MagicBand+ Battery Dying Quickly During Use at Walt Disney World

Guests are having some issues with their MagicBand+ battery after the new bands launched at Walt Disney World today. As we already reported, the bands don’t necessarily come fully charged, which can lead to problems when trying to update them. They need to be 60% charged to update.

MagicBand+ purple light

As we have used our MagicBand+ for the past few hours, we’ve found that the batteries do charge quickly, but they also drain quickly. For example, our MagicBand+ died after playing Batuu Bounty Hunters for two and a half hours.

MagicBand+ designs

If the MagicBand+ dies, it does still function as a regular MagicBand. This means you would still be able to use it to enter a park or your hotel room, and for Lightning Lane and DAS access. You would not be able to use it to play Batuu Bounty Hunters or Disney Fab 50 Quest and it would not light up with nighttime spectaculars.

Are you experimenting with MagicBand+ today? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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  1. This is why wdw needs to realize to will be a novelty item not everyone is going to use it just like most dont use the app bc it never wrks and crashes phones… its like olaf says tech is both our savior and our doom… never such a true statement came out of a snowman! I know you have to have them bc of the site and what you do but i am sure you agree its a tourist item and the rest of us will make due w our $12 still wrks plain magic band.

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