UPDATE: Guest Involved in Magic Kingdom Brawl Reveals Story & More Footage

UPDATE: The guest reached out to WDWNT again to tell us their family has been banned and guests from the other family were arrested.

One of the guests involved in the latest Magic Kingdom brawl has reached out to WDWNT to share their side of the story, along with additional footage of the fight.

A warning that the video embedded contains highly offensive language. Reader/viewer discretion is advised.


The guest and their family were in line for Mickey’s PhilharMagic when one member realized her phone was left in the ECV, so she exited to retrieve it. On her way back in, a family in matching white shirts and red shorts refused to let her get back to her family, pushing her so they could let the line move a bit further along.

Upon exiting the theater, the matching apparel family waited at the exit to confront them. A relative of the woman who had gone to get her phone said, “Listen, man, we don’t want trouble; we don’t appreciate you guys pushing my younger sister.” It quickly escalated into a shouting match.

The family who did not have matching shirts reached out says the first person accosted was the guest who re-entered the line, with her brother engaging as a response. Shortly after, the brawl caught on camera broke out. In the skirmish, the group that contacted WDWNT reported having items broken or gone missing. In the end, all guests were escorted to separate Walt Disney World security locations for statements, with one member of the reporting guests’ family taken away in an ambulance due to a large laceration on his chin, with other members received cuts and bruises.

The new footage also shows other guests, as well as two Cast Members, working to intervene and end the fight after about a minute and a half, eventually breaking it up.

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292 thoughts on “UPDATE: Guest Involved in Magic Kingdom Brawl Reveals Story & More Footage”

    • Because when people have to spend their life savings in order to go to WDW, mixed with insane line times your creating a ticking time bomb. Cause for most of us it’s a once and a life time experience to go to WDW and your trying to get as much in your small amount of time there at the park.

      • It IS going to be a once in a lifetime experience. Not because of the cost, but because they will now all be banned. Wonder if they budgeted in their legal fees when calculating the costs of their vacay?

      • The fact that WDW is expensive and there are long lines is not new, and it’s no excuse for this behavior! STOP condoning people’s rudeness, entitlement, and lack of respect for others. STOP excusing people’s bad behavior! There’s a lawlessness in this country. Everyone seems to think rules, including rules of civility, don’t apply to them. These individuals acted like wild animals! How ridiculous not to let someone return in the line to their family. This country is being destroyed from within, by the lawlessness and intolerance of its citizens.

      • More like this happens when folks break line rules and then feels entitled to disregard others and use racist comments!

      • Bingo! Overload of WDW rules, regulations and hoops to jump through creates this intense stress. Why cannt you just show up and have fun? Everything is about making another dollar. It’s ridiculous.

      • that is no excuse for that behavior. Seriously, to step out of line to get your phone should be no problem to anyone! Its not like that is going to effect the other families entrance to the ride.. Obviously they saw what she wad doing. They were looking for trouble in my opinion. I hope they all got arrested. The poor families (kids) who had to witness this violence.

      • Is it true that some people spend credit card money on Disney vacation – They get the whole thing (premium hotels, clothing, scooter etc..) and don’t pay at the end…I guess they’d have to rebuild their credit

        • No, it doesn’t but there is accountability on the park as well. They have changed the fast pass options and extra magic hours options so time is now extremely limited in the parks. Waiting in line for hours on end for one attraction can severely test the patience of families who have looked forward to their vacation and had plans to see and do as much as possible during their stay. Although violence is never the answer, I understand the frustration of the families involved. I highly doubt that when the families excitedly entered the park with their matching shirts and Mickey ears that they anticipated this was how their day would end. I hope Disney acknowledges that their previous systems worked better for crowd control/wait times and hope we can go back to the times when fast pass and extra magic hours helped to make our day feel less rushed and more action packed.

        • No, it doesn’t excuse their actions at all. Violence is never the answer, but Disney has to accept some responsibility for the stress it has added to families that decide to vacation at their properties. They have taken away two key elements that made the flow of the day go smoother and less stressful. Fast pass and extra magic hours allowed families to plan ahead and have more time to enjoy the park to its fullest without any added expense. These options worked very well for several years, but the company is getting increasingly greedy and eventually people will respond by choosing not to be taken advantage of.

        • No! It does not justify bad behavior! We just came back from a WDW vacation a few weeks ago and we noticed extreme rudeness, people throwing trash on the ground, foul language, etc. It used to be that WDW was a place that you went to and it was magical upon entry…everyone was happy and left any problems back home. It was an escape from everyday realities and life. I understand lots of changes have been made since COVID, but, it does NOT justify bad behavior!!! One person wants to go meet up with their family…so what?!?!?! It’s not a group…that would be extremely inconsiderate but still would not justify a fight. If you don’t want to leave bad attitudes, hostility and impatience because of long lines behind when you visit WDW now, don’t book a vacation there.

      • Hmmmm didn’t a fight just like this happen in DL with same common denominator? Can’t take them no place! Always ready to ruin a good time!And those women are built like TRON! Not a fair fight when the women are serena and venus on steriods

      • Excuse me? No. It happens because people can’t act like decent human beings anymore. I go to Disney every year and have dealt with high price tags, heat, and sometimes extremely long lines yet neither I or anyone I know would ever behave like that. You are entitled to nothing in this world. Grow up and be a better human being.

      • So since it’s obvious visiting this place is all about huge crowds & long lines in hot weather why does anybody bother ? Just go somewhere else, and stop making the Disney company wealthier ! The whole concept is totally phony anyway – what are you teaching your children in going there anyway – how to smile at somebody wearing a mouse suit ? Visiting a museum & teaching them about real history & interesting things makes a whole lot more sense – and a lot of them are free !!!!

      • So because you’re saying it’s a once in a lifetime experience this condones this kind of behavior the start of brawl, with thinking like that I guess you don’t deserve to go to Disney

    • The guest family is lying. Why a family that refused to let one member of your family skip the line wait outside for you outside to challenge you. Then, the guest family narrating the story says that when they saw the other family members waiting for them outside, they said it wasn’t cool to have pushed the sister. To me, it sounds as if the guest family was the one waiting outside to tell the other family how they feel. People have to use common sense sometimes. They think because the other family is black their lies will be believable. Plus a man from the guest family ran to the other family and punched a lady in the face unprovoked. I hope he goes to jail for that .

    • Because when it comes to theme parks etc. You go in groups, sometimes large groups and it takes just that one individual to overreact or react. I agree, it shouldn’t have gotten to that level to begin with. It’s pretty common at most if not all parks where someone rejoins their family members in line. Whether you like it or not, it happens all the time and at the end of the day it’s just not worth the confrontation.

