Screaming Fight Breaks Out at Transportation and Ticket Center at Magic Kingdom

Last night a fight almost turned physical when two families got in a screaming match on the tram leaving the Transportation and Ticket Center at Magic Kingdom. It’s unknown what exactly caused this fight to erupt but two Cast Members had to intervene.

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Source: Mauricio Maldonado on Facebook

A man and a woman on the tram were fighting with an unseen person in the crowd. The tram was no doubt delayed over this incident, leaving the guests restless.

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Source: Mauricio Maldonado on Facebook

A few people could be heard shouting, “It’s not worth it,” and “Let’s go home!” It’s clear that after a long day in the parks, people can run short on patience.

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Source: Mauricio Maldonado on Facebook

The woman in the white shirt had to be held back by her family as she yelled curses at the crowd.

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Source: Mauricio Maldonado on Facebook

At one point, she slams her hands into the door of the tram repeatedly, making a very loud noise. This caused a Cast Member to confront her.

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Source: Mauricio Maldonado on Facebook

Take a look at the video below, submitted to WDWNT by one of our readers, Mauricio Maldonado.

This is just the most recent of several incidents taking place at Walt Disney World and Disneyland in which fights break out after tensions rise, and some have lead to severe injuries.

Hopefully everyone made it home safe from this screaming match. We’ll keep you posted as more updates become available. Until then, leave a comment and let us know what you think happened.

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68 thoughts on “Screaming Fight Breaks Out at Transportation and Ticket Center at Magic Kingdom”

  1. Disney has to start taking some accountability regarding these outbursts and realize that they are adding extra stress on families who are trying to see and do as much as they possibly can in a short time frame. Go back to the original fast pass system and extra magic hours, it worked successfully for years. No excuse for this type of behavior, but I’m sure when these families excitedly head out for the day they don’t expect to be involved in these type of incidents. The new genie+ has made attraction wait times intolerable and even the most mild mannered are being put to the test. Wasn’t it so much more enjoyable and laid back when we were able to plan our fast pass selections three months in advance and then park hop over to the park with late extra magic hours? Sadly, most families will not continue to be taken advantage of with all of these new changes that DO NOT cater to the customer and will retaliate by finding relaxing vacation destinations.

      • I’ll take it a step further and say let’s go WAY back to the OG fast pass system. It’s ludicrous to me to have to plan the exact date and time I plan on riding a ride. I liked it when you went to a park, went to the fast pass kiosk and put your ticket and got a fast pass ticket to return at a later time. It’s taking the spontaneity out of a vacation that has to be planned to the exact minute! No wonder tempers are frayed!

        • I liked the old fastpass system too until the day at the Studios when all the fastpass machines for Toy Story Mania were being used by Brazilian tour guides, each putting their entire groups tickets into the machines! Horrendous.

        • YES! When they got rid of the OG Fast Pass and the old way of doing just about everything – well that’s when we (sadly) had to stop going to WDW. My daughter is severely autistic. Our WDW trips always revolved around her needs – which often change by the minute. We don’t know what her needs will be until she wakes up that day. There’s no way we could know 3 months in advance which ride, what time to choose for that ride, or even which park would be best for her unpredictable, ever changing needs. Even then, if we entered a park which was too crowded for her to remain calm, we could just leave and go to a different park with no worries. Until they bring back the ORIGINAL way of doing Fast Passes, allowing guests to Park-hop at random (as many parks as they need/wish per day) – we can’t go to WDW. It’s ludicrous to require guests to reserve the exact park they will visit each day, or spend hours each morning trying to sign up for certain shows, rides, etc. Vacations are supposed to be relaxed and spontaneous…a joy to remember. Vacations aren’t supposed to be more strenuous than working at your job. No wonder parents are grief-riddened, panic-strickened, and in need of Xanex or a stiff dtink in all the WDW forums on social media now. It should be NO SURPRISE guests have started striking out and acting like arses in the parks. There is NO MAGIC at WDW anymore….😔

    • All points are valid but let’s address the real elephant in the room that nobody wants to address.

      The clientele has completely flip flopped at Disney. There is a lower class of people flowing through the park now. People who cannot function within the boundaries of a decent society.

