Minions-Inspired Fans Arrive at Universal Orlando Resort

Guests visiting Universal Studios Florida can purchase three Minions-inspired fans for those hot summer days at the parks — along with a Minions popcorn bucket — from Super Silly Stuff at the Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem exit. Fans of the “Minions” movie series will recognize Bob’s favorite toy (Tim the teddy bear), the fluffy unicorn, and of course, Bob himself.

Minions-inspired fans

Tim the Teddy Bear Minions-inspired Fan – $14

Tim the bear fan

The fan itself is brown with a short handle.

tim fan 2

The face of this fan has two button eyes, two bear ears, a button nose, and a cute little tongue sticking out.

tim fan 3

The handle has a print of the teddy bear and his name signed with a heart. There is also a wrist strap, so your little ones don’t drop it!

tim fan 4

The back has a small battery pack.

tim fan 5

The side has a switch to turn the fan on or off easily.

tim fan 6

The back of the fan is plain.

tim fan 7

Fluffy Unicorn Fan – $14

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T094251.370

This fan has the classic fluffy unicorn face with big eyes, pink ears, a pink mane, and a horn to prove it.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T094253.282

The face of the fan is behind the face of the unicorn.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T094258.364

The handle says, “It’s So Fluffy.”

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T094301.935

A yellow wristband attached to the body of this fan will prevent you from losing it. A small switch allows you to turn the fan off or on.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T094303.184

Bob the Minion Fan – $14

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T094216.039

The last fan has Bob the Minion’s face on it.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T094217.867

He appears to be eating a banana and watching you with his heterochromatic eyes.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T094225.601

The body of the fan is covered in bananas.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T094224.625

The back is a simple yellow.

Image from iOS 2022 07 23T094219.902

Let us know what you think of these handheld fans. Do you think it can keep up with the Florida heat?

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