    • Their saying racists stuff so they deserve to get their butts whoops. Funny, there’s no video of what led up to the brawl just the video of the reaction

    • My horoscope said be nice, so I’m not going to say what I really feel. I think it’s about the ugliest thing I could ever imagine happening in the magic kingdom. I will not be going back there again ever. Not now, not in the distant future. If Disney wants to save itself, it could start by staying true to the morals and values that made them successful in the first place.

    • I have 1st hand experience on why these types of fights break out, some people are rude with no consideration. I was at Disney 2 weeks ago with my 6 year old daughter and my 8 year old nephew, it started raining right at the end of the fireworks show, we are all trying to get out of the park but I was separated from these small children because grown ppl holding on to each other thought it was ok to just cut me off and push me out the way so they can stay together with no care or consideration for the small children holding on to me for dear life, yes they were found safe because of the safety plan we put in place, but it took everything in me to not smack fire out of the 2 grown ladies that cut me off from my kids

    • Because no one knows how to keep their mouths shut. Everyone thinks everyone else is entitled to their opinions. Thank goodness they do a security scan before entering or this could have been worse and the only ones that truly suffer from all this are the kids.

    • What makes it even more ridiculous, is the fact the line go into a big holding room, so letting the person, or not letting the person in makes no difference, they can all join there party after you have entered.

    • It’s obvious that there’s some types of people that still aren’t civilized in the US in year 2022. We all know who the problem is.

    • Adults should not be allowed at DisneyWorld. This is a happy place for kids. How dare you start a brawl and use the F word so sparingly.

    • The level of trashy people in attendance at these parks blows my mind. I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

  1. I. Just. Don’t. Understand.
    It was only 1 person that was asking to get through the line, not a group.
    I hope they can admit, looking back, that was not worth the “fight”.
    Ugh, people…

    • I agree. If they wanted to say some words then whatever but didn’t need to be a physical fight. Although, the second one of the other members of the other group said something and called them monkeys then it’s go time. I don’t care what anyone says, The racism is uncalled for and I bet that just got them more heated. In the end both should get the same result whatever it may be.

      • Well, Well, I see that Mickey was safe, and the show probably went on, I heard it takes 2 hours to park in this joint, and beer prices are off the chain, People getting high anyways in this park it’s way to big for one little fight! I’m more than certain that someone on the other side of this park had something to say to someone, but it wasn’t this incident?!
        That started the whole hate the guys in the custom crap, The no hand shake with kids, got this bull rolling!!!!
        Pure shame to waste all that money, by running your mouths! Who ever was to be blamed! They don’t care if you spend $10,999, fighting. Each other over what???? Like my dad used to say, excuses are the nails that hold together the house of failure!

      • Why does it gotta be racist… they were clearly behaving like monkeys. I’m darker than dark and my best description is that’s exactly how they were behaving

      • It’s really disturbing and sad that they didn’t just let her pass she was already with her family. That was so unnecessary, she just went to get her phone. It seems the family with the matching shirts started it. People spend their hard earned money to get away at Disney, not to see these shenanigans that was totally unnecessary. It’s really a stupid reason to fight and get banned/arrested and ruining it for everyone else.

      • Suddenly it’s about “race” and not blocking her attempt to get back to her family? Convenient reason to attack a person instead of just walking away. Even if the girl made a hateful comment, they let her comment define who they are, and it’s out there for everyone to see.

      • The family in the white shirts called the other family Terrorists and spit on them before the fight broke out. What the other family said to the family in the white shirts after the fight was broken up is what you want to focus on? Really? Get your facts straight.

      • Good to know if someone calls you names it gives you the right to resort to physical violence, what country we live in, very sad…

      • But it’s ok for them to call the girl trying to get to her family a terrorist? They started the racist names, yet expected it to not come back in a fight they started?

        • Watch the video. They did call them monkeys repeatedly. I do agree the blk family was wrong and immature about the situation but racial slurs were uncalled for. But hey during a heated argument anything goes

      • If you attack someone else kids for no reason, then it doesn’t matter what the responding party says even if it is “racist”. The red shorts gang just wanted to attack someone for something that wouldn’t even be classified as petty.

      • Lol?
        as soon as you get offended with words you can respond with violence?? you are whats wrong with this country right now.

    • One courteous person seeking to pass one party standing in a short line would have played-out differently, but that clearly was not the case in this situation. Regardless, the rules are clear in regard to guest not being allowed to cut into lines. If retrieving a device is that important, just meet one’s party at the exit and rejoin them for the next ride. In other words, follow the rules. If we are to be generous and assume the person looking for their phone did not already push and bump other guests on the way to retrieve their device, we can also see where a second such request might be declined (especially if this is was within a rather tight space). When considering the amount of real estate these lines can cover in merely one minute, going out and coming back into this line begins to sound rather unreasonable and definitely not cause to assault people. There are many people who would simply have been glad they found their lost device and would not have turned their focus to ruining other peoples’ experiences.

      • She wasn’t cutting though, it’s not against the rules to hold a place in line of someone needs to leave to go to the bathroom or any other reason.

      • I was at Disney last week. If everyone got bent out of shape about people returning to their families in line, there would be a fight like this every 30 seconds at Disney World. People need to just relax.

      • Human courtesy should be respected. It was a cellphone and one person that left the line and wanted to rejoin the line. This was not a group of family members joining a line that one person had queued up to “hold a spot”. What about making this the happiest place on earth for everyone. We all need to do our part.

      • This is not true especially when most people are traveling with small children. Even in the long lines in the women’s bathroom if you come in with a child in an emergency others let them go first. I have never seen this unacceptable type of behavior. I doubt that letting this girl back in was going to make this family wait longer. I hope that the entire family that instigated this is banned!! Stop defending the indefensible

        • This situation involved no small children nor did it involve anyone using the restroom. Sticking to the facts, the young lady may have been accommodated had she not behaved in the manner as her sibling(?) in the video. Even if the answer had still been “no,” there was no reason for her to try to force herself past the the other party (which she assuredly did). Just wait things out and, worst-case scenario, meet at the end of the attraction. Getting into that attraction was not the end of the world, and people should not pretend as if that could possibly be the case.

        • The majority of this blog tells one skewed side of a story (do you really believe the “sibling” in non-matching clothing was not pushing anyone, herself?). Regardless, that side fully acknowledges that this was a case of line-jumping, which is against the rules. No other party is obligated to allow you to pass them, so a good starting point is to act with the understanding that if you wish to pass, you are asking them for a favor.

      • You always want to blame the black people for problems like this, when it clearly states whose at fault. There’s no reason she shouldn’t have been ableto rejoin her family. Anybody would have expected to rejoin without a problem. Put the blame where it’s due. Blacks aren’t the only ones, that have been the instigators in these situations. I’ve seen plenty of videos with white people doing the same thing.