      For example, last year I was walking my dog around the pond at Art of Animation last year, as we passed one of the All Star resort hotels there was a group of people standing on the balcony drinking and being loud at what looked like a hotel party at a Red Roof Inn. As we passed I looked over at them and one of the party goers with his flat billed hat backwards screamed “WTF ARE YOU LOOKING AT” and challenged me to a fight. I have never seen any behavior remotely close to that in 10 years as a pass holder and you see it constantly now. Everywhere

    • Tony, I don’t think you could have said it better.

      Disney parks are starting to TOTALLY SUCK, this is thanks to genie+, long wait times and the ever increasing machinations of this company to corral guests into certain areas, make it hard to get around, charging ridiculous prices for everything, cutting transportation and other services, etc etc etc.

      It’s a tourist trap shopping mall run by villains who lie to your face and say they want to create some family entertainment experience.

      It’s absurd.

    • Get rid of that park reservation system nobody likes. That has riled up more families from the get -go and is not necessary .

    • Imagine having so few actual problems that you think it’s okay to have a violent outburst because the vacation you can afford to take despite it being the middle of a recession isn’t perfect. Must be nice.

  2. Here’s what’s happening. Good Ole Bob Chapek decided to remove all Disney standards. This lower or no standards with his cast members are being reflected in the attitudes of the guests. This is just the beginning. You will see.

    • Jay, I agree with you. My family agreed that after our next 2 trips (already paid for) we are taking a break. Disney World is not as family friendly as it use to be. Chapek has pushed this life long Disney fan to her limit – our trips are spent getting up early to get the “good rides” then on a phone the whole day. No thanks. It’s officially not fun anymore.

    • All the changes that you hate were green lit and started under Iger so put the anger when it is deserved. Chepek has his own reasons to be disliked.

  3. There’s is nothing I have less tolerance for than this behavior at Disney! I worked to hard to pay for this trip to come and see that behavior. I could stay home and see it for free in the city if I wanted to.

  4. Disney should have a zero tolerance policy for violence, including angry shouting. If guests want to act like idiots at Disney, they should be banned from the parks for life. We have decided on a self imposed hiatus on visits to Disney. Just tired of all the crap

  5. Agree – Disney needs to institute a permanent, zero tolerance, lifelong ban from all Disney properties (hotels, parks, shopping like DS and DTD) for the yelling, fighting, and the idiots trying to bring guns on property. Lifelong ban, if not that, then at least several years. I’m sick of the trash coming to the parks and properties. Who raised these people?

  6. I’ve been going to WDW since I was a kid in the 1970’s. I’ll never say that people didn’t fight back then, but go to RetroWDW and watch the videos of how people walked and behaved in the 1970’s there. They walked slower and had a more laid-back approach. People have so much more anxiety these days. I’ve seen it get worse and worse in my lifetime. And this is the result.

  7. Each time I read another story about fights at Disney I think of other places I can spend my money.
    I agree with Bill. Zero tolerance. It’s like the freaking Wild West in the parks now. So much for family friendly…

  8. Typical mouth acting like she is the queen of the roost even her sister has to sit her down. Why can’t we act like adults!!!!

  9. I never saw anything like this in all the years going to Disney. They should enforce a no tolerance eviction rule for anyone doing this. One of the reasons you went there was to escape this kind of behavior! Magical? Not so much anymore. We won’t be returning anytime soon.

  10. I don’t want to go on holiday with children and witness such behaviour. Act like thugs at home all you want, but have some respect for other guests who don’t want see or hear your arguments and swearing. Disgraceful, she should be banned.

  11. It’s not Disney that is causing these outbursts but the rudeness of the American people these days. Grow up people and act like adults.

    • Correct. It is the fault of the crazy people, not Disney. If they have anger problems like this on vacation and in public, I can’t imagine how bad they are in their normal daily lives.

  12. Outside I guess of a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavi, I really don’t blame Disney. I hate the park reservation system, genie+, and every other way they’ve used the pandemic to implement anything they wanted to do but most people by now know this going in.

    IMO, people are just sad and angry after the years of lockdown, masks, arguments about the pandemic, etc. I am not making an anti-masks/anti-lockdown statement by saying that. We did all of the above and got vaccinated. Just saying the emotional toll on people during that, plus an election year, plus civil unrest has taken a huge toll on the psyche of people.

    • Agree somewhat, however people still need to behave in public. There are children & families paying a lot of money to be subjected to individuals who think it is all about them.

  13. I agree with everyone saying there needs to be a zero tolerance rule for events like this. People who act like animals need to be banned. If they can’t control their temper in public and while on vacation, I can’t imagine how crazy they are in their normal day.

