Disney and Universal Declare Support for ‘Respect for Marriage Act’

The Walt Disney Company and Comcast/NBC Universal have declared their support for the ”Respect for Marriage Act.” Both corporations have signed a letter intended for government representatives to consider when voting on the act.

The act, currently up for consideration by the US Senate, aims to codify marriage rights and benefits for all sexual orientations across the country.

This is the first show of support for LGBT+ rights from Comcast after they were largely silent during the “Parental Rights in Education” conflict in Florida.

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9 thoughts on “Disney and Universal Declare Support for ‘Respect for Marriage Act’”

  1. I’m so happy these companies are making a stand. Even though it probably won’t do anything, it’s nice to know they care!

    • I think it does a lot of good for these companies to take public stances like this one. Since they are both well-known on the global stage, support like this can be profoundly impactful, especially since it’s a civil rights issue and their stance falls on the right side of history.

  2. Stay out of politics,Disney. It never works out for you. Also, note how they dumped this on a Friday afternoon

    • But for Universal it’s okay, apparently? Both companies support this new act. Why focus your criticism on one and not the other?

  3. I agree with Joseph. Walt never wanted the parks involved with politics. Doesn’t Disney have a rule against political signs and shirts?? Oust this leadership before you go BROKE.

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