Dumbo the Flying Elephant Wishables Mystery Bags Finally Land at Walt Disney World

After originally debuting on June 1 at Disneyland and online at shopDisney, the Dumbo the Flying Elephant Wishables mystery bags have finally landed at Walt Disney World. Timothy Q. Mouse, the open edition plush, arrived last month.

Limited Release Dumbo the Flying Elephant Wishables Bag – $14.99

Dumbo the Flying Elephant Wishables mystery bag

The Wishables mystery bag for Dumbo the Flying Elephant has finally reached Walt Disney World.

merch roundup 07.29.22 58

One of these mystery bags includes a single mystery plush.

merch roundup 07.29.22 60

The possible plush include Dumbo, Casey Jr., Mrs. Jumbo, and the stork.

merch roundup 07.29.22 61
dumbo wishables 4

There is also a mystery chaser plush — check it out above from when we first bought the plus from Disneyland.

merch roundup 07.29.22 62

This time, we got Casey Jr. in our mystery bag!

merch roundup 07.29.22 64
merch roundup 07.29.22 63
merch roundup 07.29.22 65

This was in Hundred Acre Goods.

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  1. Hi, I’ve been constantly checking the shopDisney site since yesterday being it was the first Wednesday of the month… and my kids anxiously await for this day every month to see what the next release will be lol especially since they have stop telling us in advance but I can’t seem to find them is they’re not going to be a release for August? Or is it just going to be later in the month? Could you please let me know if you have any information at all as to when they’re coming out if they’re coming out and if you happen to know what series it would be it would be great just so I could at least tell my kids something I don’t want to make something up because then they will just be waiting for that and I never lied to them thank you for all your help over the month and all you’re great articles hope you’re having a magical day 🥰🤩

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