  14. I am a long time visitor to WDW (21 times) and Disneyland. My only child grew up in the Disney parks and is now 25. I am thankful that things were not this way all those years we spent bringing him to our happy place. Society has steadily declined to the point that people no longer know how to act in public or to treat other people with respect and it is a very sad to see this. The matter is not helped by Disney taking advantage of the guests who are already on edge. I still love everything. Have not been back since before the pandemic and after the changes that have been made coupled with the way people act, I will not be going back.

    • Things were like this, they just weren’t always recorded. You really believe that there wasn’t at least one testy incident a week when a million people passed through the same space? You have no perception of human behavior.

      • Things have changed over the years – I’ve been to Disney in average 3 times per year for a week each times and I have been noticing myself more and more incidents like this. It’s is just my personal impressions but I have noticed definitely more fights now than before

    • So you’re thankful for live streaming and cell phones not being a thing? There’s no way there wasn’t a fight ever back then, you just didn’t have the means to see it like we do now.

  15. I wish Disney would step back and realize what THEY have created by instituting so many many changes all for the worse. People are frustrated. Too many regulations. The fun (magic) has been removed from a Disney vacation. As I sit back here in Michigan reading about all the anger and hoping to plan a trip in 2023 I wonder, “Is it worth it?” It has been 7 years since my last trip when life at Disney was for the enjoyment Disney had to offer. Where’s the joy now? We have to make reservations for each park, pay extra for rides that should be part of the experience, arrange for airport transportaion to and from Disney, etc. Moving forward isn’t always moving on to better things.

  16. I would love to know what has spawned for all these scrubs to all of a sudden take over Disney. The clientele has completely changed there over the last 2 years. It’s fascinating.

  17. We’ve had both WDW and Universal AP’s for 25+ years. This is great to watch because for the longest time I e read nothing but crap from delusional Disney fans that WDW attracts a higher class of guests. The parks are going downhill steadily. Thank god I only pay $20 a month for my WDW AP

  18. I would say that both Disney & the people are at fault. Disney was so much better when it was more casual and unplanned. To me making dining reservations 60 days out is crazy. As for the people they are just idiotic with the behaviors they display.

  19. Everyone gets exhausted at Disney World. The entire park as a whole is massive, not only that temperatures are not enjoyable in Florida in June/July (I’ve been there so I know) I also have been there and have never seen outbursts like this and other Karenitis-like videos like the one in this article. It says to the real people witnessing this “oh you’re hot, frustrated and exhausted and were just… here, are we?” I have a dear friend who refuses to go to Disney only because of this woman in the video. A colleague of mine just got back from Disney and told me that a relative of theirs almost got into a “fight” halfway through a bus ride back to the hotel because the guy wanted to sit down and (another relative) pregnant woman said to him “If I can stand you can stand.” People are getting hostile TOO easily and I can see over TRIVIAL reasons and can be resolved easily and quickly. We can thank the Karens of the world. Then these same people turn around and blame COVID for their inhumane attitude. I have to agree Disney is, I feel, under-performing nowadays (thanks to the new CEO) but still that isn’t an excuse for guests to go cra-cra on other guests. Disney is not afraid to ban people.

  20. I’m going back in November and was just there in February after 13 years. I did not encounter any of the rudeness in February and hope not to in November. But just in the past few months there have been several of these verbal and physical altercations between guests. Why would you spend so much money for a trip to ruin in for yourself and others? But, look at the news. This is how it is and even worse outside of Disney. People have zero coping skills when it comes to anything so they lash out. I have no doubt that if it weren’t for the metal detectors they have there, things would be so much worse…. These people should absolutely be banned for life because I can’t see their attitudes changing.

  21. I am a long time visitor to WDW.i have been 44 times.I am planning to go this year but being able to reserve a park for each day(4) is becoming an issue.alot of the implementing they have done for the (pandemic) just makes it harder for people to get there..
    Having to pay extra for certain rides is ridiculous the ticket price alone is to high but charging extra come on Disney stop being greedy.

  22. This sort of thiing frightens me. Ive been so many times to Disney and never seen bad behaviour. It’s been our safe and happy place. But all the changes and erosion of the magic will cause these incidents to multiple. I go with a wheelchair user and Ive always felt very safe but I’ve cancelled this year’s holiday because I can see things are not the same anymore. The Genie App is to blame for most of it and the rest is the CEO treating the guests as cash machines.

