Guest Posts Video Jumping Over Barricade into Futuristic Living Room Scene of Space Mountain Exit

In yet another example of Walt Disney World guests blatantly breaking rules, a guest hopped a barricade into a show scene at the exit of Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom.

space mountain

TikTok user @embleier posted the video showing herself jumping into one of the show scenes that line the exit ramp of Space Mountain. She takes a seat at a table in a futuristic living room that is supposed to be off-limit to guests.

Guests misbehaving for social media clout is a growing epidemic it would seem. Just a few days ago, a guest was confronted by security for bringing a surfboard into a decorative fountain at Disney Springs as part of a social media stunt.

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11 thoughts on “Guest Posts Video Jumping Over Barricade into Futuristic Living Room Scene of Space Mountain Exit”

  1. My family and I have personally seen this done. Disney did nothing. I told the girls they have camera everywhere and they looked panicked but didn’t get kicked out or anything.

  2. My hope is that they all get banned for life. Such a punishment for all who behave this way may start to make an impact and the rest of us who have no issue following the rules can enjoy the park the way it was intended.

  3. Disney needs to issue lifetime bans for social media stunts. That will put and end to it, or at least shift the liability if these stupid and dangerous stunts to competing parks.

    • So you’ve not only given this person more attention by writing this article…but you’ve linked the video and her account so now she will have MORE views and potential followers…this is why giving the attention seekers exactly what they desire is not gonna discourage them. Just saying…

  4. Seriously? Seems like stupidity has become all the rage this year ! I realize the pandemic made us itch to get back to some kind of ” normalcy” ,but it seems that some stupid behavior came with it. Barricades are there for a reason,so please people ,try to follow the rules which are in place for everyone’s safety.

  5. I hope Disney starts clamping down on these Tic Tock stunts. If they get arrested and slapped with a huge fine maybe it will stop all of this

  6. People are increasingly becoming less respectful. I hope she is banned from Disney property since it’s not like she’s anonymous.

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