    • You are so right. Imagine being all decked out in matching Disney shirts and still being so miserable and petty as to prevent a woman trying to get back with her group. That’s some kind of “magical”.

      • Or imagine being so arrogant that you feel you can just bypass people without at least telling them- “would you mind if I join my family?I was in line and dropped my phone and ran back to find it”

        Because typically that’s what happens. No one just denies 1 person rejoining… but folks don’t have to feel obligated to accommodate someone being rude and entitled…ESPECIALLY if they didn’t see that person leave the line initially. It’s common courtesy on both ends-matching outfits or not. To be sure, “No” is actual and acceptable answer.if they decided to say no-she could have called her family on her phone and said “join me back here I can’t line skip”. There’s a thought?

    • It world be smart to wait and get all of the details before taking a side. It is very ignorant and foolish to draw a conclusion without all of the necessary information.

    • Now the kids that witnessed this chaos will always have a negative experience tied to Disney…. Theses parks were created for the kids to enjoy people!

  2. So one person attempts to cut the line and, when prevented from doing so, her sibling instigates a brawl?

    Obviously the other family shouldn’t have escalated and went to security instead, but this woman is clearly at fault. If you need to leave the line, you need to wait to get back in like the rest of us.

    • she wasn’t “cutting in line” she was already in line and ahead of the animals all dressed the same. She forgot her phone in the EV and went to get it then came back to her place in line. No one would have had to wait any longer for the ride she wasn’t cutting line. The animals waited outside of the ride for the first group to come out and started the fight AFTER all had gone on the ride! If you had fogotten your $1000 phone in your EV what would you have done?

    • Reading is fundamental. The family in matching outfits waited outside to accost the family of the woman who was trying to re-enter the line.

    • According to the article, she wasn’t cutting the line. She was returning to her spot in a queue that doesn’t move. Furthermore, the brawl appears to be a premediated event since they waited outside the exit after the show.

    • First of all this young lady was no line jumper. She had already been in line but was just returning TO HER FAMILY, and she was only ONE person…she wasn’t going to make or break the line! Secondly, that family had no right to put their hands on this young lady, pushing her back from her family and refusing to allow her entry! Who I the hell did they think they were? The line police? Doesn’t this come under the category of assault? If they were so annoyed and traumatized by her returning to the line, why not just call the authorities and let THEM handle the situation? No, they just chose to be rude, privileged, racist thugs instead! How did you expect her family to react? I submit you’d act the same if a member of YOUR family had been treated this way!

      • By definition, she was clearly a line jumper.

        Additionally, one side claims their relative was pushed, while video evidence shows that party as the aggressor. Take from that what you will.

      • You leave the line you are no longer in it.
        She was line jumping. Some people let that pass, but not everyone does and you need to take it as it comes either way.
        And given the racist monkey comment from her family member, I bet there was more of that before the recording started and that is what started the brawl.

      • I know reading is fundamental! The young lady left the line, they did not have to let her jump the line once she left. It would have been courteous to allow her too, but that was their choice! The article clearly said that the brother of the young lady who left the line approached the family in matching outfits and made it known that he didn’t appreciate them not allowing his sister to get back in line. Shortly after the brawl started! See that’s the part that yall seem to be overlooking! Let’s just blame the black family because they’re thugs right? The young man should have left well enough ALONE!! They didn’t let her back in line, no one needed him to play advocate after the situation was over. And I clearly heard racial slurs being thrown around, and that just adds fuel to the fire! People kill me! I hope both families were banned as the should be. For every action there is a reaction, so be mindful on how you approach people cause everyone don’t have the same mindset! You don’t know what people are dealing with in their everyday situations, so no need to play captain save em!! That situation could have ended with the fact that she was not getting back in line, and joined her family on the next one!

      • “If you leave the line for ANY REASON you may only reenter the line at the end.”

        2. Yeah because not politely explaining what you are trying to do and asking for clearance, is not rude?

        3. Who they thought they were? They THOUGHT they were the people in line in front of this young lady. Not line jumping. Not pushing. And with their group in tact.
        Who did she think she was to just bypass people without so much as a “may I please rejoin my family?”
        Maybe they weren’t there when she left the line so had no idea that she was returning. But that’s on her and her family. They could have waited until she could catch up to them.
        She is not Entitled to get “her spot” back. I Bet if she had asked they would have let her through. I bet they prevented her when she decided she didn’t owe any one an explanation. Clearly she got to her family because they confronted the other family about “blocking” their sister. They should have confronted their sister about line jumping

      • By definition, the person you reference was a line jumper. Additionally, this blog only offers one side of the story. What would be your perspective if you were to find that she was “pushed back” after she first pushed multiple people in the other party?

    • Wow, 20 year annual passholder. I can’t how many times I and my family have let someone go back to their stroller or wheelchair to retrieve something. It wasn’t like they were going to get a turkey leg and Mickey ears….. It’s not line-jumping if you were already there. Have a “Magical” day. #JustBeNice

    • It’s not like she left the line with her entire family. Those lines are long and sometimes you have to step away and use a bathroom or in this instance, get your cellphone. It’s not skipping the line when you ALREADY MADE THE LINE and still have someone momentarily holding your spot. If you can’t act right, just say that. And if your first response is to push a young girl and act like an animal, then maybe just maybe, Disney isn’t the place for you or your trash family.

    • That’s not what happened. The matching clothes family WAITED for the other family to exit. Obviously THEY are the ones who instigated the fight.

    • Oh for goodness sake, she wasn’t cutting the line, she was IN the line with her family. Any reasonable person would allow someone to momentarily retrieve their cell phone at Disney and rejoin their family in line for a ride. The family in the matching shirts should be ashamed of themselves. They’re pathetic.

    • You’re ridiculous. It’s Disney where lots of parents and people have to leave the lines for bathrooms and things like that. Especially b cause the lines are excessive and no child can hold it endlessly. People hold places all the time. Like they can control any of those things. This may not have been a bathroom break, but it’s no different. The whole family wasn’t trying to come back up. Just one person trying to be with their family. You’re the problem with this world now a days. Are you serious?!!!

    • People saying the person should not come back and “cutting in line” are wrong. Wtf is wrong with people? God forbid someone came back to their group…I have seen this done a lot. So what, get a life and learn to be civilized and decent. I am tired of all these sh!t people fighting over the stupidest garbage. People like this are real losers, and have zero self control. Society can’t work this way you idiots.

    • Actually, simple line etiquette is letting someone get back to their family. Your response is exactly the type of pettiness and ugliness that led to the end result depicted in this video. Grow up. I agree, #JustBeNice

  3. You leave a line, you lose your spot in line. Simple line etiquette. Disney getting to be as ghetto as six flags.

    • So if you are with a group and have to go to the restroom, or realize you left your phone in your scooter or stroller or whatever and go to get it, and are then prevented from rejoining your group, you would go to the back of the line? I doubt that.

