundup 08.03.22 5

Another black zipper leads along the edge of the tote.

merch roundup 08.03.22 0
merch roundup 08.03.22 7

The pattern facing out has small images of Grogu and Mando’s helmet, with “Choose your path” and “Strong with the Force” repeated. It has black handles on the top.

merch roundup 08.03.22 11
merch roundup 08.03.22 8
merch roundup 08.03.22 9

The other side of the blanket is blue, with a larger version of the image of Grogu and Mando from the pocket. The blanket is 60 in. x 72 in.

merch roundup 08.03.22 6

This was in Creations Shop at EPCOT.

Moana Magnet – $14.99

merch roundup 08.03.22 12

This die-cut magnet features Moana in a minimalist art style.

merch roundup 08.03.22 13

It reads, “Island adventure.”

Mulan Magnet – $14.99

merch roundup 08.03.22 14

Mulan is in a similar art style on this magnet, along with Cri-Kee.

merch roundup 08.03.22 15

It reads, “True to myself.” Both were in Creations Shop.

Rainbow Mickey & Minnie Sock Set – $19.99

merch roundup 08.03.22 20

This set comes with three pairs of rainbow socks. Mickey and Minnie are featured against a black background on this first pair.

merch roundup 08.03.22 19

Mickey is in the colors of a more traditional rainbow, while Minnie is in more neon colors.

merch roundup 08.03.22 17

Another pair is striped with the traditional rainbow and black Mickey heads.

merch roundup 08.03.22 21
merch roundup 08.03.22 18

The final pair has the neon rainbow, with pink, green, blue, and purple. It is also covered in black Minnie bows.

merch roundup 08.03.22 16

These were in Creations Shop.

Winnie the Pooh MaDe Apple Watch Band – $24.99

pooh watch band

This Apple Watch band is available at MaDe kiosks throughout Walt Disney World, including a new kiosk in Big Top Souvenirs.

pooh watch band 1

The band is white with small images of Pooh’s face patterned among honey pots and flowers.

Marvel Mystery Pin Box – $17.99

merch roundup pins 0

We first found this new mystery pin collection at Pin Traders in EPCOT.

merch roundup pins 1

Each box contains two randomly selected pins.

merch roundup pins 4

There are eight pins total in the collection.

merch roundup pins 3

Each one features a different Marvel superhero’s face, with their superhero name.

Limited Release Luke Action Figure Pin – $17.99

merch roundup pins 5

This is the latest in a collection of action figure-inspired “Star Wars” pins. This one is Luke Skywalker, wearing his iconic white tunic from the first “Star Wars” film. It was in Frontier Trading Post at Magic Kingdom.

Limited Release Tiny Kingdom Third Edition Series 3 Mystery Box – $19.99

merch roundup pins 6

This is series three of the third edition of Tiny Kingdom pins.

merch roundup pins 7

The pins in this series include Pluto and Daisy Cast Member nametags, Madame Leota, Dumbo, The Haunted Mansion singing busts, and Albert the Monkey.

merch roundup pins 8

Each box contains three of the possible 24 pins.

merch roundup pins 9

This and the pin below were at Fantasia in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Limited Release Ms. Marvel Pin – $17.99

merch roundup pins 10

This pin features the golden “Ms. Marvel” logo with the hero herself behind it.

merch roundup pins 11

One of her hands is outstretched in a “hard-light” fist.

Disney Vacation Club Halloween 2022 Pin – $9.99

merch roundup pins 12

This pin is exclusive to Disney Vacation Club members. It features Mickey in a pumpkin Halloween costume and reads, “Boo to you!”

merch roundup pins 13

It was also in Fantasia.

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