Goofy Driving Van Disney Vacation Club Billboard May Be Next for Demolition as Disney World Eradicates Elaborate Roadside Ads

Another one of the most iconic signs from Walt Disney World could be on the chopping block. The Disney Vacation Club billboard featuring a van driven by Goofy is surrounded with scaffolding. We spotted the project underway on Buena Vista Drive.

Disney vacation club billboard removal

The red Disney Vacation Club van has been around for more than twenty years. But with the recent removal of elaborate roadside ads like the famous Tower of Terror billboard, it may be that this is the next to go.

dvc goofy van sign demolition 2

A construction crew is setting up scaffolding in order easily access the sign.

dvc goofy van sign demolition 3

Piles of metal pipes line the ground as the project begins.

dvc goofy van sign demolition 4
dvc goofy van sign demolition 1

Guests can find this iconic landmark on Buena Vista Drive. If it is the next roadside ad to go, be sure to stop by and see this longstanding Disney Vacation Club sign before anything changes.

Let us know what you think of the Disney Vacation Club billboard in the comments below, and whether it is time to see it gone. Will you miss the red van as much as us?

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14 thoughts on “Goofy Driving Van Disney Vacation Club Billboard May Be Next for Demolition as Disney World Eradicates Elaborate Roadside Ads”

  1. Hey Chapek why not just take the WDW sign down next!
    What a bunch of self destructive malcontents!
    So flipping tired of the “new guard” every since Michael Eisner left, WDW et al has degraded steadily!
    Serious bummer

  2. It used to be fun when I’d see these cool signs like tower of terror, bugs life, or this one but now there gone . Hopefully they add new ones. Because taking away these signs was just dum

  3. Nooooooooooo! My family loves this sign as well as the Huey, Dewey, & Louie sign. Is it possible that maybe they’re just doing some maintenance to the sign? I so hope they’re not taking it down, it’s so cute. It’s a little extra pixie dust when you’re driving around the property. Though taking away pixie dust does seem to be the trend with the current management. Sigh.

  4. It looks like the van might be getting a refurb. If it was going to be removed I would think that all that scaffolding would just hinder the process

  5. I’m hoping it’s just a refurb since Goofy has always been my favorite character this one will be missed as much as the tower of terror.

  6. Well don’t you think you should get the whole story before you start reporting anything?!?! Why didn’t you reach out to Disney and find out what is going on??? That is what I feel reporting is.

  7. Making way for new generations to make memories! Sad to see all the iconic memory makers disappearing.

  8. What a shame that Disney continues to spiral downward with the current administration. Walt Is spinning in his grave. Disney is more in tune to try to influence the current political climate, trying to throw its weight around in State politics rather than keeping up its long revered tradition in being the happiest place on earth. Disney is in disarray in its employee actions, park upkeep, and letting trash overflow from receptacles.
    Reluctantly, I didn’t renew my annual pass, but now I’m glad I let it go😞. I’ll remember WDW the way it was..including the Historic and Iconic Goofy driving the van sign on Buena Vista Drive. How tragic and sad for Florida residents who used to enjoy WDW (all parks). Now, Disney believes that it is more important to follow political and “woke society” pressures, and has now succumbed to this thinking. Truly, this is an American Tragedy.

  9. Why WDW I remember back in 1995 till in June 2022 , we would always pass all the signs you knew you getting close to Disney !!! For children or anyone this sad for us to have tkk on not have anything to look at and take away that makes Disney , Disney.I don’t think Walt would have wanted these things to go for what he wanted a place to leads you were dreams come true .

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