    • Sorry. It’s one person joining a group. I let people thru all the time because I’m not trash like you.

    • Supposed a women left a child’s favorite toy on the tram . Crying child mom says I’ll get it don’t cry. She leaves comes back . Your saying mom should get to the back of the line …,”yes “ ! No this is a magical place to enjoy with everyone. Old Disney times Families got that ppl would watch your child if u needed the restroom. This behavior is BS & tragic .they not only ruined their day the other families day …. They ruined the day the moment the memories. I’d call that selfish

    • She should have explained nicely and asked to re-enter. There’s nothing wrong with leaving to retrieve a valuable item. Decency demands asking politely to re-enter and granting that request with as much grace.

    • NO NOT TRUE!!
      So if you’re with your family and say one of your fm has to use the bathroom, and they go and come back to the line, you think it’s appropriate for someone else to deny them a spot, back with their family and push them back out of the line? I highly doubt it.

  4. Wow, and they were there celebrating a 6 yr olds birthday. What a pathetic excuse for a family. It was 1 person who left the line , just getting back to her spot. Slap them all with a life ban AND a huge monetary fine.

    • Firstly, if what they stated to be true, then she did not have a spot in line and I believe it’s actually a violation of Disney’s policy to steely to re-enter (in not sure). However, making commentary and judgements such as yours with full details is foolish and hazardous.

  5. Some people have no respect for other’s. All they had to do is let the girl get back in line with her family. Some people just like to start trouble everywhere they go. Privilege characters is what I call them. Always think they are left out of everything in this country.

    • Your statement was very disgusting and the last line was so UNNECESSARY!!! It is PEOPLE LIKE YOU that this world is so screwed up!!! Seriously, heal yourself and be of this great character you speak of! Pathetic.

    • Exactly. She was with her family group in a slow-as-usual line. Leaving to retrieve an important item and returning (just herself, not ‘cutting’ into the line – or bringing a bunch of other folks INTO the line that had not already been standing in it- simply retaking her already established place with HER family- cost nobody nuthin! Akin to standing there 20 minutes and the 6yr old had to pee. Took them to nearest restroom & came right back. Had the line moved on and they went in without her; it might not have APPEARED SO OBVIOUS TO ANY HUMAN WITH A BRAIN she wasn’t busting in ahead of the rest of the line….it appears all she did was return to the still-waiting to get in line AND REOCCUPY THE SPACE WITH HER FAMILY. No blood, no foul. People are so rude, self centered & this ME FIRST – EVERYONE NEEDS TO EMBRACE (not just tolerate) – but celebrate without question MY personal DELUSIONS AND MY FEELINGS; and to hell with YOUR feelings, faith, morays, beliefs. It’s all shut up and kiss our butts – or – you’re some kinda ‘phobic’, racissss, asshat for NOT doing whatever they demand.
      Very worried about our future :(

    • Rules are rules right? If you leave the line, you cannot cut. Could they have let her pass? Yes, but they were not obligated to. The other family CHOSE to wait and confront them, so they instigated it. They could have simply left.

  6. As a guest, you are not the line police. If you see something that is not right, report it to a cast member. They have been trained to handle these situations. Disney has eyes everywhere. As Elsa would say…Let It Go!

    • “Disney has eyes everywhere.”

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA as a 10+ year cast member, they sure don’t have quality security, obviously! This went on for minutes, YET, the Castle is RIGHT around the corner, literally a 10 SECOND jog away, but because they’re so cheap and squeeze every penny, there’s not 3 or 4 security personnel who are allowed to confront guest with slight force such as pushing them off each other? That’s pathetic on Disney’s part. I love Disney, so fun, but stuff half as bad as this goes on almost daily, but this was so big it got a lot of eyes on it.

    • I have reported line jumping to a cast member, I was told they aren’t to do anything about it. I was with my husband, we’re adults, but the reason I mentioned it was because in back of us was a small girl who had waited patiently for over an hour. It wasn’t right that two adults yelled out for their companions to join them in line. Haven’t been back since.

  7. Gosh, this is so sad to see. It was one person wanting to go and join her family in line. This has happened to us many times while at Disney World and our response is always of course you can go join your family and we let the person pass. Why is it so difficult for some people to just be kind. Sigh.

    • What is wrong with you people. Are you a troll? Are you all duplicating the same vinegar to get responses on the site to increase ratings? If what they stayed is true, then re-joining means that she left and no longer is in line. So re-joining would be jumping the line. It’s a policy to prevent scenarios like this one. Secondly (if what they stated was true) they should not have confronted that family, they should’ve reported it to the WDW establishment instead of provoking a physical confrontation. Thirdly, the account of the situation seems flawed and kind of fragmented. I think it world be better to see how all of the information plays out before drawing a conclusion. If WDW still has a policy about “re-entering” a.k.a. line jumping then there should not have been an attempt to line jump. The entire family should’ve gotten to the end of the line and waited so that all of them could get in the line, together. I, personally, would’ve just let the young lady back in (if it I’ve hairball the way that they stated). Nonetheless, no one is required to let someone jump in front of them or to be nice in there denial. Seems if there was some physical contact to remove the young lady from jumping the line, then she would’ve had to place herself in the midst of them. I doubt that they pulled her into the group and postcards removed her from cutting in front of them. That’s why I think it would be best to wait on more information.

  8. It is very expensive to spend a day at the Disney Park with unlimited attractions to enjoy. How very desperate to think that after spending large amounts of cash at what could have been a lifetime event, these families chose to become involved in fighting! Hopefully, they will reflect on their unlawful behaviors and learn from the incident. The day was spoiled for all of them, no matter what.

    • Every fight that has happened in the Disney parks the past 2 years has been by groups of POC. Why do they all feel the need to act in this manner every were they go. Its absolutely appalling

    • We’re humans. It’s psychological and logic goes out the window when you’re in that situation.

  9. Two things: they really did not have to let her back since once you leave the line you forfeit your space. On the other hand, there is always space in that attraction so letting her back in would not have been the worst thing.

    • There is no such hard and fast rule when groups are involved. The girl just retrieved her phone (who wouldn’t, people treat these expensive phones as if they cannot function without them) and wanted to get back to her family. Why try to cut her off from her family? Matching outfits family don’t own that line, and should have understood common curtesy. Maybe Disney should employ more “line police” to make sure the girl could leave and return without being pushed around.

