Low Batteries and Required Updates Cause Trouble for MagicBand+ on Launch Day at Walt Disney World

MagicBand+ officially launched at Walt Disney World this morning but guests continue to have issues pairing and updating their new bands.

Cream and navy MagicBand+ bands

In order to access all MagicBand+ features, it must be paired via Bluetooth to My Disney Experience. Some guests are reportedly having issues getting their bands to connect.

Cast Members told us that some of the solid-colored MagicBand+ bands are being pulled from shelves because they are unable to connect. These include navy, cream, and red bands.

Guests are also required to update their MagicBand+ before using it. Unfortunately, because the bands don’t come fully charged (it’s not unusual for technology to loose charge in the shipping process), they aren’t able to update.

magicband update charge

The app informs guests that the MagicBand+ must be at least 60% charged to update. MagicBand+ does include a charging cable.

Read more about how to update MagicBand+ in My Disney Experience and watch our video about setting up MagicBand+ below.

Are you trying to use MagicBand+ today? Let us know any issues you have in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Low Batteries and Required Updates Cause Trouble for MagicBand+ on Launch Day at Walt Disney World”

  1. These are so tempting. We are headed back to DW in December. My only concern is will the battery charge life last, and will it just end up being a hassle getting on rides etc.

  2. I’m always impressed by the extra steps that Disney takes to make sure their customers get the worst experience possible when paying s kings random for a vacation in their parks

  3. You can charge your magic band while hanging out near the tangled bathrooms with the USB ports. At least those are still free.

  4. From usage here the charge level of the battery on the MB+ (or lack thereof) does not seem to impair the basic function of the magicband itself. It only affects the interactive potion of the bands. As of 9/21/22 I’m still experiencing issues being able to connect to the MB+ without having to fully restart my phone first. Not sure if it’s a problem with my phone or an ongoing issue with the bands themselves. I have the Castle Fireworks band.

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