FIRST LOOK: How to Play the “Disney Fab 50 Quest” with Your MagicBand+ at Walt Disney World

Despite not officially debuting until July 27, the MagicBand+ is now able to connect to the My Disney Experience app thanks to a recent update. With this, new features like color themes are available and now, the Disney Fab 50 Quest is live as well. We’re here to help you navigate the newest features of the MagicBand+, starting with this interactive, in-park experience.

Disney Fab 50 Quest

Disney Fab 50 Quest

The Disney Fab 50 Quest is a game that popped up on the Play Disney app.

magicBand update 11

This game can be played all across the Walt Disney World parks. The object is to help Tinker Bell spread pixie dust for the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary. You’ll be looking for golden statues of various characters and collecting them with your MagicBand+.

magicBand update 7

Like the image indicates, you will be able to play this game in Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT. Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s jump into the game.

Disney Fab 50 Quest Instructions

fab 50 2

When you start the game, these instructions pop up. You are looking for 36 golden statues across the four theme parks.

fab 50 5

When you get close to a statue, your MagicBand+ will start to vibrate, like the “Hot or Cold” game or Geocaching!

fab 50 3

Once you find the statue, you’ll wave your band side-to-side until it vibrates and glows! That’s how you know you’ve captured the character.

fab 50 4

From your phone, you can then peek into augmented reality worlds and play with these characters in AR!

fab 50 6

Findable Characters

figment fab 50 11

There are 36 statues to find and 50 characters to collect. Each of these icons is a hint as to which character you are looking for and where to find them. Clicking on the card will turn over a clue.

figment fab 50 14

Magic Kingdom has the most characters with 19 to find.

figment fab 50 13

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has the fewest with only four.

figment fab 50 12

You can find five at EPCOT.

figment fab 50 10

And seven at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


figment fab 50 9

To find characters, just click on one of those little cards to flip it over and read the clue. From there you should be able to figure out everything you need. Don’t forget your MagicBand+ will vibrate when you get close to a statue.

figment fab 50 8

With just a bit of faith, trust, and pixie dust — you’ll be well on your way to collecting all the golden statues in no time.

Collecting a Character

figment fab 50 1

When you scan and collect a character, this will appear on your phone and allow you to unlock the AR of that character.

figment fab 50 2

However, if you want that character to come out and play, make sure you are facing a wall or another flat surface before opening the door to peek inside.

figment fab 50 5

Once the door opens, you can take a glimpse into their world!

figment fab 50 3

Here is Figment flying around!

figment fab 50 4

Once you are done playing, you can play with another character or look for more.

Now that MagicBand+ has launched, you can watch our video about setting up your MagicBand+ and playing the Disney Fab 50 Quest below.

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