    • One young person trying to get back to her place in line should not have caused a 20 person brawl. The girl who left her phone where ever was wrong for trying to get back in line. Line etiquette. BUT, the other family should have just given the cell phone girl the evil eye and let it GO! But no, that group in the matching shirts had some selfish, self righteous, eff you kind of people, not the whole group. You can see in the video a couple of females who continued to verbally and physically attack the the other group after the initial confrontation/brawl was broken up. Those women probably got arrested. I hope they read about themselves in the media. Maybe they will learn something about themselves and looking the other way in some circumstances.

    • Wow just been reading about wdw fight and agree that the appalling behavior of those guest should be band for life our family love wdw it’s our only holiday retreat and never seen anything like that in all our visits coming from the UK anything like that never happens in parks in the UK what a bunch of morons who cares if they spoil their own fun just don’t spoil other people’s wdw do not let them back no second chance

      • Why is it not true? There is no “rule” that says I have to let you back in your place if you leave a line. There’s always common courtesy. But– if I choose to not extend that courtesy, I don’t have to. We definitely do need more common courtesy in the world. But folks also need to know how to accept a “no” and go sit down. It’s not the end of the world, geez!!

    • Stop! Just stop yourself Samantha. You could not be more wrong. These are not your rules to make up and enforce. How about you ask any employee at Disney and do you know what they would say? That it is not a problem for one person who left the line to rejoin their family. Now back in your cage.

  10. This is a disgrace and why so many people do not spend their time or money at Disney, nice example to set for their children should have all went to jail.

    • Totally agree. Disgraceful, as well as traumatizing, for any other children that were in the vicinity of the brawl. This is supposed to be the Happiest Place On Earth! What is wrong with our World? Nobody knows how to be kind to others anymore. What a horrible example to set for our future generation!!

      • When were humans ever kind to each other? All throughout history, humans will treat others like fecal matter if they can.

  11. This is disgusting. Do these people have no self control?! I feel sorry for the kid who had their birthday ruined because their family members cannot behave like adults in public. Good job modelling this kind of puerile conflict resolution! Some people should not be allowed to procreate.

  12. Can the reporters at WDWNT use some method to get a statement from Disney? Ask why security was absent while people got hurt.

    • I concur about Security. When I worked at Disneyland in the 80’s and 90’s and a fight broke out, they would run there immediately. I’m shocked that by the end of that 2 1/2 minute video they still aren’t there.

    • This is my question. This video goes on for just under 2 minutes and the only castmembers intervening are ride operators. Disney security should have been there in a NY minute. This situation should not have been allowed to escalate as it did. Where is Disney security???

  13. Everybody should be able to understand, sometimes you have to leave and re-enter a line to catch up with your family. Sometimes a member of a party literally messes themself and has to be taken to a bathroom. Sometimes the person who messes themself is an adult. You know, just saying.

    But if you’re the person trying to cut through the line to catch back up to your group, your best strategy is to proactively de-escalate. “I am so sorry we left something in the stroller and I had to go back to get it, I’m just trying to catch back up to my family.”

    Or as I do: “I’m sorry everybody, I messed myself and had to buy new shorts in the gift shop, I’m just trying to catch back up with my family who is embarrassed to even be seen in public with me. Please excuse me as I cut through.”

    I mean, hypothetically speaking.

    • Heavily doubt that is what started this. Given the racist comment from the “victims” that is probably what started it.

  14. The video is 2 minutes and 33 seconds long, not one police officer was present. This is Disney, cops should have gotten to the scene. Where are the guards at Disney? Please do not say cast members were there to help. The cast members there did nothing and they are not trained to help.

    • My thoughts as well. Disney Security was not very effective, basically walking around texting. If that was a serious incident like a shooter, it would have been catastrophic.

  15. Tired of hearing talk show experts say the reason for this type of behavior is because “we are all feeling so stressed.” Such actions in front of children were of no concern to these people. I hope their employers hear about employee behavior.

    • Employers?? Honey, their employers will not care! certainly, they were not there to represent their employers! Geesh…

  16. Someone trying to rejoin their family in line at Disney is pretty common. Pathetic, ban all these animals for life.

  17. Which family was the daughter from? The one with red shorts or the other family? (wording was a bit confusing) But regardless, it’s one person trying to catch up with her family and it’s a stupid ride. You shouldn’t be putting your hands on another persons kid, ESPECIALLY over a damn disney ride.

  18. Didn’t the people who wouldn’t let her back in see her leave the line & come right back? Why? It was one person who left & one person who came back, not like they went & got 3 or 4 more people to cut the line. And I didn’t see one kid with them. They were all “ adults “.

    • If they’re willing throw hands for Philharmagic, can you imagine what would happened in the Rise of the Resistance line?

    • Agree! They should have seen her leave. I can’t count how many times we’ve let someone back in line, no matter where it was. RESPECT…. Is deteriorating at all levels.


  19. “the red shorts and white shirt family waited at the exit to confront them,”?? This group pushed the person from the other party and didnt let her pass, but stayed back to cause a problem? I am confused

    • Thank you, for asking the same question I have been asking myself this whole time. Still no answers though sadly. It seems like there was either miscommunication from the source, or these people were looking for a fight.

    • Yeah. I’m not buying this family’s story at all. They’re trying to make themselves sound like innocent victims and if I were to guest everyone was in the wrong even before it got physical.

  20. Did these … people … decide by a vote of 7-1 that the best possible use of their time at Disney World was to start a brawl with other guests? All this what, 100 yards or so from “It’s a Small World” with their world peace and brotherhood theme?

  21. This is the reason why things get closed down then people complain that there is nothing for kids to do but it’s because of reasons like this some people just don’t know how to act they were adults acting like 5 year olds grow up so what they banged into you sorry and keep it pushing but know they had to wait outside for the other family to come out great examples these adults set for our youths of tomorrow.

  22. So so sad it’s supposed to be the happiest place in the world she was just trying to get back to where she was🥲

  23. With a large park like Disney you would think there would be a quicker and more forceful response from security?? There’s more employees sweeping up litter than there is watching for things like this. Sad that it took so long for law enforcement to show up.

    • Disney has gone over 60 years with almost no instances of this nature.

      Recent events to the contrary, they won’t keep the park open for long if they have to have one security guard for every family in the park. It’s a theme park, not a penitentiary.

      The expectation is that the majority of people are there to enjoy themselves. Honestly if they have to prepare for this kind of thing on a daily basis, without knowing where the next riot will occur, they would be better off shutting down the park.

      If we have to assume everyone around us is a violent criminal, we can’t call it civilization any more.

  24. These dudes got banned permanently for protecting the line for PhilharMagic??? PhilharMagic??? Not even a ride, but a stage show that has no assigned seats and plays like every 15 minutes???

      • Not surprised. Nobody knows how to talk anymore to each other and think they need to solve everything with their fists. I hope they were all arrested and banned for life. On one has the right to traumatize others for their social inadequacies. Shame.

