Dress-A-Minion Makes a Stylish Debut at the Universal Orlando Resort

Among the other Minions related merchandise — like the Minions popcorn bucket — we discovered a new plush. The Dress-A-Minion has arrived at Universal Studios Orlando just a few days after the Universal Studios Hollywood debut.

Dress-A-Minion outfits

Guests can purchase the Dress-A-Minion and the two outfits from Super Silly Stuff at the exit of Minion Mayhem.

Dress-A-Minion Plush – $19

Dress A Minion 8

The base plush is a one-eyed Minion with gloves, goggles, and underwear.

Dress A Minion 10

The band to the goggles goes around the Minion’s head.

Dress A Minion 9

Overalls & Boots Costume – $16

Dress A Minion 6

The first outfit from this fashion show is the traditional overalls and boots with Gru’s logo.

Dress A Minion 11

The outfit pack comes with blue jean overalls and tiny black boots.

Dress A Minion 2

Here is what the plush looks like all dressed up!

Dress A Minion 5
Dress A Minion 7

Unicorn Pajamas Costume – $16

Image from iOS 2022 07 22T191141.876

The other more colorful option is the Unicorn Pajamas.

Dress A Minion 1

This outfit comes with a Unicorn onesie complete with a pink mane, glittery horn, cute ears, and of course, sparkly hooves (booties).

Dress A Minion 4

The fabric is covered in rainbows, stars, and suns.

What do you think of this plush and the first wave of outfits? Let us know in the comments.

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