  23. Crazy to keep hearing these stories. I’ve been going to WDW since I was a kid in the 1980/90’s and this was nonexistent. I don’t live in Florida anymore (live on the other coast) but when I come back for a Florida Disney trip once a year with the family – the vibe is so intense all around and not relaxing – end up living through my nostalgia when I’m there. I think Disney definitely needs to take some action – no tolerance for these uncivilized folks – decorum, decorum – We need more it.

  24. These incidents are happening far too often at Disney theme parks. I remember when Disney parks were the place that you went to escape reality, and everyone enjoyed just being at the theme park. These fights have to stop. Disney needs to ban every single person from the park permanently who participates in these fights and other theme parks need to share their lists of banned people so that the same people are not always getting away with the bad behavior.

    It seems like society as a whole has forgotten how to be kind and courteous towards one another. It’s a shame that these people can’t even behave for a day at a Disney theme park. It’s also a shame that innocent children who are visiting Disney theme parks have to be subjected to these situations.

  25. If I wanted to see this type of trashy exchange, I’d go to Six Flags. We all held Disney to a higher standard. But they do what they want and let their Guests do what they want, so this is the result.

  26. They have to stop line cutting. One person in line can not hold the place for the rest of the party. How many times have people walked past you in line to catch up with their friend or family? It’s super annoying. That was the root of the fight that broke out with the red pants /white shirt family. Perhaps this one started with line cutting as well because from your lane to your seats can be confusing to some people.

  27. from the most magical place on earth to the most manical place on earth. the chapek legacy to date.

  28. My family and I play..what day is it for this Family…Kids melting down, adults reaching their breaking points..rides closed all day without notice,the astronomical price of everything and the heat….and last just A**hole people that think they are entitled.. In Merch we will mot renew our AP we are going to Universal Studios…

  29. I wish they would bring back the meal plans and fast passes it would help familys that don’t have a lot of money be able to go

  30. We gave up our Annual passes, my daughter and son in law, who saved and worked hard to purchase DVC in 2017 will not be going back, and may end up selling….all because of the “wonderful” changes instituted in the last couple of years. We exclusively vacationed at WDW…family reunions, birthdays etc. since the late 80’s. We are done. It slowly but surely deteriorated away from a Family friendly magical escape. Now it’s like an overpriced county fair with overpriced hotels that have NO personality. All themeing GONE. Magic…Gone.

    We will be heading for Dollywood. I have seen amazing reviews on service, food and attractions. Bye Disney!

  31. Disney World used to be a place where you could go to relax and get away from the stresses of the real world. That was the Magic. Disney’s actions indicate that they are not concerned either the guest experience as they used to be. Evidence includes elimination of Disney’s Magical Express service, elimination of Extra-Magic Hours (one half hour early is hardly magical), elimination of the FP+ system, Genie Plus and Lightning Lane (blatant money grab), park reservation system, over reliance on their app, all the pre-planning that is necessary to fully “enjoy” your WDW vacation. Add in Disney’s political position on controversial social issues which alienate many guests who are seeking a break from the constant coverage of these issues already. And we didn’t even get to the obscene cost. None of these actions by WDW improve the guest experience. They lead to guest frustration and at times anger from an overcrowded population that is already on edge – which is the reason for the vacation in the first place. Something is going to have to give.

  32. Something obviously has made people change. There are more fights than ever. If Disney wants to make this the “Happiest place on earth” then they need to step up! I agree with the reservation system. Keeps the crowd capacity down. I don’t agree with the Disney+ spending more money is crazy. Go back to fast pass system. Come on Disney step up!!!

  33. AS many have stated the atmosphere in the parks has changed dramatically. We hear cusswords, no sympathy from anyone of travelling with small children, lack of cast member interaction, coupled with longer waits for rides and lack of overall entertainment. As Walt said small town values are key to happiness, but so many bloggers, influencers, etc. don’t align with small town values such as family first, being together, treating others with respect and loving and helping your neighbor. As someone who grew up in a small town and now live in a bigger city, it is crazy how our fellow humans don’t try and help anymore, makes me really afraid of where the country is going. We sure could use a good Walt Disney right now, instead of the current Disney climate where they seem to cry foul at the customer even before shows are released, or make it where the park experience is just man I hope no one beats me up for my child bumping into them or me not getting out of their way in a line, geez. The atmosphere in the parks breeds these kinds of behaviors, Disney could change it if they wanted to, but I think they only care about shareholder value and not customer experience. Thanks for

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