New ‘Star Wars’ Backpack and Darth Vader Apparel, Ball Cap at Disneyland Resort

A new “Star Wars” backpack and Darth Vader apparel are now available at Disneyland Resort. We found these items in Star Trader.

“Star Wars” Backpack – $49.99

star wars apparel 124747 scaled

The backpack has “Wookiees” and “Rebels” patches that look like they’re for college sports teams.

star wars apparel 124838 scaled

Chewbacca is on a “W” on the Wookiees patch.

star wars apparel 124837 scaled

R2-D2 is under “Rebels.”

star wars apparel 124751 scaled

The bag is tan with black and white handles and straps.

star wars apparel 124820 scaled
star wars apparel 124813 scaled

Youth Darth Vader Tee – $24.99

star wars apparel 125048 scaled

This tee is black with white stars all over it. A child’s drawing of Darth Vader with his red lightsaber is on the front. The Death Star is floating above.

star wars apparel 125106 scaled

It ties at the corner.

star wars apparel 125053 scaled

Darth Vader Tee – $36.99

star wars apparel 125201 scaled

This shirt is black with a white striped rectangle on the front. Darth Vader is pictured among the stripes.

star wars apparel 125209 scaled

“Darth Vader” is in red at the corner.

star wars apparel 125216 scaled

“I find your lack of faith disturbing” is on the back with his red lightsaber.

Darth Vader Tee – $36.99

star wars apparel 125357 scaled

This shirt is dark gray with a large image of Vader across the front.

star wars apparel 125406 scaled

The back is blank.

Darth Vader Ball Cap – $29.99

star wars apparel 125301 scaled

This cap matches the shirts above. It’s black, with a white patch featuring Vader.

star wars apparel 125304 scaled

His name is made of silicone red letters on the side.

star wars apparel 125306 scaled
star wars apparel 125309 scaled
star wars apparel 125312 scaled

This apparel matches some previously released Darth Vader items.

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