        • Being banned truly doesn’t stop any show! Lol wow!!! A ban!!! Their entire lives are all the way over over 1 amusement park ban! Oooooooowweeeee oh my gosh😂 These comments are hilarious and so revealing. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Meh, you know what I mean. It’s still just a show and not a ride. Definitely not something to get banned for life over. This show is never, ever packed, and almost always has open seating all the time. Such a dumb thing to get banned for

    • This family was attacked by the family with matching shirts and they get banned. That’s not fair WDW do better. They were attacked and security could not protect them. Sue all of them! I read that they even had to leave the Riviera resort which was booked for 2 more weeks. This family tried to de-escalate the situation but the other ghetto family wanted all the smoke. They should be the ones getting banned and arrested.

      • Here we go with the weak ghetto insult. Smh people like you are hilarious and very entertaining. I hope you get the healing you deserve! 😊

      • They all deserve what they got. De-escalating is not waiting at the end of the attraction to confront someone. It’s going to security if needed OR simply moving along. No de-escalation was done. Oh well

      • That version of events is in dispute. In contrast to this blob, there are news media sources that either state a post-attraction confrontation occurred or that the party wearing non-matching clothing initiated the confrontation.

      • Yes yes yes! I realize that it’s annoying when someone squeezes by you in line. We were at WDW in June. It was hot, crowded and when we did have to wait in a line and weren’t able to use our genie pass, IT SUCKED. But I cannot fathom how or why this matching family felt justified in denying a girl access to her family, and then to lay hands on her and assault her verbally, and then to WAIT for her family after the show?!? What in the world is wrong with them? They should be banned, and the other family should sue WDW for lack of security

      • It’s always the black people that are blamed, regardless. So of course they get banned while the other people that started the brawl get kicked out. No matter what, there’s no justice or peace. SMDH

    • “Protecting the line”?!! One person forgot something and left her group to run back and get it. It was one person who left for a moment (the red short family probably saw her leave the line for a moment), is it really that outrageous that she should be allowed to rejoin her family? How petty to not allow someone to return to their place in line in order to “protect the line”. Only self-absorbed, entitled people think like that!

  25. Seriously? Mickey’s Philharmonic isn’t even a “line” per se. It is a group entrance attraction. If you can’t act like humans and be kind to one another, stay out. This is a family destination that people pay massive amounts of money for. Go human or go home!

  26. Some people are just plain angry.
    Most times, they don’t take the time to identify the source of their anger.
    Therefore, it’s (the anger) always lingering and waiting for an opportunity to pounce on someone weaker.
    Be it smaller in stature, lesser in numbers, a better idea or just plain screams louder than everyone even if they are wrong. People will succumb just so they’ll shut up. And once again, evil prevails in the name of justice based on self righteousness.
    That’s not how American was built or is supposed to be. Unless you are here to take and NOT contribute.

    • But you do not know anyone on this conflict to state “some people are always angry”..,lol omg is this the best you kind of people can do to justify passive ignorance…geesh…I repeat your opinion means nothing without a history of facts to base your poor judgment on a group of individuals you know NOTHING about! Lol go and heal.

  27. Disney has problems. Between this stuff and the politics it chooses to get involved with, I am losing faith in them. Walt is rolling over in his grave.

  28. The number and variety of racist comments here is astounding and deeply concerning. Regardless of whose “fault” the brawl was, racism (meaning prejudice against Black people, not the mythical “reverse racism” or any other right-wing B.S. terms) was clearly involved. And it’s disgusting how many people are on here with all kinds of racist names, labels, assumptions and dog-whistle phrases. Our country is becoming a hateful, violent, scary place for people of color, women, Queer folk, anyone with an education and social conscience—basically anyone who doesn’t match some White male mouth-breather’s idea of a Pure ‘Murican. The right-wing boycott of Disney can’t happen fast enough for the rest of us.
    Good riddance, Good Ole Boys.
    Nobody likes you. Go home and stay there.

  29. I don’t care who started this but for both families to end in a fist fight is disgusting. All should be arrested and banned. Disney world is mainly for the kids and then you have adults doing stupid stuff like that. Ruining not just there families vacations but anybody who had to witness that.

  30. I was at Disneyland several years back. I was in line for Mr. Toads or something. There was a lady in front of my mom and me. Once we got to almost the front of the line her 7 kids jumped in line in front of my mom and me. I got mad and said “really?!” She “they just went to get a drink!” These “kids” were all teens they could have waited. The woman said “this is supposed to be the happiest place in earth!” Then have me the finger as she got on the ride.

  31. It was for MICKEY’S PHILHARMONIC!! I mean, really, that “ride” never has more than a 10 minute wait!! Who cares about 1 person wanting to rejoin their group?! The whole incident is over something so stupid!

  32. To all the blatant and passive racists in the comments, please get some help and heal. You need healing just like the hurt POC family. Oh and let us not forget you all are the most pathetic and miserable people of all human history! Here is your 🏅 for being the biggest joke of human civilization and a 🍪. Ignorance is bliss they say.

    OAN: Lesson learned for BOTH parties and others alike! Degradation and violence is never the answer, but …..(this is not the place for it). Anywho, this was intriguing.😉

  33. It’s not that anyone was “cutting in line” someone was just holding their spot. It’s not that big of a deal. Let the person rejoin their family instead of starting problems. And needing to wait for them after just to verbally harass them some more is absolutely uncalled for.

  34. What kind of people block a young woman from getting back to her family? I was pushed several times by younger (under 20) people at Disney on my last visit. They just don’t have manners, and aren’t raised to talk to adults, so they just push to get through in fear, being in a big park. THIS is what Disney should do – show videos on the monorail and boat about how to deal with fellow park goers!!!! It’s not that complicated, Disney. C’mon now, House of Mouse.

  35. One of the reasons why I don’t vacation at Disney… So many disrespectful, no-common sense, trashy people out there that just ruin it over something petty and preventable….

  36. I was at Disney a couple of months ago and every ride we went on we delt with people doing this. Families would have one or two people waiting in line and then the rest of the group pushes through later on or they switch people in and out. It becomes extremely frustrating, especially after having to wait for hours sometimes to get on a ride. You spend a small fortune to go and get so much aggravation. There were several rides we couldnt get on because it was so busy. I really have no desire to go back. Disney has been ruined by trying cram as many people in the parks as they can. I dont condone the fighting but can definitely see where the frustration can boil over

  37. I still don’t understand where they get off thinking that there entire family should start fighting. Those kinds of people are why we can’t come together as a country! They are out for themselves. Kindness goes along way. Hello why do u think most all the kid Disney stars are messed up! They allowed things to happen. If any women say anything too bad deal with it! Nothing gets done.

