DeSantis Likely to Establish Limited Version of Reedy Creek Improvement District, According to Director of Bond Finance

Ben Watkins, director of Florida’s division of bond finance, has revealed that legislators are likely to create a successor special district to Reedy Creek Improvement District, which previously allowed Disney to manage garbage collection, infrastructure, and emergency services like the police and firefighters, according to Bloomberg.

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As a result of the Walt Disney Company joining the debate over the Parental Rights in Education law in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis moved to dissolve the Reedy Creek Improvement District and the municipal functions that the district provides. Watkins explained that the quick establishment (and lack of thought) of this legislature left an “information void” that has left everyone uncertain of the future of Florida’s tourism industry.

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However, this does not mean a solution will not be found. According to Watkins, DeSantis’s office has been supportive of finding a compromise. Watkins believes a limited version of the district (and its powers) will be restored next legislative session, even going as far as saying, “I’m confident that Reedy Creek will get addressed in a more meaningful way.”

Let us know what you think of this update on the ongoing battle between the DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company over the special district in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “DeSantis Likely to Establish Limited Version of Reedy Creek Improvement District, According to Director of Bond Finance”

  1. If you’ve been to Orlando, you can definitely detect the difference infrastructure maintenance, appearance, etc once you enter Disney property – all 14 square miles of it. Taking RCD away from Disney, and also the debt that Disney owed, and putting it on the people of Orlando was just plain reckless. And for what? His ego? You cannot serve your ego as a civil servant. Desantis is all about the circus, not about governing. He will do whatever it takes to make it in the national headlines – so he can have name recognition nationally. From covid, to Disney, to his ridiculous math textbook wars, he never actually works for the Floridian people. Case in point- the residents of Orlando will likely be hit with a 20-25% increase in property taxes because of his ridiculous ego and the southern Floridians who pay dearly in repairs and clean up post storm season, were left high and dry by him after he promised to help them fight the insurance industry. Instead he danced with the ones who bought his dance card – the insurance industry.

  2. Disney actually has maintained the Reedy Creek area well. It looks like everything is brand new and perfect. All the roads are newly paved and everything works well. The buildings are well maintained. It looks nice. Disney pays off the bonds out of its OWN pocket. Why push this off onto the county voters to handle when there is no evidence that Disney is unable to handle it?

    The whole thing makes no sense. Yes, the Disney president is a goof who should shut his big yap about social issues and let people decide those issues for themselves. He was wrong to try to push his views onto others.

    But, DeSantis should be the bigger man and not punish the whole Disney company and its employees and guests for the dumb act of a bad president. Let it go and let Reedy Creek continue as is.

  3. Desantis is dangerous. Hes an educated version of Trump. Authoritarian and smart enough to succeed at turning our country into a dictatorship where Trump failed. You can see it in the way he attacked Disney and the way he ordered the state legislature to adopt “his version” of voting maps. Hes all about control. Dangerous Desantis!

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