Cracks Patched and Painted on The Circus McGurkus Café Stoo-pendous! Roof in Universal’s Islands of Adventure

The Circus McGurkus Café has finally finished repairs on the cracks that appeared in the tent roof earlier this year over at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The process has been grueling, but we have the timeline here.

Cracks Proper Patching – May 10

mcguckus cracks usf 5

The first effort to patch the cracks were strips of tape and sealant.

mcguckus cracks usf 3

While it works to prevent further damage, the appearance is iffy at best.

mcguckus cracks usf 4

The tape is clearly visible under the off-color sealant.

mcguckus cracks usf 1

Cracks Before Final Coat of Paint – July 12

mcguckus cracks usf 7 1

Earlier this month, the tape was removed and filled with actual plaster.

mcguckus cracks usf 6 1

After Final Coat – July 19

mcguckus cracks usf 8

The final coat arrived a week later.

mcguckus cracks usf 9

The sealant and grey plaster has been hidden by a coat of yellow, orange, and pink paint.

mcguckus cracks usf 10

The previous cracks are all but invisible now that construction is complete.

mcguckus cracks usf 11

The only way you would know they were once there is if you’ve read this timeline!

mcguckus cracks usf 12

What do you think of the Circus McGurkus Café patches? Did the construction crews do a good job or what? Let us know in the comments below!

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