PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Resort 7/26/22 (Iron Man on the Balcony, Babu Frik on Batuu, and a Snail on a Car)

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We headed down to the Disneyland Resort to check in on all the happenings around the park and see what’s new. So join us for this most recent photo report from both parks.

Downtown Disney

Disneyland Hotel Repainting

What we thought at first blush were window washers on the Disneyland Hotel appear to be doing more than just washing the windows. The blue paint to the right of their work area is vibrant and new, showing that the crews have been working to repaint the outside of the sun-bleached window frames.

Zom Beats Bash DTD

A new photo op can be found in Downtown Disney near the former site of the AMC Theaters. Additionally, this weekend will see a Zom-Beats Bash at the Downtown Disney LIVE! Stage happening at 2 p.m., 3 p.m., and 4 p.m. on July 29 – 31.

DL SoulSpiritJersey 2

In World of Disney, we ran across this awesome new Soul Spirit Jersey.

choose your destiny spirit jersey

And speaking of Spirit Jerseys, we found a youth jersey as part of the Choose Your Path collection of merchandise featuring Grogu.

Choose Your Destiny Grogu shirt
avenges desk set

For Avengers fans, this new desk set, pen holder, and mousepad can make your workstation look like it’s straight out of Avengers Tower.

MSEP Honda Car Disneyland 1

The Esplanade is currently home to a Honda HR-V that has been wrapped in the Main Street Electrical Parade 50th anniversary art, as seen on tons of merchandise. There’s even a snail on top of the car.

MSEP Honda Car Disneyland 3
MSEP Honda Car Disneyland 2

This car is adorable, and we wish we could drive it home or down the parade route.


Disneyland Main Street Sleeping Beauty Castle Crowds

It is mercifully less hot today than it has been of late, but the crowds are still as massive as ever.

pinball pins

We only got two new pin releases today, which feels odd after several weeks of 10+ new pins each Tuesday.

princess belle shirt

This Disney Princess Cottagecore collection is beautiful and understated yet still themed enough to fit in at the park. We just love every piece of the collection.

princess jasmine dress
avengers mug

We found a few new mugs and tumblers in stock today, like the Avengers mug seen above and the Enchanted Tiki Room tumbler seen below, among others.

Enchanted Tiki Room tumbler
aqua ears 110025 scaled

These new sequined aqua blue Minnie ears are the newest color trend to come to Disneyland. But for those looking for a more park-based theme to their ears, we also found the Haunted Mansion Bride ears seen below, along with a large collection of Haunted Mansion apparel, accessories, and housewares.

haunted mansion merch 105841
jack and sally cudleez

Down in New Orleans Square, these new Jack and Sally Cudleez pillow plush are super soft and squishy and ready for summer to leave so Halloween can start.

New Orleans Square shop lights on

The upcoming storefront in New Orleans Square had its lights on inside. This was formerly Le Bat en Rouge, but closed with the pandemic and never reopened. It has sat here with blocked windows and signs hinting at “The Princess and the Frog” theming, but hardly any work has been going on of late. Seeing the lights in the windows is at least a sign of life that the building hasn’t had since early 2020.

New Orleans Square Shop lights on 2
Nemo Lagoon no waterfall 1

In Tomorrowland, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage has reopened to guests, but one of the effects remains turned off — the waterfall. The bubble jets at the base of the fall can be seen roiling and giving the illusion of a powerful impact, though there is no water feeding that effect.

Nemo lagoon no waterfall 2
Magic Eye Theater construction walls

In front of the Magic Eye Theater, construction walls are up that block the front of the building. It’s too early to say Captain EO is coming back, but we hope for it in our hearts every day.

darth vader shirt

Joining the Darth Vader collection we’ve already seen in the parks, we have a few new pieces to add with this t-shirt above, the hat below, and more.

darth vader hat
star wars college teams backpack

We also found a cool new SW 77 College Teams backpack in The Star Trader.

concept series droids funko pop

These Funko Pop! bobbleheads are based on the concept versions of everyone’s favorite droids.

Babu Frik Disneyland 1

On the far, far away outpost of Batuu, we ran across this little guy who is ready to fix up all the droids you can bring home from Droid Depot — Babu Frik is now an interactive toy.

Babu Frik Disneyland 2

This thing is absolutely the creepiest toy we’ve seen in the parks.

Abandoned droids Disneyland SWGE

Let’s hope Babu Frik’s arrival means these poor astromech droids can be brought back to working order.

Disney California Adventure

captain carter shield

Across the way in Avengers Campus, we found Captain Carter’s shield. Not sure how this shield managed to cross the multiverse and arrive here, but we’re glad it did.

DCA ArcReactorUncovered 2 scaled

After a month of refurbishment, the arc reactor tiles at the entrance to Avengers Campus are finally revealed once more.

Iron Man on Avengers Tower close up DCA

One final parting shot from Avengers Campus. Iron Man was out patrolling the balcony of Avengers Tower, a rare sight nowadays. Even during the distanced meet-and-greet time, Iron Man was down on the ground level near his private entrance to wave at guests. Seeing him up on the tower may have been a first for us.

Well, that’s it from us here at Disneyland. We’re glad you rode along. Be sure to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think of the photo report. We’ll see ya real soon!

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