Will Disney Announce A Wreck-It Ralph Attraction for Walt Disney World’s Tomorrowland at D23 Expo?

We’ve written thoroughly about the rumored announcements for Disneyland’s Tomorrowland that may come out of D23 Expo next month, but what about Walt Disney World? Florida’s Tomorrowland is also undergoing a bit of a transformation — there’s an entire new roller coaster there now. But what will Josh D’Amaro have to say about it during “A Boundless Future: Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products?”


A lot of people are hoping for an opening date for TRON Lightcycle / Run, and understandably, since its been five years since the ride was announced. It would seem to be an obvious thing to announce that would garner excitement and interest people in visiting, but they may be hesitant after delays forced them to abandon the original opening date.

Tomorrowland seems to be undergoing a transformation, as design elements from the 1994 reimagining continue to be quietly removed, but no large-scale changes have occurred, and nothing has been confirmed. (For the record, we’re fans of the “New Tomorrowland” aesthetic from the 1990s and are sad to see it go — but there’s no denying it’s been neglected).

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Will we finally hear news about the Wreck-It-Ralph replacement for Stitch’s Great Escape? Permits were filed and construction began in 2020. Merchant of Venus, the shop at the attraction’s exit, has been closed and removed from listings for nearly as long. If it’s been greenlighted to resume, there’s a good possibility we’ll hear about it at D23.

According to sources, the new Wreck-It Ralph attraction would reuse the existing theaters-in-the-round from Great Escape (which were also used for Alien Encounter, Mission to Mars, and Flight to the Moon), but would attach video game-style controllers to every guest seat. With these controllers, guests would somehow be able to play an interactive role in the show.

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It’s safe to expect at least some word of the Tomorrowland Overhaul at Disneyland. Given that the logo for the Parks pavilion at the Expo combines the current Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland fonts, it seems likely that Tomorrowland at multiple resorts will feature. The Parks panel is also literally titled “A Boundless Future.”

The Tomorrow of Disney Parks is changing. Stay tuned to WDWNT, as we’ll bring live coverage from D23 Expo.

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9 thoughts on “Will Disney Announce A Wreck-It Ralph Attraction for Walt Disney World’s Tomorrowland at D23 Expo?”

  1. It no longer looks like that on the inside besides that would be even more of an insult than stitch was to AEC.

  2. Disappointed. Oh, Ralph was a fine movie. Just tired of Disney feeling a need to shove their existing IP into the parks. Still hoping they’ll eventually get around to creating something unique. Something we haven’t see before.

  3. Not sure considering a comment on reddit from a current WDW employee said the Stitch ride is fully intact minus Stitch, and is currently used as a cast member breakroom. They even have microwaves and tables in the room.

  4. YES, IT IS!!!! Because “Ralph Breaks the Internet” will be retheme to Stitch’s Great Escape ride in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom and I can’t wait for a sneak preview of every upcoming attractions and projects at EPCOT and Disney Parks and Resorts around the world, along with The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary celebration, Kingdom Hearts’ 20th anniversary celebration and so many more!!

    And it said “opening day date announced at D23 Expo in September”!!! So, I’ll be attending on D23 Expo and Disney+ Day and MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION in the next month at the same time!!!

  5. I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and was part of a ride test for Wreck-It Ralph they had us in a warehouse with a mock up of theater in the round the seats were quadrant off into quarters with each quarter acting as a team we used handheld controllers similar to VR controllers in fact I think that’s what they were And you had to shoot targets on the ceiling that was domed to see who’s seating section to get the largest score at the end of each round… Truthfully when it was all said and done we were pulled into a room to be questioned separately as family or party units and my family gave it pretty low scores, it was a pretty “thin” Ralph experience, the 10-year-old in my family stated it was too confusing to hit targets (with a room full tracking controllers)and he said it as boring…so hopefully they’ve done a lot of tweaking I personally I’m getting tired of the interactive dark ride experience but that’s just me.

  6. Does anybody know if Alien Pizza Planet at Disneyland is doing really well? This used to be the old Mission to Mars space, similar to Stitch right? It would be so cool to get a new ride like this in Tomorrowland at DLR. Either that or put it in the Star Wars Launch Bay!

  7. I just hope it only has elements of the FIRST (should have been ONLY) movie. Memes (which haven’t aged well even before the original theatrical run ended), shallow parodies of the Princesses in Hot Topic outfits, a lady gangster living in a world where people blow each other up over the “best” car which you won’t even need once you do get it… no thanks.

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