VIDEO: Guests Improvise Star Tours Sound Effects When Audio Stops Working

What would you do if the sound on a Disneyland ride stopped working? TikTok user Monica Barsoum (@monicanotgeller1) shared a video of guests having fun making their own Star Tours sound effects when the ride’s audio malfunctioned.

In the video, guests are laughing as they improvise their own sound effects for the ride’s scenes, including saying “pew pew” as the Resistance and First Order fire at each other during the Battle of Crait. Some also make “woo” sounds as the ship jumps into hyperspace.

Star Tours façade at Disneyland

At Star Wars Celebration, Imagineer Scott Trowbridge said they will add new scenes to Star Tours soon.

Have you ever been on a Disney ride during a malfunction? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. This is what hell must be like: getting stuck on a ride with annoying Disney FanBoys and girls. I cannot think of anything worse.

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