  38. What a trifling, hateful family they are/were to manufacturer a “problem” from something that was absolutely a non-issue. I don’t care where I am, if a whole family was already in line and ONE member had to step away, for ANY reason…OF COURSE I would want them to reunite, ASAP. There is zero logical reasons to even want to cause conflict/chaos/ruined day when the accosted party did nothing to negatively impact the violent family’s day. The violent family only acted out of their immaturity…being anger-addicts, control freaks having room temperature IQ that doesn’t know the TRUE meaning of disrespect. They chose violence over a proper 6 year old’s b-day party. Case in point…

  39. We were there Summer 2021. It was horrible. Too many stimulus vacationers. Right at this attraction, stimulus family acting like it is their low rent district. Kids eating something and letting it spill one the floor, throwing more trash on the floor, parents with no moral background just looked at the mess and just said leave it. I am not taking a wrapper or something. I am taking two big bags of chips with more than half on the floor, a two liter bottle of soda poured out, and the kids just looking as tank as possible. That was the last straw of a horrible two day trip that ended Disney for us.

  40. Security….. Really, where was security. Sorry, security cant be everywhere and employees are not cleared to deescalate brawls. Disney is about the kids people. The happiest place on earth. Enjoy the experience so that the kids can enjoy theirs. IF Everyone WILL do the next RIGHT THING, THERE WONT BE ANY PROBLEMS.

  41. All they had to do was let the girl back in line to be with her family. She was in line and got out to retrieve her phone. The other family woke up and wanted to be ghetto idiots. Glad they were banned.

  42. Those shirts say something about “6th Birthday”. What a wonderful experience they created for their kid. Over some dumb-ass ride.

  43. It’s incredible how racist some of these comments are. Amerikkka is a scary place – glad that I’m not living there. Yes, the matching outfit family was over the top and deserves to be banned / arrested, but the other family was hardly innocent, as at least one member can be heard repeatedly shouting out racist taunts. Both families deserve a lifetime ban.

  44. What is really telling to me is how all of these commenters are automatically assuming the story as told by this side is the truth. Nevermind the fact this is coming from the person or a person representing the man that was out there calling black people monkeys, and proceeded to walk up and sucker punch a female in the face.

  45. Having stood in line for hours…and seeing someone try to “cut” – there usually isn’t any context. The common reason for someone cutting is that a group decided to get in line without everyone in their party being there. The other person / people in the party think they can then just move up to where the group already is, rather than the group either waiting altogether for everyone, or, the group moving back, not the one person moving up. Tensions are high…lines are long. The person here who left the line was wrong to leave! Was the phone really worth it?? I was there a few years ago and I tell you what…everyone might mean to be nice, but, when it comes down to it, a line cutter is a line cutter.

  46. No wonder they charge what they do now. You get Friday Night Fights along with your price of admission. It is part of the new two for one promotion they are doing. Crap, they may raise the price again with the frequency in which they have these fights.

  47. There is guy there in a green T-shirt and greay shorts he has a beard, he walks up to a lady in red shorts and white hat who is yelling and totally cold cocks her What a brave guy to do that to women I hope he is one of them that gets arrested.

    • Right. Between him doing and the racist name calling I’m going to take their version of the story with a grain of salt.

  48. So in my opinion the family wearing the matching outfits were the aggressors, and the one lady in braids clearly assaulted two people and should be arrested.

    Why did it take security so long to respond? I feel like I need to carry pepper spray against these idiots who want to fight over a flipping line.

  49. What a bunch of trash! lol….YOU ARE AT DISNEY! Saddest part of all this, all the kids, having the best day of their lives, suddenly seeing this kind of stupidity and ignorance out of grown ass adults. Grow up!

  50. In my opinion the girl should have just waited to finish before getting her phone. This is not a fast food line to cut in like that. The problem now a days are people think their right to do what ever they want disregarding other people is becoming more common. Once you go out of line you can’t say its my right to get back in same spot. Imagine everyone doing that. Walt disney should investigate ban the people who started it for good. We live in a civilized society not a barbaric one where people can just threaten and hit other.

  51. Typical American behavior. I don’t know why this country has done from a first world country to a third in the last 20 years but it’s disgusting and sad. We used to care about how we acted and what we looked like but now we have no class and put on the dirtiest pajamas, ugliest shoes (crocs) and strut our obese bodies out of the house. We should all be ashamed that we’ve come to this.

  52. The solution is simple: separate both parties before the situation escalates and then bring the matriarchs and patriarchs of each party together and explain that they are being ejected for UN-MOUSE LIKE behavior however they will be allowed to return the following day; additionally both families will be provided with meal vouchers at a designated eatery provided that they dine together. If they refuse that offer they will not be allowed to return unless accompanied by responsible adult supervision. Problem Solved!
    Your welcome.

  53. Although violence is never the answer, let’s look at the bigger picture here and maybe put some of the accountability on the park and its recent changes. Perhaps if Disney went back to the original fast pass option and the original extra magic hours there wouldn’t be so many disgruntled visitors waiting in line for hours on end. The heat and large volume of people will test even the most mild tempered people who are simply trying to see and do as much as they possibly can in the course of a day. Any little blip in their already tight schedule will put people on edge. Families save for months/years to afford their Disney vacation and it is frustrating to not be able to do all the things you had looked forward to doing. This may just be the beginning of disgruntled customers lashing out on each other as a result of the frustrating new policies that have been put in place to boost park profits.

  54. Where was security??? That went on for WAY WAY TOO LONG, and in Fantasyland where most of the little kids are… what a great memory of MK for the little ones – Totally Ridiculous…. Another Disney fail – Security should of shut that down MUCH faster. Where were they??? And I’m not talking simple cast members with radios. And YES, I know a little about security. Its so obvious that Disney needs an overhaul from the top down. Yup, I said it.

  55. People cannot even behave themselves and conduct themselves like proper adults at Disney! Absolutely disgusting! Naturally, the two groups involved were minority hotheads as well. And were in heck was Disney security? In this day & age even “The Happiest Place on Earth” now needs to institute pairs of patrolling uniformed security officers carrying automatic weapons (like the border police do at European airports) in order for people to have any sense of safety because of scum like these! We cannot have ANYTHING nice in America anymore!

  56. It’s a small world, fitting for small minds. anyway, Disney is over-hyped and not worth the time, money or aggravation.

  57. Disney has to take some accountability on this one. By taking away fast pass and extra magic hours they have created a stressful fast paced experience where families are trying to squeeze in all the attractions they have been looking forward to seeing in a very short time period. Every second of the day counts and emotions are running hot trying to make it all work. I feel sorry for the families who were involved. Violence is never the answer, but I’m sure when they excitedly headed out for the day in their matching shirts and Mickey ears that they never expected the day would end like it did. Disney should reconsider canceling the fast pass/extra magic hours options and make customer satisfaction the priority. These two options worked successfully for several years. They cannot take advantage of families and expect them to keep returning. I for one will not be returning until these option are brought back.

