PHOTOS, VIDEOS: Quinjet Platform Roped Off After Children Scale and Play on Structure in Avengers Campus Paris

A number of guests have been filmed trying to climb the sloped walls of the Quinjet Platform in Avengers Campus Paris yesterday afternoon. As a response, Cast Members have roped off the base of the walls to prevent further damage — to both wall and guests.

Quinjet Platform no climbing sign
Source: @DLPReport

@DLPReport snapped a photo of the new “No Climbing” sign out by the Quinjet Platform. @anthoninxx replied to the original tweet with a video of several guests trying to run up the wall.

Avengers Campus just opened on July 20, so the land didn’t even make it a full week of operations before being altered due to guest behavior. Guests are not permitted access to the Quinjet platform, though Avengers can be spotted up by the ship from time to time.

What do you think about the change? Should Disney have anticipated the behavior and blocked it off from the start, or should guests be expected to stay off any structure not explicitly for their use?

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2 thoughts on “PHOTOS, VIDEOS: Quinjet Platform Roped Off After Children Scale and Play on Structure in Avengers Campus Paris”

  1. There was literally a sign that said no climbing. All of the people in the video are kids, which makes you wonder, where are the parents and why are they allowing this behavior? Disney cannot fix parents ignoring their children’s bad behavior no matter how many warning signs are posted and how many ropes are used.

  2. I don’t think that they should anticipate it *everywhere* but DLP kinda has a reputation for being treated like a jungle gym. At Disneyland proper in Anaheim the worst I see is careless parents sticking their kids on dividing walls in queues until a cast member gripes at them on the intercom. Paris should be roping off and putting up signs as a given, everywhere else seems to have earned the benefit of the doubt.

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