‘Jaws’ Loungefly Backpack, Wallet, and Handbag Available at Universal Studios Hollywood

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the shop… the “Jaws” Loungefly collection has swum back into Universal Studios Hollywood! This collection was available briefly at the beginning of July before disappearing from shelves.

"Jaws" Loungefly mini backpack and handbag

The sign indicates the wallet is available, but it was not on display. We were not allowed to handle the bags without purchasing, but have photos of them from Universal Orlando Resort.

Jaws Loungefly Backpack — $82.00

ush jaws loungefly 121509

The art on each of the items is inspired by the iconic movie poster, featuring the great white shark rising up for a quick bite of a swimmer.

jaws loungefly backpack 6 scaled

The shark actually hides the front pocket, which can hold smaller items.

jaws loungefly backpack 8

The backpack has red straps and a basic white back. There is a neat touch, however, as a sign from the Amity P.D. has a warning for guests:

“No Swimming, Hazardous Area, Beach Closed, By order Amity P.D.”

jaws loungefly backpack 4 scaled

Meanwhile, the charm on the zipper of the larger compartment features a life preserver from Amity Island that’s had a large chunk bitten off of it.

Jaws Loungefly Handbag — $79.00

ush jaws loungefly 121516

The handbag features a striped shark pattern in navy and white, with blood-red accents. The top flap also has the live preserver charm.

jaws loungefly handbag 1
jaws loungefly handbag 5

The shark and Captain Quint’s boat, the Orca, prepare to fight for survival on the exterior pattern.

jaws loungefly handbag 3

The interior lining features various “Jaws” iconography, including the shark, a bitten life preserver, the Orca, fish bones, and the movie logo.

Jaws Loungefly Wallet — $55.00

jaws loungefly wallet 4

The wallet has a similar design as the backpack, with the shark on one side.

jaws loungefly wallet 3
jaws loungefly wallet 2

The reverse side shows the Orca afloat at sea.

jaws loungefly wallet 1

The interior lining is the same as the handbag. The clear window on one side features a hole shaped like a shark fin.

We found this collection in the Studio Store at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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