  58. Disney Cast Member security is just for show. Liberals don’t want real security and real punishment. Just a farce, a fake. Lots of badges, and flashlights, and walkie talkies to “appear” to be in charge. In reality, they are teenagers.

    Change my mind.

  59. I don’t care what situation occurred, whether one, or 29…whether line jumping or trying to rejoin family, a fight should never break out. Let them pass, report you cast member, move on. Where is civilized society? Where is self control? Bunch of hot headed idiots, such an embarrassment to humanity that this stuff happens. Should be banned for life, hood it’s worth it. Idiots.

  60. What is disgusting is your one sided coverage and glossing over the racism of the one family which is likely what started this, but we’ll never know from your reporting as you only talked to one family and already decided who to paint the villains as.

  61. 100 degree heat,The price of gas, food, theme park prices and waiting in hour long lines probably cause a lot of this anger and hatred. I’m a Florida resident and I see about 90 percent of these tourists unhappy. Why come? just stay home don’t cause a problem for us locals or people who are acting civilized. Only going to get worse from here folks. Economy is not doing good. But still no excuse for this. Keep your mouth shut and keep it moving people always have to start crap with other people. Lol, I honestly can’t wait for everyone to go back to work and school already less traffic, less grumpy people.

  62. Whenever I see a group of people in matching freshly printed t-shirts I get the heck out of that area.

  63. This is ridiculous. Someone gets mad that someone got out of line and tried to rejoin same spot with their family? I remember forgetting my drink in the stroller so I have gone back to get it and return to my family in line. No one made stink about that. Before pandemic we went nearly every year. The person who started all this (who got mad) should be banned from Disney parks. Fighting is not in their policy of acceptable behaviors. Disney is a privilege not a right and it can be taken away. I’ve seen many times family members save spots in lines and join up and no one says a thing. Usually it’s because someone had to go to the bathroom as line wait times can be long. My family finally found a way to get on rides faster. I rented a wheelchair because my back went out and I couldn’t stand or walk more than a couple minutes. My family was allowed to use the handicap entrance and we got on much faster.
    I never rented a wheelchair just to bypass a line.
    I only rented one twice. Once for my back and the other for my foot because I sprained it.

  64. These are the same people that don’t care while crossing the street, and the same people that don’t care when driving with pedestrians crossing.

  65. I’m going to ask two questions, in hopes that if both families answer these questions for themselves honestly, it might prevent such conflict for them in the future:
    #1. When the girl left the line to get her camera, did she politely shuffle past people or, knowing the show would start soon, did she carelessly rush past people, perhaps even pushing some people as she exited the line?
    #2. When the girl returned and this family refused to let her pass, did the girl clarify that she had been waiting in line with her family and had left the line to get her camera, and her family was still in line?

    Refusing to let her rejoin her family was not okay, even if she failed in the above steps. However, I can see the situation escalating if the matching family thought she was cutting in line, so they responded by pushing her and then got confronted by her family. In that scenario, the mistake is that punches got thrown before information got clarified, so the lesson for one family is to consider various possibilities rather than jumping to conclusions, and the lesson for the other family is to explain why you are cutting in line.

  66. The way adults act around small children is an indication of how civilized they are and the society they live in. The United States tries to portray itself as a first would nation, but they are far from it with actions like these. These are the kind of things you only see in 3rd world undeveloped uncivilized nations. Money does not make you civilized.

  67. As I don’t support what happened, it is legal in any line for any attraction to be allowed to leave the line when asked and approved by cast members for, bathroom needs, those with not being able to stand in long lines and so on and cast members will take them back to the line with those they are with.

    There was no reason this should have happened. Disney parks are having so much pressure put on to rename, retheme attractions that don’t need to be changed to re naming the cast member playing a role from deceased’s old children’s books and fairy tale movies.

  68. Both parties are truly at fault, but I place more of the blame on the family whose member went back for a phone.

    First, if you leave the line, you should have zero expectation to regain your spot. If a group doesn’t want to let you pass, that’s their right. You can always go to a cast member and hope to rejoin your group.

    Second, there was no need to confront the matching family after. You decided to confront and escalate the matter after all was said and done. No need for that.

    Now for the matching family, it was one person trying to rejoin their group… let’s just be courteous. However, we don’t know if the one trying to rejoin their family was being respectful or basically pushing their way back.

  69. I believe there is more to what was being told. In my opinion, I believe some racial slurs were said. Why, do you ask? Am I the only one that heard members from the family that was not in matching outfits say, “you f’ing monkeys”. The monkey reference was said more than once. That may be the reason the fight continued.

  70. I can’t pass judgment. This behavior on both sides is unacceptable. People are saying she’s just one person, that may be true however, did said person say excuse me or just push her way through the line? There’s has been countless times grown people push past you without saying excuse me. Disney cram you in this small place so getting pass a big group like like can be next to impossible. Especially if these a ECV blocking.

  71. People acting up like this should be ban for life, unforgivable behavior and language. Its a park with kids for goodness sake.

  72. The family in the matching outfits is absolute trash! There is no way around it. Who starts a fight at Disney?!?!?! This makes me so angry. I hope that entire family catches a charge. To the guy in the green shirt, good on you! I cannot believe they had that girl down on the ground,surrounded. I hope the police SERIOUSLY look into this because that entire stupid matching outfits family should be charged.

  73. Disney allows people to jump line. Probably the people that stopped it thought she was jumpinf line. Disney won’t. Disney should stop line jumping and the $XX VIP line jumping permit.

  74. Sure, no problem with letting someone pass me and rejoin their group. However this is getting abused and when person after person does it your wait time will obviously increase. The solution to avoid issues is simple, you leave the line, you start from the end.

    • Wow, just wow! ONE person wants to get back to their family at Mickey’s Philharmagic and you’re going to cry about that and how your wait time has been increased? You need to rethink life.

  75. I’m confused. Why would anyone care if one family member got out of line to get something. Who did the pushing first and who was banned? The people in the matching outfits or the other family?

  76. Wow, way to represent! It doesn’t matter who’s in the right or wrong, the image in silence just shows violence. Does this reflect the whole culture? Not really but way to show the side of what everyone expects!

  77. It has nothing to do with demonic “energy” or what have you. All it boils down to is trashy, rude, ignorant, self righteous ass hat’s will always be just that. The girl was just trying to get to her family. No reason for this.

  78. People need to read the article that are saying “Line Jumper”. They were in line; they forgot their phone and proceed to go back to their family.

    The matching shirt fam-bam, pushed the girl. I’m sorry, but if you touch any of my siblings like they did. There’s going to be consequences.

    Anyways, nobody could swing in the “brawl”

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