PHOTOS, VIDEO: Jupiter’s Claim Set from ‘Nope’ Debuts on World Famous Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood

The Jupiter’s Claim “Nope” set has officially debuted on the World Famous Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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Near Bates Motel, there’s a sign advertising Jupiter’s Claim.

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Jupiter's Claim

This is the actual set used for filming “Nope,” dismantled from the filming location in Santa Clarita valley and transported to be reconstructed on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot. The trams now drive through Jupiter’s Claim as part of the studio tour.

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A truck with a giant silver horse statue thrust in the roof is at the front of the town. It’s pulling a trailer labeled “Haywood’s Hollywood Horses.” It does look like there’s been an unfortunate accident here… but we’re sure everything in Jupiter’s Claim is fine.

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In the film, Jupiter’s Claim is an Old West-inspired tourist trap based on a fictional film called “Kid Sheriff.”

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There are cowboy mannequins set up throughout the set.

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An inflatable of the town’s cowboy mascot is atop this building.

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Merchandise is on display outside Jupe’s General Store. You can’t stop here, but you can pick up “Nope” merchandise elsewhere in the park.

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At the end of the town is the Star Lasso Experience, which seems to have had some issues.

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The structure looks like it is falling apart. No spoilers here, but we can assume this is explained in “Nope,” which was released in theaters today.

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On the other side of the street are the sheriff’s office and train depot.

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There’s a stone well and a motorcycle on its side.

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There’s an area for gold panning.

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The buildings are bright colors, like pink and green.

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jupiters claim nope set 121725 scaled
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At the exit of the town are some broken signs.

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It looks like the sign originally read “Out Yonder” on the front.

jupiters claim nope set 121737 scaled

The back of one broken piece just says “parts.”

If you’re looking for more information on Jupiter’s Claim, “Nope” has an interesting website set up as an in-universe site for the attraction. Watch out when it starts to get dark, though.

Watch our video of Jupiter’s Claim below.

Blockout dates for Pass Members have been cleared for the next two weeks so they can visit Jupiter’s Claim.

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